The Best Myanmar Travel Experiences

Ten of the best Myanmar travel experiences for backpackers exploring the country on a budget.... Updated in 2017

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I’ve been travelling around Asia for over four years now but it wasn’t till recently that I travelled to Myanmar and hell… This insane, beautiful, challenging and hilarious country just blew my mind. Whenever I meet backpackers, I always say to them “You have to go to Myanmar, it’s a life changing experience”. Many people skip Myanmar for the easier, well trodden, backpacker route of Thailand-Laos-Cambodia-Vietnam. Don’t overlook Myanmar, don’t miss out on such an awesome country, now is the time to go. In my opinion, Myanmar offers more than all the other countries of South East Asia thrown together, here’s ten of the best Myanmar travel experiences for budding explorers…


01: Meet The People

For true hospitality, travel to Myanmar

In my travel experience, out of all the Asians I have met, Myanmans are the kindest, most friendly people and are willing to go above and beyond to make friends with you, help you out and make sure you are having a great time in their country. They always seem to be happy, smiling and keen to practice their English over a glass of tea! They can be quite a shy people as they are extremely polite, kids tend to be the exception to the rule – they will always run up to you to practice their English. Unlike the rest of Asia, I was never once hassled by locals for money. The Myanman people left a lasting impression on me; I felt that I could truly trust them and I made some incredible connections with locals I met whilst travelling there. One of the best Myanmar travel experiences is simply getting to know the locals…Local kids in Burma Myanmar

02: Explore Insane Temple Ruins

Get lost in some of the biggest temple ruins in the world

When most people think of lost cities they immediately think of Angor Wat in Cambodia or maybe Hampi in India but the ruins of Bagan in central Burma are without a doubt the most stunning, least touristy, ruins I have ever seen. I spent an incredible few days exploring by bike, watching the sun set over Bagan’s temple studded plains and making friends with the local kids out to practice their English. For the true adventurer, you can head even deeper into the country’s largely unexplored regions and visit the stunning temple ruins at Mrauk Au, you will probably have them all to yourself. Exploring temples is one of the best Myanmar travel experiences for history-geeks… like myself!

myanmar backpacking budget travel guide

03: Real Exploring

Discover the Asia of 100 years ago

Myanmar is an absolutely massive country and there are many hidden gems in this astounding country which only the locals will know about. It is extremely easy to get off the beaten track and to have temples, ruins, mountains and caves all to yourself. When backpacking in Myanmar, I felt like I had stepped back 100 years into the past, I felt like a proper explorer. The people who I met in remote communities in the Shan highlands had often not seen another westerner for months or even years, this is prime exploring territory.  Whilst exploring the south of the country I came across a huge field of painted Buddha statues, some were cracked and covered by jungle, others looked freshly painted. Who built, painted and maintained them? I have no idea. This is why I love Myanmar and this is why heading off into the hills is one of the best Myanmar travel experiences.

the best myanmar

04: Trekking

Take to the hills and meet awesome people

Trekking in Myanmar is a relatively new activity but already tour agencies are springing up to cater for adventurous backpackers. Most backpackers opt for a two day trek around the stilt villages of Inle Lake but for a real experience; head deep into the Shan highlands or South to Hpa-An. Here you can summit jungle clad limestone peaks, many of which are topped by small monasteries, and soak in some spectacular views. Trekking in Myanmar is a really amazing experience; I spotted colourful freshwater crabs, hiked through mist draped forests and shared tea with novice monks who spoke no English but always seemed happy to see me. The best Myanmar treks are in the North of the country…

Trekking in Myanmar

[irp posts=”14554″ name=”Chin State Photologue”]

05: Monks

Spiritual-esque discussions galore

Speaking of Monks, it’s pretty hard to travel in Myanmar without meeting a few! I had some amazing discussions with monks I met in temples, on buses, on the street or even whilst riding my bicycle. I was told by a monk that 1% of Myanmar’s entire population are monks and they certainly seem to be everywhere.One of the best Myanmar experiences that I had was chatting to a monk I met in the jungle… We chatted for a while and I spent an hour helping him repair a wall, he offered me tea and allowed me to take his photograph. I came away with a richer understanding of what Buddhism is all about. The monks are a friendly bunch and would often ask me all kinds of questions about life outside Burma, spirituality and even football!
the best myanmar

