4 Crucial Steps to Launching a Blog While Traveling

Becoming a blogger is often easier than you might think. It’s tempting to start a blog when you start seeing so many bloggers making a living out of doing what they love, especially when it comes to travel blogging.

The harder part will be setting yourself apart from the rest, which is what draws readers to your blog instead of somebody else’s. Even if you are inexperienced and new to the blog world, this article will teach you the four crucial steps to getting started while you travel the world!


1. Picking a Web Host

In order for you to have a website, you need to find where to host it. For beginners, it is recommended to pick a small and shared web hosting service—that way, you don’t have to get into the technical stuff and you might end up paying less than $5 a month.

Often new users will try to obtain a free web host. Free web hosts exist, but they usually include ads on the pages and they most likely won’t provide technical assistance when needed.

Choosing a place where you want to set up your website is the most important thing. Do your research, and try to read reliable reviews of the web host before you pay. It’s worth spending some time to get it right the first time.


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2. Choosing a Name

The name you choose will be your domain and everyone will recognize you as such. Picking your domain should be a priority, however. Think long term and don’t pick something that will require a change in the future.

Your name should be relatively short and easy to type, as well as unique so that people will remember you. The more sites there are, the less there are available to buy, so make a list of possible names and search which ones are taken and which ones are still available. You can use tools like Domain Groovy, which will help you come up with ideas and will show you which ones are still available.


3. Searching for Ideas and Inspiration

There is nothing wrong with checking out other people’s blogs and finding inspiration and ideas on what you want your blog to be like. Definitely don’t copy anything, but rather base yourself on what it is already out in the world, and try to find unique aspects to make your blog different and stand out on its own.

Search the market for travel bloggers; look out for what people are doing and how they are gaining the attention of their users. Research your target audience and make your blog specifically for them.


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4. Start Writing!

Start anywhere and start now. We often procrastinate and leave it for later, but the sooner we get it started the better. Soon you will get used to the dynamics and will get faster and better at it. The important thing is to start somewhere. A lot of people get distracted decorating their pages, searching for topics and sharing it on social media, all which are important steps. But in doing so they neglect the most important step: to write!

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