Pakistan is one of the world’s most undiscovered destinations – nowhere else can find such a unique blend of cultures, cuisines, and landscapes.

Some of the highest peaks on the planet are located in Pakistan and, if I’m being honest, some of my favorite foods are as well.

There are a huge variety of Pakistan tour packages out there to choose from; trekking packages, road trip packages, beach packages, and even honeymoon packages! It can be a daunting task knowing which tour to go with, and even intimidating when you consider the different levels of quality and safety that each tour company in Pakistan offers.

To help you in your search for the best adventures, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best Pakistan vacations of 2020!

We’ve included packages from both domestic and international tour operators in Pakistan – between these, you’re sure to find something right up your alley.

Pakistan tourism is growing every year. While the country is still relatively cheap and unknown to the rest of the world, this could all change soon. Travel to Pakistan while the getting is good because this is one of the most amazing places you’ll ever visit!

Quick Answers: These are the Best Tour Packages in Pakistan

  1. Hunza with EBT – Best Overall Pakistan Tour Package
  2. Skardu with EBT – Best Trekking Holiday in Pakistan
  3. K2 Base Camp with EBT – Best Expedition in Pakistan
  4. Hunza with EBT – Best Pakistani Cultural Tour Package
  5. Pure Pakistan with KB – Best Motorbike Tour in Pakistan
  6. Hingol National Park with FMA – Best Pakistan Beach Trip Package

Pakistan Tour Packages Breakdowns

Which of these are the best active tours in Pakistan? Which are the best for culture snobs? Let’s break down each one of these Pakistan tour packages in the following sections!

Of course, we’ve included itineraries for many of the most famous tours in Pakistan, including those to K2 Base Camp and Hunza. We’ve also gone above and beyond and included options form some more unique destinations, like tour packages for Kashmir, the Swat Valley, and Chitral.

Best Overall Pakistan Tour Package

  • Price: $2,350
  • Trip Length: 15 days
  • Start/End: Islamabad (Start) – Lahore (End)
  • Accommodation Type: Mix of hotel and camping
  • Level of Fitness Required: Moderate
  • Highlights: Lahore cultural sites, road trip on the Karakoram Highway, homestay in Ghulkin, Khunjerab Pass, Fairy Meadows

Why should you go on this tour in Pakistan’s Northern Areas?

There’s a reason why the Hunza region is often considered a classic Pakistani destination – simply put, it offers a little bit of everything and then some! Mountains, villages, cultural immersions, road trips, and local food are all a part of this Hunza tour package.

Epic Backpacker’s version of the tour begins in Islamabad and immediately progresses into the mountains. Their tour visits many of Hunza’s most popular attractions, like Karimabad, Eagle’s Nest, and the White Glaicer (Passu) and the Patundas Meadows.

The EBT Hunza tour stands out because of its time in the small village of Ghulkin. There, the group will stay at the home of one of the Pakistani tour guides and spend the next several days exploring the village and local mountain landscape via a 2 night/ 3 day trek.

Having the chance to traverse a seldom visited glacier and to sleep under the stars in the wilderness ends up being the highlight of the trip for most people. If you read the reviews, you’ll see that this is a huge highlight of the trip!

The trip doesn’t end here though. Guests will get to visit the magical Fairy Meadows, Nanga Parbat Base Camp, and the world’s highest border crossing – Khunjerab Pass.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for a good mix of scenery, history, culture, and many opportunities to interact with local Pakistanis – bascially –  this Pak tour is about as good as it gets.

Who are Epic Backpacker Tours?

Epic Backpacker Tours is the creation of Will Hatton aka The Broke Backpacker and photographer/guide/writer Chris Lininger. Will ran his own adventure tours in Pakistan for several years before expanding and founding EBT, which is now a flagship company.

Epic Backpackers is one of the brightest international tour operators in Pakistan and takes great pride in providing both amazing experiences and support for the locals. EBT is growing rapidly and is now conducting operations in Iran, and Kyrgyzstan (and soon to be more!).

Discover NEW heights in Pakistan!

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    Best Trekking Holiday in Pakistan

    • Price: $2,300
    • Trip Length: 16 days
    • Start/End: Islamabad
    • Accommodation Type: Mix of hotel and camping
    • Level of Fitness Required: Moderate-High
    • Highlights: Lahore cultural sites, Nanga Parbat Base Camp, Astore, camping in Deosai, multi-day trek in the Karakoram

    Why should you choose this Pakistan tour package?