06: Food

 “Really? The food’s OK?” I hear you ask…

The food is better than OK, Myanman cuisine is some of the best in Asia. Sure, there may not be many Myanman restaurants outside of Myanmar but that’s largely because the country has been shut off from the rest of the world for so long. The food is an eclectic mix of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine and basically includes all the best bits from Thai, Chinese and Indian dishes. Be sure to try out some of the best Myanmar dishes…  Check these tasty, one of a kind, meals out:

– Gyin Thohk – tasty ginger salad with sesame seeds.

– Kat Kyi Hnyat – The Burmese answer to Pad Thai, a gorgeous coastal dish of rice noodles with seafood, meats, raw bean sprouts and fried eggs.

– Danbauk – A tasty Indian inspired curry served with mango pickle, fresh mint and green chilli.

– Shan Tofu – Do not miss this awesome home-made tofu from the Shan highlands.

the best Myanmar

07: Cheap Beer!

Beer for 50 cents?!

I have made it a personal mission to sample as many local beers throughout the world as I possibly can… so far, Myanmar Beer is without a doubt my favourite in Southeast Asia. For just 50 cents, you can have a cool, refreshing, tap drawn beer in an iced glass. For five bucks, you can get well and truly merry. Mandalay Beer makes a tasty alternative if you get sick of Myanmar Beer but I can guarantee you won’t… One of my best Myanmar moments was getting pretty sloshed with a bunch of locals who didn’t speak any English. Trekking in Myanmar

08: Stunning Islands & Beaches

Myanmar has a hidden paradise of unexplored beaches and islands

Most Backpackers are not yet aware that Myanmar has some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and islands. Until recently, these palm-fringed, white sand playgrounds were off limits unless you had a super-yacht handy but this is changing fast and every week more and more restrictions are being lifted. Now is the perfect time to travel to Myanmar and hunt for your dream island; think coral blue waters, coconut cocktails and perfect sandy beaches, the opportunities are endless. There are over 800 islands in Myanmar’s Mergui archipelago which are currently empty, making this the perfect opportunity to head out on a kayak or boat and discover paradise in the ocean.

Adventuring to Burma's Mergui archipelago

09: Caves

Discover cavernous underground temples filled with Buddha images

When travelling, I’m always looking for adventurous ways to keep myself busy, whether it’s living in a cave with a Bedouin or mountain biking through the jungles of Laos. In Burma, there is a ton of activities for the adventurous traveller but one of the best has got to be exploring some of the huge caves which pockmark the country. Many of these are not covered by any guidebook, it’s simply a case of asking around and seeing if there are any cool caves nearby. One of the biggest which I visited, in the South of the country, was filled with huge Buddha images and statues as well as some beautiful rock formations. I walked through it for over an hour, it must have been about three kilometres long, before I emerged on the other side to find a hidden lake framed by a backdrop of limestone mountains; to this day it is still one of the most beautiful things I have discovered whilst backpacking. The best Myanmar cave temples are in the South.

the best myanmar

10: It’s changing fast

Now is the time to go!

Myanmar is well and truly back on the Backpacker map and in 2017 it has become the place to go. I was lucky enough to first visit in 2011 and I met perhaps a dozen backpackers in my entire time there. These days, more and more backpackers are tagging Burma on to the classic Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia route, and rightly so! However, as the country continues to open up and as investment and travellers continue to pour in it is only a matter of time before some of Burma’s most enchanting attractions become diluted. Luckily, the country is so big that there is plenty of room and plenty of wild places left for backpackers to explore. Do not hesitate; visit this incredible land now, meet the wonderful people, have a beer or three and explore till your heart’s content.


Need some more information? Check out this travel guide I wrote based on my travels in Burma. While you’re at it, check out how the safe the country really is with our dedicated Burmese safety guide!

