Continue down the Dalmatian coast past Split to almost as far south as you can go in Croatia. What’s there? Dubrovnik. This stunning town on the shores of the Adriatic attracts millions of visitors each year. You might recognise the seaside Lovrijenac Fortress from the epic series Game of Thrones – a site that’s increased the number of visitors in recent years. However, what has attracted travellers to Dubrovnik, long before A Song of Ice and Fire, is its spectacular beaches!

Okay, they may not boast the white or golden sand that you may be familiar with when compared to the rest of the Mediterranean; however, the rugged rocky beaches of the Dalmatian Coast are perfect for sunbathing and dipping in those gorgeous azure waters. Many of them are small and can fill up quickly, especially during the high season.

Not to worry, though – we’ve put together a list of the five best beaches in Dubrovnik. There’s a mixture of popular beaches and some that are off-the-beaten-track. You can head to those when looking for some rest and relaxation away from the throngs of holidaymakers. Let’s take a closer look!

When to go to beaches in Dubrovnik

Lapad, Dubrovnik
How stunning are the waters in Dubrovnik?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when deciding the best time to visit Dubrovnik. Its Mediterranean climate means that between April and October, temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees, and there’s very little rain.

However, while the high season gets great weather, there is something else to think about – overcrowding. Dubrovnik is a small town, and many of the beaches immediately surrounding it are equally as small. With cruise passengers welcomed for almost 200 days of the year, in addition to other tourists, it can get very crowded.

Visiting outside high season – in April, September and October – is a good idea. The temperatures are manageable (rather than scorching hot), there are fewer cruise ships, and prices are slightly lower. However, if you can only visit in the high season, don’t worry. You might just have to head to the Dubrovnik beaches that are off-the-beaten-track!

Although visiting in the winter months is a possibility, it’s not recommended. Many of the restaurants and hotels in Dubrovnik are seasonal, and you’ll have much less choice when it comes to places to stay and eat.

Banje Beach
source: Simun Ascic (Shutterstock)
  • Who It’s For: Families, cruise day-trippers to Dubrovnik, and anyone who wants to try some water sports!
  • Don’t Miss: The rocky part of the beach; it’s free to sunbathe here – perfect if you’re on a budget.

One of the most popular beaches in Dubrovnik, Banje Beach is just five minutes’ walk from the Old Town. This picture-perfect beach is sandy and has excellent views of the Old Town. Since it’s located in one of the best areas in Dubrovnik and close to the Old Town, it can get very crowded, especially during high season. It’s no surprise though; this is one of the few sandy beaches in the area, offering water sports during the day and parties at night.

Studio Apartment Ivana, DubrovnikBest Airbnb: Studio Apartment Ivana

Ideal for a couple, this studio apartment is affordable, and you can see the Old Town from your very own balcony.


Hostel & Rooms Ana – Old Town DubrovnikBest Hostel: Hostel & Rooms Ana – Old Town Dubrovnik

Less than ten minutes from the beach, Hostel & Rooms Ana is one of the top-rated hostels in Dubrovnik.


Hotel Adria, DubrovnikBest Hotel: Hotel Adria

One of the cheaper hotels in Dubrovnik, there’s a buffet breakfast with a view on offer at the Hotel Adria.


Ragusina Luxury Apartments, DubrovnikBest Beachfront Apartment: Ragusina Luxury Apartments

Located between Banje Beach and the town walls, this stunning apartment is pricey, but it’s well worth it for a special occasion!

Banje Beach Club

If you’re happy to pay for a spot on the sand, head to Banje Beach Club. Enjoy food and drinks without leaving the beach!

Dubrovnik Cable Car

Head to the summit of Mount Srd for spectacular views across the Old Town and out to Elaphiti Island on the Dubrovnik Cable Car.


Dubrovnik City WallDubrovnik City Walls

Being this close to the Old Town, you can’t miss a chance to learn more about the history and take a walk on the city walls.

explore the Old Town by night

Explore Old Town

You’ve spent all day chilling on the beach. Now, with your killer tan, you can explore the Old Town by night!


hikeGo Hiking

Maybe don’t do this one the morning after; however, if you fancy getting awesome views of Dubrovnik without the crowds and stretching your legs, this hike will do the trick!


oyster farmDay Tour to an Oyster Farm

Take a day trip and learn about Croatian cuisine at a nearby oyster farm.

Best Beach For Swimming in Dubrovnik | Sulic Beach

Sulic Beach, Dubrovnik
Do you recognise this coastline from Game of Thrones?
  • Who It’s For: Anyone who wants to swim in Dubrovnik’s blue waters. Game of Thrones fans shouldn’t miss it either!
  • Don’t Miss: Lovrijenac Fortress. Though you probably know it as King’s Landing!

