With plentiful wildlife and otherworldly landscapes, traveling to rural Australia is the definition of adventure. And there’s no better place to embrace the beauty of the outback than the remote town of Alice Springs!

Hikes will take you into the surrounding canyons and secluded water holes in the desert. Grab a bike and get even closer to the outback in style. Or just hang back and enjoy the simple life as you watch the sunset on a landscape unlike any you’ve ever seen.

But one thing you won’t find in the middle of Australia’s outback is a ton of hostels to choose from. But that doesn’t mean budget backpackers can’t venture down under without spending every last dollar!

When it comes to the best hostels in Alice Springs, we’ve got you covered! We brought all of the top backpacker’s hostels to one place so you can find the perfect hostel for you in two shakes of a lamb’s tail (you’re welcome for the bonus Aussie slang lessons!)

Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in Alice Springs

Best Hostels in Alice Springs

The Best Hostels in Alice Springs

All the kangaroos and lizards of Alice Springs await you! If you’re backpacking Australia and you’re a real adventurer, you’ll probably stop over in Alice Springs.

But before you can check out the wildlife of Alice Springs, you’ll need to find the perfect hostel that suits how you like to travel. With each place a little different from the next, be sure to keep your eyes open for the best hostel for you!

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    Best Overall Hostel in Alice Springs – Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn

    Alice's Secret Travellers Inn best hostels in Alice Springs
    Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn is our pick for the best overall hostel in Alice Springs
    • $$
    • Shared Kitchen
    • Swimming Pool
    • Lounge

    Cozy up in a hammock and sway back and forth under that outback sun, Alice’s Secret  Travellers Inn makes the perfect home away from home for weary backpackers. We know you’ll be wanting to head out to the trails and explore the desert. But after a few days of bushwhacking, there’s no better place to recover in Alice Springs than at this youth hostel. With roomy lounges, a pretty garden, hammocks, and even a swimming pool, you’ll be relaxing in style.

    If you’re looking for an adventure a bit closer to home, guests will find the botanic gardens just a short walk away. When staying at Alice’s Secret Travellers Inn, your days will be spent on adventures and your nights with beer and BBQs. This is one hostel that will show guests the true Aussie spirit!

    Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Alice Springs – Alice Springs YHA

    Alice Springs YHA best hostels in Alice Springs
    Alice Springs YHA is our pick for the best hostel for solo travelers in Alice Springs
    • $$
    • Movie Night
    • Swimming Pool
    • Shared Kitchen

    It doesn’t matter if you’re taking a road trip through Australia or have been flying from city to city;  travelers are sure to get lonely while on the road. While in Alice Springs, why don’t we have you meet up with some fellow backpackers at Alice Springs YHA? This unique backpackers has been built on the grounds of an old movie theater. Maintaining the same spirit, you’ll find that nearly every night, this hostel will show movies out on the lawn.

    When you’re not out exploring the outback, Alice Springs YHA hooks you up with a shaded garden and a swimming pool – perfect for cooling off. Top it off with a central location putting you right by several cafes and shops, Alice Springs YHA checks al the boxes for solo travelers looking for a great home away from home!

    Best Cheap Hostel in Alice Springs – Alice Lodge Backpackers

    Alice Lodge Backpackers best hostels in Alice Springs
    Alice Lodge Backpackers is our pick for the best cheap hostel in Alice Springs
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Swimming Pool
    • Shared Kitchen

    For budget backpackers used to live in South East Asia, traveling in Australia will be quite a shock. What you would spend in a week in Bangkok, you’ll quickly go through in a day in Oz. While staying in Alice Springs, let’s help you actually save money by checking into Alice Lodge Backpackers! Just because this is a budget hostel doesn’t mean you won’t have fun! Alice Lodge Backpackers has a swimming pool, lounge, and BBQ pit!

    Even if you’re looking to head out to the outback or check out the famous Uluru, Alice Lodge Backpackers can hook you up with budget tours. With laid back hostel vibes and an experience unlike any other, this is one backpacker’s hostel you’ll never want to check out of!

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    Best Hostel for Couples in Alice Springs – Kathy’s Place Bed & Breakfast

    Kathy's Place Bed & Breakfast best hostels in Alice Springs
    Kathy’s Place Bed & Breakfast is our pick for the best hostel for couples in Alice Springs
    • $$$
    • Breakfast Included
    • Swimming Pool
    • Lounge

    As a traveling backpacker couple, you’ll probably find yourself spending many nights in separate dorm beds to save money. Why don’t we turn the romance back on by having you and your bae cozying up in Kathys Place Bed and Breakfast while staying in Alice Springs?