Have you been to Burma? I would love to hear all about your experiences! What was your favourite place, where did you go, where did you stay?

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Ten of the best Myanmar travel experiences for backpackers exploring the country on a budget.... Updated in 2017


  • Avatar Sett Kaung Zay says:

    Thanks for the blog. It’s really refreshing for me too see some positive sides of my country. I’ve only seen so many negative sites of the country on all around the media. It’s really good to see someone write positive things about my country. Thanks a lot man.

  • Avatar stephanie says:

    Myanmar is on the top of my list…I want to visit it so bad! Looks like such an interesting country. And I had no idea there were beaches there!

  • Avatar Meagan Browno says:

    Really love your amazing blog! thanks for sharing!

  • Avatar rushamirul says:

    hi there 🙂
    great blog tho, i am planning to visit yangon-bagan from malaysia.
    i just wanted to know, how was the safety there as a solo backpacker ?
    any advice that you could share 🙂 cannot wait to visit the country.. tq

  • Sounds interesting!I would love to go Burma especially when there is so much to visit and eat out. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful article.:)

  • Hello
    If you wanna go to Sightseeing arround Myanmar, you can joy with our Bagan cherry travels & tours company. We can arrrange anykinds of tours in Myanamr.
    Thank you.

  • Avatar Yamin says:

    Thanks for the honest and beautiful article about Burma. We only see the negatives from media but it’s great to see the true Burma from your own personal experience. Thanks for sharing it with the world!

  • Avatar travelgirl567 says:

    Thanks for writing your article! Going on May 19, can’t wait to finally see this amazing country, adding the Hp-pan caves to my list!

  • Avatar Markus says:

    Will, thanks a lot for all the information you share on this blog.
    I’m gonna be in Thailand at the end of may because of a wedding and want to see something new after/before that…between Vietnam and Myanmar I’m more leaning towards the latter.
    But then I would like to know how it compares to Laos and/or Cambodia (wouldn’t want to compare it to Thailand, anyway) since I’ve been to both and would rather go back to Laos and have everything super easy than going to Myanmar, having ‘hassles’ with accomodation, money exchange, visa and so on and then realize it’s kinda similar (that being said…people from my parents’ generation had always told me how different backpacking was some 30 years ago; no tourists, more laid back atmosphere and so on…and when I first visited Laos it felt like that, compared to Thailand, Malaysia).

    I know you should never compare two places because they’re all unique….but maybe you can still help me out a bit…

    Myanmar or Vietnam….and….Myanmar compared to Laos….

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hey Buddy, for me – Myanmar was one of the best places I have ever been and I would go again in a heartbeat, make no mistake – Myanmar is different to Laos, there aren’t exactly any crazy backpacker parties but if you want real adventure and a proper cultural experience; Myanmar should be your first choice 🙂

  • Avatar Gab says:

    Hi Will,

    I hope there are information about the pictures in this article like location or name of places. I’d ;ike to visit them when i go in Myanmar


  • Avatar Pyu Sin says:

    Of course! We should meet! How will u come to Kachin State? And also which township will u travel? If u come to Myitkyina by plane, I can pick u up at the airport. But one thing I am worrying is that when u come, whether I am at Myitkyina or not… Maybe I am at Mandalay because of my universtiy… Would u like to contect me? I can’t find your email address.

  • Avatar Pyu Sin says:

    Really thanks for your article about our country. 😀 I m really delighted and I m also very proud of being myanmar citizen. And I m also really glad about your intention of Kachin State ’cause that is my native land… but right now, I m attending university at Mandalay. Talking of Mo Hinka, have u ever tried Kyarsan Hinkha? Well, my mom can cook that very well :P…

  • great post Will…can’t wait to get here this year!

  • Avatar kyawtkayks says:

    Hi..Will!Thanks for your positive thoughts on my country. I would like to advise you not to miss Kachin State in your next visit if you are interested. There are a lot of beautiful places such as Myit Sone-the convergence of two rivers,etc. I hope you will like those natural snow-capped mountains in Kachin State.