Just five minutes’ from the Old Town, this beach was once a hidden gem. Thanks to GOT, you can now take hidden out of the equation! It’s still a stunning beach, though, and a must-visit on any Dubrovnik itinerary. Calm waters mean it’s great for swimming from the concrete platform here. If you don’t fancy a dip, you can always just sip on a cocktail at the beach bar.

Granny Kate’s Rooms 1, DubrovnikBest Airbnb: Granny Kate’s Rooms 1

One of the closest Airbnbs to Sulic Beach, this charming apartment is affordable and welcoming. The bedspread might cause arguments with couples, though!


Kings Landing Hostel Old Town DubrovnikBest Hostel: Kings Landing Hostel Old Town

In-keeping with the theme of Game of Thrones at Sulic Beach, why not stay in a themed hostel? It’s fit for a King or Queen!

Hotel Lero, DubrovnikBest Hotel: Hotel Lero

Another affordable Dubrovnik Hotel, Lero is less than a mile from the Old Town and offers a swimming pool. Perfect for cooling off after a day of exploring!


Ideal location quiet apartment, DubrovnikBest Apartment: Ideal location quiet apartment

For groups and families, this affordable apartment can sleep up to six. It won’t break the bank either, so you’ll have more money to spend in the Old Town!

Lovrijenac FortressLovrijenac Fortress (King’s Landing) – SPOILER ALERT

See where Jamie Lannister won the battle against Euron Greyjoy in series 8 of GOT at Lovrijenac Fortress.


Ala MizerijaAla Mizerija

With views of the fortress and the beach below, there’s nowhere better for a spot of lunch than Ala Mizerija. [image_credit]

Love Stories Museum

One of the quirkier things to do in Dubrovnik, the Love Stories Museum is the perfect place to dip out of the midday sun while keeping your heart warm!

half-day tour in a kayakGo Kayaking

Sulic Beach is great for swimming, but if you fancy covering a bit more ground, take a half-day tour in a kayak.


themed walking tourExplore Game of Thrones Locations

See some of the filming locations for Game of Thrones on this themed walking tour.


unique scavenger huntGo on a Scavenger Hunt

Get competitive with this unique scavenger hunt, where you’ll learn about the city’s history and have a lot of fun!

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Most Beautiful Beach in Dubrovnik | Pasjaca Beach

Pasjaca Beach, Dubrovnik
source: Tupungato (Shutterstock)
  • Who It’s For: Those who want to combine hiking with relaxation will love Pasjaca Beach.
  • Don’t Miss: Heading inland to check out this wine-growing region, and tasting it, obviously!

This unique beach is another former hidden gem that has become a hotspot for adventure travelers and backpackers visiting Dubrovnik. Pasjaca Beach was recently named the best beach in Europe so who can blame tourists for flocking to its shores! However, you still won’t find it too crowded as many visitors find the half an hour journey from Dubrovnik too much effort. If you don’t, you’ll be rewarded with one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia!

Friendly Apartments, DubrovnikBest Airbnb: Friendly Apartments

Within walking distance of the beach, these spacious apartments come with access to a garden and a kitchen.


Hostel Lina, DubrovnikBest Hostel: Hostel Lina

There aren’t any hostels out this way. Instead, enjoy this cheap Dubrovnik Hostel and spend what you’ve saved on renting a car or an Uber to get out to Pasjaca.


Hotel Konavle DubrovnikBest Hotel: Hotel Konavle

In the town of Cilipi, you’ll find this hotel. It’s not too glam, but really handy for Pasjaca Beach and Dubrovnik Airport.


Lovely and Peaceful near Dubrovnik, DubrovnikBest Village Home: Lovely and Peaceful near Dubrovnik

In the village of Cilipi, this traditional country house will show you how peaceful life is in rural Croatia. Pick fresh veg from the garden or hike in the nearby forest.

Stare Stijene

The observation deck above Pasjaca Beach gives epic views of the beach and coastline.

Kojan Koral

Get the adrenaline flowing with buggy safaris and horseriding at Kojan Koral.

Konavoski Dvori National RestaurantKonavoski Dvori National Restaurant

Try traditional Croatian food by the Ljuta River at the nearby Konavoski Dvori National Restaurant. [image_credit]

Visit The Vineyards

Take a walk through the vineyards of the nearby wine region. You’ll get to taste local products as well as three types of Croatian wine.


cook traditional Croatian fareCroatian Cooking Class

Learn to cook traditional Croatian fare with a local grandm

Best Beach for Families | Sunj Beach

Sunj Beach, Dubrovnik
source: Matthew_K (Shutterstock)
  • Who It’s For: Families who want to escape the crowds and are happy to head to nearby Lopud Island.
  • Don’t Miss: The ancient monastery which overlooks the village of Lopud. It dates back to the 15th century.

Sunj Beach is on the island of Lopud, a short ferry ride from Dubrovnik Old Town. This chilled out and car-free island offers the chance to disconnect and switch off at the beach – one of the only sandy beaches in the area – or explore the island at your own pace. Rent kayaks to circle around it, or explore the interior on a bike. Whichever you choose, you’re bound to be bowled over!