    For those who want a more active tour package in Pakistan but don’t have the will or desire to spend 3 weeks in a tent, this is a great alternative.

    Epic Backpacker Tours’ Skardu trip is very similar to its Hunza tour, albeit with a greater emphasis on hiking. You’ll still get to visit the Mughal capital of Lahore as well as the Fairy Meadows, but, as the name implies, this Pakistan adventure forgoes Hunza for the Skardu region.

    This means you’ll get to see the incredible plains of Deosai National Park and Astore aka “The Switzerland of Pakistan.”

    Skardu itself is the jumping-off point for many of the most famous treks in Pakistan, like K2 Base Camp one (mentioned below).

    Most of these take several weeks to complete, which may make them impractical for those short on time or unenthused about the idea of being away from hotels.

    To appeal to outdoorsmen, this Pakistani tour package features a 5 day/4 night trek on the Barah Broq trail. This relatively simple hike offers all the staples of a great Pakistani trek, including alpine lakes, untold peaks, and the chance to interact with local shepherds.

    Bara’s most notable highlight is the chance to climb Moses Peak, which provides one of the most breathtaking views in Pakistan. From here, you can see the near entirety of the Karakoram, Nanga Parbat, and even portions of the Hindu Kush and India.

    Best Motorbike Tour in Pakistan

    • Price: $2,800 – DISCOUNT
    • Trip Length: 19 days
    • Start/End: Islamabad
    • Accommodation Type: Hotels
    • Level of Fitness Required: Minor
    • Highlights: Riding through Deosai, camping in Shigar desert, Karakoram Highway, homestay in Ghulkin
    motorbike tour package in pakistan
    source: Zindagi-zoq-e-Safar (wikicommons)

    Why should you choose this Northern Pakistan tour package?

    This is the ultimate motorbike tour of Pakistan! It combines two of Karakoram Bikers’ top itineraries – Hunza and Skardu – into one epic trip across nearly every paved surface in Gilgit-Baltistan. If you want to experience one of the best road trips in the world, then this Northern Pakistan tour package is for you.

    The tour starts in Islamabad and proceeds to head north to Skardu via Naran. Along the way, you’ll pass through the pastoral Astore Valley, the plains of Deosai, and maybe even Rama Lake (weather dependent).

    By the time you reach Skardu and the “Cold Desert” of Shigar, you will have ridden through an enormous variety of landscapes.

    motorcycle pakistan tour

    But there’s more!

    After Skardu, you’ll head to Hunza and get to experience the best of the Karakoram Highway. You’ll visit Karimabad, see the Passu Cathedral, and make it all the way to the border of China at the Khunjerab Pass. You’ll also stop by a local village homestay for some much needed R&R.

    In terms of logistics, Karakoram Bikers will organize everything for you. This includes the bikes themselves, fuel, maintenance, food, and accommodation. They also utilize an assistance vehicle, which is full of water and first aid supplies. Sounds pretty comprehensive if you ask us.

    Who are the Karakoram Bikers?

    Karakoram Bikers is the motorcycling wing of the famous Karakoram Club – a home-grown Pakistani initiative of explorers and hikers who have made huge efforts to open up Pakistan to tourism. Shah and Lizzy are the heads of the club and have lead numerous tours.

    TBB readers also get a $130 discount with Karakoram Bikers! Once you’ve selected your Pakistan adventure, just use the code “Backpacker” when checking out.

    Best Expedition in Pakistan

    • Price: $2,700
    • Trip Length:  20 days
    • Start/End: Islamabad
    • Accommodation Type: Camping
    • Level of Fitness Required: High
    • Highlights: trekking on Baltoro Glacier, views of several 8000m peaks including Broad Peak, the Gasherbrums, and K2, K2 base camp
    best trekking holidays in pakistan
    Trekking to K2 Base Camp. | Photo: Chris Lininger

    Why should you go on this expedition in Pakistan?

    The K2 Base Camp trek aka Concordia is one of the most famous and most beautiful expeditions in the world. It offers close up views of some of the highest peaks in the world, the likes of which can be found nowhere else.

    If you are a mountain fiend and consider yourself an outdoor expert, this Pakistani tour package is hard to top.