  • Avatar Nikita says:

    Well you’ve definitely sparked my wanderlust! Burma is probably the Asian country I’d like to see the most, along with Sri Lanka, and this post made the desire even stronger! Friendly people, off-the-beaten-track travel, awesome hiking, cheap beer… Pretty much everything I need!

  • The people alone are reason enough for me to visit. And your photos… They’re really amazing, Will!

  • Avatar Jeremy says:

    Awesome that you got there. My fiance’s parents are originally from Burma and we’re gonna return there in the next couple years to tie the knot. Did you try La Phet Thoke and Mo Hinga? Burmese food really is good! Ooooh and Balaciung…that stuff is a bit intense if you’re not familiar!

    • Hi Jeremy! Have you been to Burma many times? I would love to go back, I’m playing with the idea of going again in November – Hoping to visit some of the really elusive islands, perhaps by inflatable kayak (I haven’t done the research yet, this could be a suicidal idea!) I remember Mo Hinga well! I really enjoyed Burmese food, headed to the Philippines later this year, will be interesting to see how it compares! 🙂

  • Avatar Rob says:

    Hey Will. This is by far the most useful commentary/quick guide on the country I have seen. Any pointers to clean accommodation on the Mergui archipelago?

    • Hi Rob, thanks very much man! Unfortunately when I was in Burma it was still pretty much impossible to get to the Merguni archipelago so I don’t have any up to date info on accommodation there; I am however planning on returning this year so I shall write up more info as soon as I have it! 🙂

  • Avatar SB says:

    Hi Will! Love your blog. I am planning a trip to SEA this coming May. I have already been to Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. I will be going with someone who hasn’t been to any of these places so we are going to be heading back to Thailand but aside from this I want to do a side trip and was really wanting to do Myanmar! The only downside is we will only have 5 days. I have done a lot of research and came up with this itinerary :

    Day 1:Fly into Yangon from Chiang Mai, hang out and explore Yangon for the day, take night bus to Bagan
    Day 2: Bagan
    Day 3:Bagan- go to Inle lake
    Day 4:Inle lake ( then night bus to Mandalay)
    Day 5:Do some sightseeing in Mandalay, fly from here to Bangkok

    So what do you think?? It would be either this or go to Cambodia (Siem reap) instead. Which I have already done. I did love it but I would really really love to do Myanmar and unfortunately this is the only time I will probably be able to go. What is your opinion?

    • 5 days to see Myanmar is ambitious indeed! Ok, what I would suggest in this situation is to cut out Inle lake and spend the extra day in Bagan, you really do need two days. Inle is pretty amazing but it’s still the most touristy place in Myanmar and although I liked it, it was still my least favourite place. Bagan kicks the hell out of Angor Wat, it’s a lot more impressive, make the effort – go, but perhaps try not to rush too much, cut out Inle and instead explore Yangon, Mandalay (tons of great day-trips, don’t miss the U-bein bridge!) and Bagan 🙂 Have a great trip!! 🙂

  • Avatar Victoria Lee says:

    I agree, the burmese are very friendly people. I am burmese and I thank you about your opinion on our people and country. Our country is The Golden Land, Burma.

  • Avatar Karina Meachin says:

    One of the most wonderful countries I have ever visited. Great blog. Wonder why you call it Burma vs Myanmar …….

    • Hi Karina! Thanks for your comments! I myself actually always refer to the country as Myanmar however the SEO for Myanmar is nowhere near as good as Burma, I guess the internet hasn’t caught up with the name change yet! 🙂

  • Avatar Yu Mon says:

    Hi, thanks for your article about our country. Photos are also great. See you in Myanmar. 😀

  • Hi Will I am Kyaw Kyaw ,I am happy to see comment on your web page ,
    Warmest Greeting from Burma , Myanmar.
    Welcome to the golden land . 😀

  • Avatar Htet myat linn says:

    Kat-kyi-hnyat … of my favourite is extremely delicious.

  • Avatar Liz says:

    Hi Will
    I really like your blog. A friend and I are heading over in Dec/Jan and can’t wait to explore this unknown land. We will have to make our way from Bagan to Bangkok and were thinking over Yangon if the night markets are worth it. Though we have very little time. Would you possibly know the best way to get to Yangon?
    Thanks so much for your advice.