    This homey B&B gives guests an upgrade from the average youth hostel without totally breaking the bank. You’ll have all the comfort and style of a hotel while still enjoying all the things that make a hostel great. With a lounge, shared kitchen, and a swimming pool, travelers can still mix with the other guests when the mood strikes. What will really have you clicking that book button is the delicious free breakfast that will get each day started off on the right foot.

    Best Party Hostel in Alice Springs – Jump Inn Alice

    Jump Inn Alice best hostels in Alice Springs
    Jump Inn Alice is our pick for the best party hostel in Alice Springs
    • $$
    • Free Breakfast
    • Restaurant
    • Bar

    If you want to party like a true Aussie, you’ll find yourself part of the family at Jump Inn Alice. After days of camping and exploring the desert, Jump Inn Alice makes for the perfect base in Alice Springs to recharge your batteries and relax. With its social atmosphere, travelers can crack open a cold beer and hang out with the other guests.

    Any backpackers hostel can have a bar, but what really makes Jump Inn Alice a unique stay is the live music! With concerts that will have you up on your feet jumping around like a flaming galah, this youth hostel brings the party straight to your dorm room!

    Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Alice Springs – Todd Tavern

    Todd Tavern best hostels in Alice Springs
    Todd Tavern is our pick for the best hostel for digital nomads in Alice Springs
    • $$$
    • Pub
    • Restaurant
    • Lounge

    Need to find a place to call home for a few days to catch up on some work? Todd Tavern puts you in the heart of Alice Springs, close to all the shops and restaurants so you can make sure you have every comfort you need while getting to work. Digital nomads will also love that Todd Tavern is a restaurant and pub, meaning you can easily take a break to eat and drink. With a lounge and even an outdoor seating area, you’ll have ample room to spread out and finish up your work!

    More of the Best Hostels in Alice Springs

    Haven’t found the right one yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got more awesome places coming your way. In case you’re keen on travelling onwards from Alice Springs, make sure you know where you want to stay in Australia next. Nothing is worse than getting lost on the roads!

    Diplomat Motel Alice Springs

    Diplomat Motel Alice Springs
    • $$$
    • Swimming Pool
    • Bar
    • Restaurant

    Even as a backpacker, you may want a little bit of privacy every now and then. Let’s forget about the dorm rooms for a few nights and put you in the stylish Diplomat Motel in Alice Springs! For a price not much more than you’d pay for a single room in a backpacker’s hostel, Diplomat Motel has its own lounge and even a swimming pool perfect for beating that unbearable Aussie heat. Being in such a central location, you’ll have your choice of dining out or eating and drinking at the onsite bar and restaurant. For a budget hotel that checks all the boxes, look no further than Diplomat Motel Alice Springs!

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      What to Pack for your Alice Springs Hostel

      Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from us, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straight forward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art we have perfected over many years.

      Check out our definitive Hostel Packing list for our top packing tips!

      Why You Should Travel to Alice Springs

      With a choice of camels, bikes, and even hot air balloons, there are numerous ways to take in all the beauty of the outback from Alice Springs. Whether you want to rev up your engine on a dune buggy or take it slow on foot, Alice Springs will show you the Australia of your dreams!

      With so many great places in Alice Springs to choose from, we can understand if you’re still undecided about where to call home. Let us help you out by giving you our recommendation. For a one-of-a-kind experience, be sure to book yourself into Alice’s Secret Travellers Innour pick for the best hostel in Alice Springs!

      Alice's Secret Travellers Inn best hostels in Alice Springs

      FAQ about Hostels in Alice Springs

      Here are some questions backpackers ask about hostels in Alice Springs.

      Travel Safety Tips for Alice Springs

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      Over to you

      Hike down into remote gorges, take a dip in the secluded pools, get lost in the vast outback, and end your day by watching the sunset from Anzac Hill. Not every dream vacation in Australia is just about beaches and surfing; the true soul of the country can be found in Alice Springs. With a desert teeming with life and hikes that immerse travelers in the beauty of the outback, Alice Springs will have you embarking on a once in a lifetime adventure.

      Before you can hit the trails or bike through the desert, you’ll need to choose the perfect hostel to base yourself out of. With everything from laidback dorms to crazy party hostels, travelers should keep their eyes open for the kind of stay that fits their own unique style. Will you head out into the outback with fellow backpackers or stay up ’til the crack of dawn downing some beers? The choice is yours, depending on what hostel you book yourself into.

      Travelling onwards from Alice Spring? No need to worry, there are numerous amazing hostels all over Australia waiting for you!

      If you have ever traveled to Alice Springs, we’d love to hear about your trip. Let us know in the comments if there are any great backpacker’s hostels we may have missed!

      Do you own or run a kick ass hostel? Want to be featured in this list? Get in touch at [email protected]

      Thanks for reading – that was fun! 😀

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