    Participants will arrive in Islamabad whereupon they will head directly to Skardu via air. 

    k2 trek
    source: Chris Lininger

    Following the arrival in Skardu and a jeep ride to Askole, the trek is officially started. From here you will spend the next 13-15 days walking amongst some of the most imposing mountains on the planet.

    You will pass by the notorious Trango Towers as well as the Masherbrum group. By the time you arrive at K2’s base camp, the 2nd highest mountain will be already have been within full view from Concordia. 

    This trek is rated as difficult because it requires lots of glacier travel as well as a 5600m-high crossing. Anyone with good fitness and above-average mountain experience will be able to undergo this trek. If you love trekking – this is a MUST DO bucket-list trek of a lifetime. 

    Epic Backpacker Tours is Taking Bookings! • Experience EPIC

    3 Deliciously Offbeat Destinations
    Pakistan | Kyrgyzstan | Iran
    You only live once: make it count.

    Best Swat Valley Tours

    • Price: $75 – DISCOUNT
    • Trip Length: 4 days
    • Start/End: Lahore
    • Accommodation Type: Hotel
    • Level of Fitness Required: Minor-Moderate
    • Highlights: skiing, Swiss chalets, waterfalls, alpine lakes, Pashtun peoples
    swat valley waterfalls pakistan
    source: Doctor.aizaz (wikicommons)

    Why should you choose this Pakistan tour package?

    Like Kashmir, the tourism in Pakistan’s Swat Valley has been affected by war and conflict. Until 2009, the Taliban had control over the region, effectively destroying the tourist industry and causing great pain for locals.

    Once the region was freed from the terrorist group, people rejoiced because they could again visit one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan.

    Amongst Pakistanis, the Swat Valley is one of the most desirable places to visit. It is lush, green, capped by snowy peaks, and extremely bucolic. In fact, one of the country’s most popular ski resorts, Malam Jabba, is located here.

    malam jabba skiing in pakistan
    source: HQRaja (wikicommons)

    It is complete with Swiss-style chalets and chair lifts. You can totally go on a skiing holiday here, which makes Swat a wonderful place to visit in the winter!

    There’s plenty to do in Swat during the summer though. You can visit waterfalls, go hiking in the woods, and even visit a number of spectacular lakes, like Katora Lake, Mahodand Lake, and Kundol Lake. Be sure to check with your tour operator to see if visiting any of these possible.

    Finally, a visit to the Swat Valley means that you’ll get to interact with a different sort of Pakistani ethnicity. Swat is mainly populated by Pashtuns – a group of displaced folk who originally hail from Eastern Iran. You’ll have lots of opportunities to speak with them and to learn more about their unique and threatened culture.

    What is Find My Adventure?

    Find My Adventure is a company founded by Muhammad Komail Abbas, one of the most promising local tour operators in Pakistan at the moment.

    He has spent a great deal of time in the mountains and is an expert at organizing Pak tours. Find My Adventure connects people from all over the world with Pakistani tour companies and is an awesome resource.

    TBB readers can get a discount on FMA tours as well by using the following coupon code: TBBT10.

    Best Pakistani Cultural Tour Package

    • Price: $2,200
    • Trip Length: 15 days
    • Start/End: Lahore
    • Accommodation Type: Mix of hotel and camping
    • Level of Fitness Required: Moderate
    • Highlights: Lahore cultural sites, homestay in Ghulkin, Khunjerab Pass, Silk Road, ancient forts
    are the mountains safe pakistan

    Why should you go on this tour in Pakistan’s Northern Areas?

    EBT’s Hunza trip is already the best tour in Pakistan’s Northern Areas because it visits so many places and offers so many amazing cultural opportunities.

    From the steamy streets of Lahore to the isolated communities of the Karakoram Mountains, you will be bombarded on all fronts by new and exciting stimuli.

    On this tour, you’ll gorge on karhais on Food Street, interact with Pakistani holidaymakers at Khunjerab Pass, and, as always, be asked a million questions from the locals about where you live and what you think of Pakistan.

    young girls in pakistan mountains

    Arguably, the most enriching experience of this Pakistani adventure is staying at a local home in Ghulkin. You will be accepted with open arms by the village homestay and will be treated like family.

    You’ll get to explore their village, play with the children, eat some good home-cooked meals, and then some. The time you spend here will truly be one of the most memorable of the trip.

    You will also have the benefit of being lead by several passionate guides. There will be one Western representative in addition to several Pakistani tour guides; all of them will provide lots of extra information and context to journey. They are very well versed in their culture and are priceless resources.