    • Hi Liz,

      Aww you shall have an amazing time in Myanmar for sure! When I was in Burma the best, well actually, the only, way to get to Yangon was to catch a cheap flight from either Bangkok or Kuala Lumpar, the visa situation is constantly changing but when I was there it was impossible to get a 30 day visa if you crossed by land…

  • Avatar M. Sanda says:

    Thank you for your beautiful article. Well written about my country!!! I wish I had time to visit the places that you had visited!!! Have a question though, did you plan the trip by yourself? If so, well planned. If you go hiking in Burma next time, would you mind writing in details of those places? That will be helpful. Thanks again. 🙂

    • Sure thing Sanda, I definitely intend on returning to Myanmar and I would LOVE to do some more hiking in the north, I’ll be sure to include more details in my next article 🙂 I arrange all my travel myself, I find it helps me save money and really get to meet local people and have great experiences!

  • Avatar Yupar says:

    That’s a wonderful article.
    Even some Myanmar people don’t have such attitude towards her.
    I am so delighted to know that you love here.

  • Avatar Htet Yi Linn says:

    Your article made me so happy. I do find that people are quite hesitant to visit Burma because of visa issues and well, I must admit it does sound intimidating. Thanks for helping us convince everyone that they’re missing out if they skip Burma. This is a beautiful article. Visit again and discover more hidden treasures 🙂

  • Avatar Moses says:

    Hey Will, I particularly love the fact that you hold objectivity; which reflects your positive mind and impression towards Myanmar. Great article and awesome photos!

  • Avatar A Friendly Reminder says:

    Do not travel there yet, wait 5 – 6 years. All they do is overcharging the tourist to visit famous places.
    I was down there back in April, and it was not peaceful. Most of places are overcrowded and dirty, especially KyaikHteeYoe. It’s such a shame, that place could’ve been one of the main South-east Asian tourist attraction.

    • Hi Brian, I have to disagree with you – Myanmar is a wonderful place and part of the main attraction is visiting now whilst there are not too many backpackers around. If you want a more comfortable, holiday style experience, head to nearby Thailand 🙂

  • Avatar bryce says:

    Great articleI Makes me even more excited to go there next year!

  • Avatar Saw Thinkar says:

    Hey bro, this is one of the best articles, about Myanmar, I have ever read. It seems you have been to many places. To be honest, I have never been to some places in Myanmar like you do. When you visit Myanmar next time, you can be my guest 😀

    • Hi Saw! Aw man, you have made my day! I would love to be your guest and hang out when I next visit Myanmar, I am hoping to get back to Asia by the end of next year and your amazing country will be top of my list, again (!), for sure!

  • Avatar Sandi says:

    After i read ur article n comments, i just want to let u know more about our people. Firstly I want to thank u for ur great article and awesome pics about my beautiful country. I can feel ur kindness and love on our people, food n places. I m sorry if u experienced with any difficulties while u were in Burma.
    As u know our country had been closed from the outside world for so many years and we had to faced with poor education system, undevelopped economic matters, always step behind from other countries. We had to endured many unwanted hardships. (But sadly because of that, I even heard and saw discrimination by some people from other countries like myanmar people are poor, not good in english enought, our neighborhood thai children do not want to learn myanmar language since they see it the different level.) But despite these facts, our people r kind n very rare to fight back. Most of our people just want to stay in peace n we hope to escape from the situation u all concern about.( I don’t understand so much on political matters as they r playing too hard so I will skip this part. ) yes, u will surely feel as if u had stepped back by 100 years. We also hope to develop in every parts (education system mostly n economic) in the way they should be n will keep our homeland safe in its traditional way as we value our land and proud of it. So dont worry n always welcome to our homeland. I wish now u become more understand on our value, hope and beliefs. I wish u all will have a beautiful memories in Burma.

