Airbnb Coupon Code: $35 discount!

Airbnb coupon code

AirBnB is one the most kickass platforms to book accommodation for your travels. The experience is unique, local and really quite cheap. What’s even better is that you can get a straight up $35 discount code for your AirBnB booking. Yup! You read that right. Using this Airbnb coupon code you can get a great discount on your next booking AND it doesn’t even have to be your first time with Airbnb!

From cozy tree houses to tiny container homes to soaring castles, Airbnb has some truly incredible places where you can crash for a night! Here’s how you can get a discount to your dream Airbnb property, even if it’s not your first time using AirBnB…

Airbnb coupon code

Super cool Airbnb rental, Photo Courtesy:

Airbnb Coupon Code: Everything you need to know

For first timers, now is a good time to sign up! When you use this link, you’ll get a $35 Airbnb coupon code for your first booking – as long as you spend over $75 on your first booking. The AirBnB coupon code is currently $35 but sometimes it’s for $25 or $30 – AirBnB changes the exact amount every now and again. This discount code automatically updates to whatever is current so you won’t struggle with any broken links.

If you already have an account, you’ll need to sign up with a new email address in order to get another AirBnB coupon code.

Do you have a Gmail account that is already registered on Airbnb?

Worry not amigos! Here is a helpful hack for you guys…

The Broke Backpacker Hack: Just insert a period (.) anywhere in your email address and voila!  You have just managed to convince Airbnb into welcoming you as a new AirBnB user with free AirBnB credit! You’ll receive a new email and your AirBnB coupon code will go through!

Airbnb coupon code

Wouldn’t you love to stay here? Photo Courtesy: The Culture Trip

Get your own $35 Airbnb Coupon Code

The Airbnb coupon code operates on a referral basis. You just have to click here to sign up to and there you go! You’ve got a discount of $35 off your first stay. Remember, the first stay you book has to be $75 or above for the Airbnb coupon code to work.

By signing up using this link, you’ll help me out on my quest to travel the world as I’ll get some free AirBnB credit as well – simply click the link on this page, and you’ll get AirBnB referral credit of up to $35 on your next booking. Read on to find out how to give out your own AirBnB coupon codes and earn even more credit…

Get More AirBnB Discounts

Aha! So, you’ve already claimed your Airbnb coupon and want more free AirBnB credit? It’s easy. This time send your own coupon code to a friend OR you can be super sneaky and email yourself a voucher using the hack above. Send the link via email or a Facebook message.

You’ve done all the hard work now it’s time to sit back and relax. Wait for your friends to make their first booking using the AirBnB coupon. As soon as they book $75 or more, you’ll get AirBnB credit worth up to $35. And if your friend decides to become a host, you get a $75 credit to your account – meaning you can stay somewhere truly awesome.

There you go amigos! You can now use your Airbnb coupon code discount and stay at some of the coolest places on the backpacker trail. My day-dream Airbnb property is the Dracula Castle in Transylvania. What’s yours?

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Airbnb coupon code

Free AirBnB coupon codes for everyone!

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