Studio Adriatic Paradise, DubrovnikBest Airbnb: Studio Adriatic Paradise

Couples will love this studio apartment on Lopud. It’s just 20 metres from the main sandy beach, with restaurants and bars on your doorstep, too.


Ivan and Marica Guest House, DubrovnikBest Hostel: Ivan and Marica Guest House

You won’t find a hostel on Lopud, but Ivan and Marica Guest House is a fine option for budget travellers. Rooms have a terrace with a spectacular view.


Hotel Glavovic, DubrovnikBest Hotel: Hotel Glavovic

Since the island is so small, it’s no problem that Hotel Glavovic is on the other side of Lopud from Sunj Beach. Its waterfront location and included breakfast should convince you!


Villa Tete Mare, DubrovnikBest Villa: Villa Tete Mare

Space for four guests and a fully-equipped kitchen mean budget-conscious families can save their costs for kayaking and biking on Lopud!

Rectors Palace DubrovnikRector’s Palace

Admire the Gothic and Renaissance architecture on Lopud’s Rector’s Palace. [source: Dreamer4787 (Shutterstock)]


Lopud Franciscan Monastery DubrovnikLopud Franciscan Monastery

Get views out over the Elafiti Islands from Lopud’s 15th century Franciscan monastery.


Obala Lopud

Head to the other side of the island for food by the bay in one of the best restaurants in Lopud.

kayaking tour around LopudSunset Kayak Tour

See the island from the water at sunset on a kayaking tour around Lopud.


Sipan Island's snorkellingGo Snorkeling

Staying for a few days? Why not check out neighbouring Sipan Island’s snorkelling scene?

Quietest Beach in Dubrovnik | Plat Beaches (Zupa)

Plat Beaches (Zupa), Dubrovnik
source: edobric (Shutterstock)
  • Who It’s For: Anyone who is looking to escape the crowds of Dubrovnik. The beaches are family-friendly too.
  • Don’t Miss: Beach-hopping. There are five beaches in Plat, so take your pick!

Plat is made up of several small beaches in Dubrovnik. You have Plat, Orphee, Bucanj, Tiha, and Pod Maslovo. This underrated area close to Dubrovnik is gorgeous, with more beaches per square meter than most of the rest of Croatia. If you want a safe place to swim with your children, or to get a slice of local life, head to the beaches surrounding Plat!

Studio Apartment Grgic, DubrovnikBest Airbnb: Studio Apartment Grgic

Overlooking Plat from a hill above the town, this stunning apartment is ideal for a couple. There’s parking too, so it’s perfectly suited to those travelling with a rental car.


Old Town Hostel, DubrovnikBest Hostel: Old Town Hostel

Plat doesn’t have any hostels, so stay in one of the best hostels in Dubrovnik instead. Then, take an Uber or rent a car to get to the beach.


Hotel Cavtat, DubrovnikBest Hotel: Hotel Cavtat

Boasting an infinity pool overlooking the bay in nearby Cavtat, this beachfront hotel is one of the best places to stay in town. It’s pricey, but breakfast is included!


Dalmatia Blue Apartment, DubrovnikBest House with a Hot Tub: Dalmatia Blue Apartment

If you’ve been hiking in the surrounding areas or swimming in the sea, there’s nothing better to come home to than a hot tub. And this one overlooks the Dalmatian Coast!


Beachfront restaurant by Pod Maslovo, where you can enjoy seafood and traditional Croatian dishes.

Zarkovica Animal Shelter

Stop off here on your way to Dubrovnik to see dogs, cats, and wild animals that are being cared for by volunteers.

Coco Beach BarDrinks on the Beach

Indulge in a sunset cocktail at Coco Beach Bar. [image_credit]

KonavleGo Hiking

Swap your flip flops for sturdy trainers or walking boots and take a hike to Konavle.


river challengeExplore on Kayaks

Take the river challenge at nearby Mlini… Last for a minute in the 10-degree waters for a free drink!

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Final Thoughts on the Best Beaches in Dubrovnik

Now that you’ve seen five of the best beaches in Dubrovnik, it may make it a little easier to plan your trip. With Banje Beach, you have the convenience of it being close to the Old Town, so it’s perfect for families. Sulic will have you re-living Game of Thrones, while you might have the beaches of Plat all to yourself!

While the beaches in Dubrovnik are undoubtedly stunning, they’re all quite close together. That’s a good thing as it means you get to explore this amazing city, too. Whether you want to learn about the Dudrovnik’s history, go hiking, or enjoy stunning views across the bay from Mount Srd, you can fit in a lot during a vacation here.

Just make sure to set plenty of time aside to sunbathe on the rocks – oh, and to cool off in those beautiful azure waters. Have a great trip!

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