    I m sorry if it was a boring comment to read. 🙂

    • Hi Sandi! Thanks so much for your comment! I absolutely love Burma and I never experienced any hardships there which I did not enjoy, I like stepping back into the past – the values and customs of your country are truly amazing and are one of the main reasons I love to visit 🙂

  • Avatar Aung Mon says:

    Thanks a lot for letting the world know about my home country, Myanmar, The Golden Land. I’m proud of my motherland with many unspoilt places of interest and beauty. Thank you Will.

  • Avatar Ye Mahar says:

    Hey Will, it’s really nice to hear that you have enjoyed visiting my country. It seemed you had quite experienced the most of Myanmar and I think you’ve hit quite a lot of places as well. I admit that coming from a burmese myself, there were a lot of places you traveled that I’ve never even heard of! This makes me realize how much exploring I have to do in my own country! Come visit again soon!

    • Hi Ye! I absolutely loved Burma, I have travelled a LOT and without a doubt my two favourite countries in the world are Burma and Nepal… I can’t wait to visit again soon and travel more around your wonderful country, I would love to explore the northern mountains if I got the chance! 🙂

      • Avatar Ye Mahar says:

        Hey Will, I was actually born in the Northern state of Myanmar and therefore I can tell you straight away that it’s a must to get up there. It definitely has it’s own unique atmosphere and sense of nature that you won’t find in any other part of Myanmar. Let me know when you do plan to go up there, I would love to show you around and hey, maybe even go backpacking with you. It will be an interesting experience for us both! 🙂

        Best of luck,

  • If I make it to South East Asia again, Burma is definitely at the top of my list. It sounds beautiful, cheap and currently not ruined by mass tourism, so ideal really… Thank-you for the tips.

  • Great articles and photos!!! Always amazing and beautiful Myanmar!!!!

  • Avatar Thura Yu Sein says:

    That’s a great article, Welcome to Burma

  • Thank you so much for sharing your experience in Burma. I love my home country!

    • No problem, Burma is amazing!!! I cannot wait to go back, next I want to explore the islands properly and head to the ruins of Mrauk Au!

      • Avatar Sue Hlaing says:

        That one is the most historical place in Burma. Most of the travel agency never advertise that one. You should read the history before you go there. I bet you can find out the history of religious, culture and everything.

  • Avatar Becky says:

    Hey! I’m planning on travelling to Burma this November, I just have a few questions, how did you get around the country – train/plane? What were the prices looking like and did you find cheap accommodation?

    • Hi Becky! I exclusively used buses and other local transport to get around the country, I had plenty of time but not much money so planes were not really an option. The prices for an overnight bus seemed to come in at around $15 if I remember correctly. There is some cheap accommodation available but nowhere near enough to meet demand so you need to plan ahead a bit to get decent digs. The accommodation is more expensive than in the rest of south east asia – the cheapest I ever got a double room was for $12.

    • Avatar Arkar says:

      Hi Becky! If you are visiting Myanmar this November. You should go to Shan State. During this time of year in Shan State, there is a festival call Taunggyi Tasaungtaing. I would like to give some advice before you get there make sure you get an available accommodation. Although the festival has already started I wish you could visit the place.
      PS: on the way back you can visit the #4 Inle Lake #9 Caves

  • Well said, I’ve always wanted to go to Burma and those temple caves look so cool!

  • Avatar Alex Fisher says:

    Great info, thanks mate!

    I had a Q about the Mergui archipalego. Like yourself I’m a solo traveller on a budget, and most of the info I’ve found on that place is that you have to go on an expensive package cruise/tour, plus the only resort with accommodation is now closed for renovation until 2015!

    My plan was to travel overnight to Ranong from Bangkok, take a boat from there to Kawthaung, and either stay there as my base or head to Mergui instead.

    How did you travel to Kawthaung/MyanmarAndaman Resort and did you have to hire a guide, go on a boat etc to see Lampi national park, 115 island and the many others? I’ve no issues with getting a guide, just not the luxury elements most people seem to have to do while there!

    I’m heading to Burma in early November, and it’s somewhere I desperately want to see before development truly rolls in, so any help is greatly appreciated.



