Let me be honest.

Once upon the time, the mental image I held of Bali was busloads of belching Australians drinking all day and fornicating all night. Yep, I pretty much had Bali pegged as the Bogen Benidorm at the far side of the world.

But I was very, very wrong.

Because, whilst Bali is indeed very popular with young Auzzie holidaymakers hunting for hedonism, there is so much more to the island paradise.

Bali is in fact, an enchanted land of epic sunsets, steaming forests and misty rice fields. It is a tropical haven of pristine beaches, ancient temples and welcoming locals.

Beautiful Bali has now fast established itself as one of my very favourite places in the world and is without any doubt, the ultimate place for a perfect romantic getaway with your significant other (or significant others, this is 2022 after and nobody is judging!)

Whether for you are visiting Bali for your honeymoon, for a valentines break or simply for your hard-earned annual vacation together, Bali is truly the Ultimate Romantic Getaway Destination and I’ve partnered with Expedia.com.au to bring you 11 reasons why.

Romantic things to do in Bali

1. Affordable Romantic Accommodation

Followers of this blog will know that all of us at The Broke Backpacker truly love hostels. They provide cheap digs and are awesome places to meet travel buddies. However, they are most definitely NOT romantic; I mean, how you can possibly get romantic with 8 other people sharing a dorm room with you?!

In Bali though, you don’t need to bother with hostels because private, high-quality accommodation is incredibly affordable. Bali is hands down the best place I have ever visited for romantic digs and there are romantic accommodation options to suit all tastes and budgets.

There are opulent honeymoon suites & 5-star hotel rooms, luxurious beachfront villas, eco-friendly tree-houses and jungle glamping options right across the island.

2. Classic Car Ride

romantic things to do in Bali

I’m not a huge car fan and to be perfectly honest, struggle to tell my axel from my elbow. However, I am a sucker for both novelties and for classic cars. In Bali, it is possible to take a ride in a selection of vintage cars from the town of Kuno out into the bamboo forest.

You will need a full license driver a license or alternatively, you can arrange a chauffeur. The Balinese classic car ride is absolutely perfect if you can combine it with a picnic lunch stop (see 3), but if you do,  remember to fo go easy on the champagne; drink-driving is no more acceptable on Bali than it is back home.

Psssst…. Searching for your Tribe?

Tribal Hostel – Bali’s first purpose-built co-working hostel and perhaps the greatest hostel in the world!

An ideal hub for Digital Nomads and backpackers, this very special hostel is now finally open…

Come on down and enjoy amazing coffee, high-speed wifi and a game of pool 😉

3.  Gourmet Picnic at Ubud

Heading into nature with your loved one for a picnic lunch is pretty much 101 in the book of romantic clichés right? Well, it’s a cliché because it has stood the test of time as a truly romantic and very enjoyable thing to do! 

Ubud in Bali is renowned for its perfect spots situated beside the bamboo forest or down by the sleepy lagoons. You can easily make your own picnic basket by shopping in the bakeries and supermarkets or purchase a ready packed, gourmet basket for that special occasion.

4. Dinner on The Beach

In case there is still some room left in your stomach, then why not have a sunset dinner right on the beach?! 

There are beachfront restaurants all over the island although of course, the ones at Kuta can get a bit rowdy. 

Bali boasts an abundance of Italian, French, Indian and Thai fusion restaurants as well as the ones doing tropical Balinese food. A classic Balinese dinner consists of grilled meats, spicy sauces, and fried rice. The local wines are also pretty damned good too. 

5. Horse Riding

Most women love horses and they love a man who can ride one even more. Yep, pretty much every woman I have ever met harbors some fantasy or other for the dashing Mr Darcy or John Snow, both of whom are rarely far from their trusty steed. 

There are trails and steeds to suit all levels. If you are e beginner then you go with a guide and ride across the beach at dawn or through the terraced rice fields at sunset. 

There are horse stables in most resorts and tourist towns although Ubud and Kana are particularly good for this.

6. Blessing from a Hindu God

You may well already know that Indonesia (which the island of Bali is a part of) is the largest Islamic nation on earth. What you may not know though, is that Bali itself is actually a Hindu majority island.

Partially owing to the pressures of existing within a mono-theistic country, Balinese Hinduism has deviated from Indian Hinduism and more emphasis is placed on Vishnu, the ultimate, “one-form” of God rather than on the various Gods you find revered in India. 

That said, temples to the various Hindu deities can still be found across the island. So why not get your coupling blessed by Shiva and his celestial wife Parvati? After all, it was Hindu culture which invented the Karma Sutra…

7. Eco Trekking in Ubud

romantic things to do in Bali

Ubud offers some phenomenal walking opportunities. There are day hikes and multi-day treks to suit all fitness levels. With an Eco trek in Ubud, you can go deep into the bamboo forests and, at night, camp down in sustainable, eco-friendly wood shacks. 

Ecotourism is important because it preserves the world for future generations. What is more romantic than dreaming that one day, your children’s children will still be able to come out to Bali and enjoy this for themselves?

Eco Cycling is also available although I am yet to see his and her tandem bike doing the rounds in Bali.

8. Sunset Cruise

Indonesia is an archipelago made of over 18,000 islands of which Bali is but one. Island hopping around Indonesia is awesome, and if you have the time to do it you get to experience the different cultures from one island to the next.

Even if you don’t have the time or inclination to go island hopping though, you can still get a few nautical miles in any taking a sunset cruise around Benoa Harbour.  

Most sunset cruises also come with complimentary dinner.

9. Romantic Spa

A spa day provides the perfect opportunity to switch off and allow yourself to be pampered. There are spa’s and treatments to cater for everybody ranging from his and her massages, cleansing facials and of course, steam saunas. There are spa’s across the island including at Drupadi, Kuta and of course Ubud.

Even if you don’t fancy taking a treatment, many Spa’s run Yoga classes or you can just enjoy the pool whilst sipping refreshing and healthy fruit juices.

10. Cliff Side Bar at Uluwatu

uluwatu temple backpacking bali
Photo: Juan Antonio Segal (Flickr)

If you are planning on doing some serious drinking, then head for the beach bars and late night discotheques of Kuta. However, if you are after a quieter and yes romantic tipple, then get as far away from Kuta as possible. Instead, head to Uluwatu to check out its gravity-defying cliffside bar.

There are quite a few Cliff bars and clubs in Bali but the Cliff Side Bar at Uluwatu, in particular, is a triumph of engineering. It’s a fantastic place to sip cocktails after dark and is definitely one of the suavest and romantic places that I have ever gotten loaded. 

It is not an exclusive place and anybody is welcome. However, it is not exactly cheap by Balinese standards and entrance alone will set you back $20.

11. Perfume Workshop 

What could possibly be more romantic than mastering the very scent of love? 

One of the more unusual and rewarding romantic things to do in Bali is to take a perfume making workshop at Jimbaran. Over the course of the session (90 minutes to 3 hours), guests can learn the basics of perfume making and get the chance to have a go making their own eau de cologne. You don’t need any kind of background in chemistry whatsoever to do this, just a keen sense of smell!

Make your lover some perfume of your very own and hopefully it’ll smell romantic enough to put you in her good graces…

Thanks for reading – that was fun! 😀

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