    • Hi Alex! Right, it’s a tricky one for sure – especially as you are limited on time due to the 30 day visa, I didn’t get to spend anywhere near as much time around the islands as I would have liked and from what I can tell the situation has changed a bit now – what I recommend doing is seeing if you can find a fisherman to take you around the islands… probably the best bet that won’t break the bank!

      • Avatar Alex says:

        Thanks for the help man! Will give that a try. Shame it’s generally so limited to people who aren’t on a huge holiday budget. I’m open to extending my visa by a couple of weeks just in case!



        • No worries buddy! Best of luck.. I think the thing with Burma is just to go without too many solid plans, talk to the locals, get out of the touristey areas (which to be honest are still dead compared to much of south east asia) and see what you can discover… definitely for the coast you need to befriend a fisherman!

    • Avatar Khine says:

      Thank you for the post you have for our country. It is truly something that you have found about our country despite those neg aspect other people might have seen. Like other developing countries, we are still very young with the tourism, since the country recently (trying) open door after 50 years of military ruling. I can definitely say people are still genuine at heart. Lack of the education and knowledge, they may not be the people who easily smile but they will help you find your way to enjoy.
      Mr Fisher’s inquiry toward the Archipalego, there is a way you can enjoy it coz i have seen and met some tourist who have gone there to pay a visit.Please inbox me your contact email add, my elder sister is a Burmese underwater diver, who have been there to go with her Australian friends to dive, and i think she may be able to help you answer that question.
      Any travellers, who read this mail, please do help our people by educating them while you’re visiting us. Believe me, your support will count alot on our people, when they need to be known well from tourists showing them the right way of living.
      Just one thing to warn, IF ANYONE of you to visit our country- this is a third world country, you are here to explore the country and the nature, I wont encourage you the best of luxury living, but ONLY if you have travelled across ASIAN countries, you will definitely see the truly nature,heart, smiles of a country like BURMA (MYANMAR)
      I am a returnee from abroad to settle back here, currently in the tourism Industry, so I am more than happy to answer if anyone of you will have inquiries towards the tourism, travel destination of our country.

      • Avatar Isabelle says:

        Hi there,
        Would love to find out how to get out to the beaches – Ngapali. I am headed there in January and would love to explore the coast!

  • Avatar Agness says:

    The people are always the main reason why I explore different countries and the food… 😀 omomomom! Burma’s on my bucket list!!

  • Nice! I am taking a month and half long trip to Asia come November. I am putting my route together and you may have just convinced me to throw Burma in the mix.

    • Definitely do it Andrew! Burma is not to be missed! 🙂

    • Avatar Pablo says:

      Yes it is beautiful but we are also adults who should be mindful of the not so cool things going on in Burmese politics. For example since 1982 the Muslim Rohingya people have had their citizenship taken away, along with rights to travel freely, go to school, intermarry etc. Their persecution mainly goes on north in Rakhine state but the spread of the virulently anti-Muslim 969 movement threatens to spread the policy of violence, land confiscation and confinement to camps to cities and towns throughout Myanmar. So many otherwise nice Burmese will tell you that 1) there is no such thing as Rohingya — that they are Bengali interlopers– and 2) that the 5% Muslim population is plotting to take over Burma. The military is still largely in control of the government and are playing a clever game of divide and rule. When you visit please make a point of being inclusive and talking inclusion. These nice folks have been absorbing propaganda for generations but I trust that most of them want a less corrupt and more hopeful future. Investors must not turn a blind eye (as they often do) and nether should we!

      • Hi Pablo, I am fully aware of the current situation in Myanman politics and of the persecution of the Rohingyas, in fact on my next trip to Burma I am hoping to meet up with some of the Rohingya communities. I fully get where your coming from but Myanmar is an amazing country which I really feel offers a huge amount to travellers, the more of us that head to the country the more careful the government will have to be with it’s political policies. Tourism could be a very positive thing for ethnic minorities in Myanmar and this is what I am hoping, happy travels Pablo!

    • Avatar Hay Mar says:

      Truly essence of Myanmar. Always welcome from Golden Land Myanmar, come n see Myanmar

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