    Why Did The Broke Backpacker Start Running Tours in Pakistan?

    Good question – here’s what Will, the OG Broke Backpacker, has to say about Pakistan and why he loves bringing people there.

    Best Beach Trip in Pakistan

    • Price: $70 – DISCOUNT
    • Trip Length: 2 days
    • Start/End: Karachi
    • Accommodation Type: 1 night of beach camping
    • Level of Fitness Required: Minor
    • Highlights: Makran Highway, surreal rock formations, desert beaches, the clear waters of the Arabian Sea
    makron highway pakistan tour package
    source: M.bilalkhan7007 (wikicommons)

    Why should you do this day trip in Pakistan?

    The Makran region is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan for several reasons: 1) it has very unique geology that resembles the American Southwest and 2) is located near the sea. Basically, we’re calling this place Utah with a coastline.

    The centerpiece of the Makran region is Hingol National Park. Aside from being an extremely important wildlife refuge, Hingol also hosts some very fine scenery.

    Here, you’ll discover many iconic landmarks, like the geologic wonders of the Great Sphinx and Princess of Hope. You’ll also be within a stone’s throw of the ocean!

    Kund Malir is one of the best beaches in Hingol National Park and is the focal point of this trip. It is a very large and gorgeous stretch of sand that is made even more beautiful by the emerald waters of the Arabian Sea.

    kund malir beach balochistan pakistan tours
    source: Furqanlw (wikicommons)

    After spending the day exploring the desert landscapes of Hingol, this beach is a welcome reprieve, especially once night sets in and the stars come out.

    Hingol is still relatively untouched by mass tourism but this could all change soon. Lots of companies organize tour packages from Karachi and it’s quickly becoming a favorite among Pakistani weekend warriors. We suggest that you travel here soon before it’s overrun.

    NOTE that Balochistan is a very difficult area to travel in and is sometimes totally inaccessible to foreigners. If you intend to visit this region, it is very important that you go with a reputable company. Terrible events do sometimes happen here and you don’t want to get caught up with something that doesn’t involve yourself.

    Best Neelum Valley Tour Package

    • Price: $60 – DISCOUNT
    • Trip Length: 4 days
    • Start/End: Lahore
    • Accommodation Type: Hotels
    • Level of Fitness Required: Minor-Moderate
    • Highlights: thick forests, Kashmiri culture, pastoral landscapes, the cool waters of the Neelum River
    neelum valley, pakistan

    Why should you choose this Pakistan tour package?

    Kashmir is often regarded as heaven on earth – a place of incomparable beauty, the likes of which will drive men to possessiveness and envy.

    In recent years, Kashmir has tragically become one of the most disputed territories in the world because India, Pakistan, and China fight to control it. Due to its current off-limits status, its beauty has gone to waste and is practically an unknown to foreign eyes.

    But you can still find Azad Kashmir tour packages so long as you go through the proper channels! The Neelum Valley is the northernmost part of Kashmir is under control of Gilgit-Baltistan. Several Pakistani tour companies organize trips to this area and most go off without a hitch.

    neelum valley kashmir pakistan tour companies
    source: Ahsan Saeed (wikicommons)

    The Neelum Valley is everything that you’d expect from Kashmir – lush, verdant, mysterious, and resonant. Visiting this area will afford you opportunities to see waterfalls, pastures, and picturesque villages.

    Sharda is often considered one of the most magical settlements in Pakistan and will certainly enchant you. Arang Kel is a slightly higher village and offers lots of hiking opportunities, like the one to Chitta Katha Lake. Keran is a lively place and a popular tourist resort, for that matter as well.

    With recent events taking place, Kashmir seems more distant than ever. That being said, you can still visit tumultuous destinations so long as you exhibit the proper safety habits and use the right resources. Never go into a disputed area alone and always seek assistance in places like this.

    Best Pakistan Day Trip Package

    • Price: $20 – DISCOUNT
    • Trip Length: 1 day
    • Start/End: Karachi
    • Accommodation Type: None
    • Level of Fitness Required: Minor-Moderate
    • Highlights: cliff jumping, swimming, diving, snorkeling, private beaches
    churna island beach tour packages from karachi
    source: Rizwan Saeed (wikicommons)

    Why should you go here on your vacation to Pakistan?

    Some of the best tour packages from Karachi are ones that take you to the surrounding islands. These islands are often a sanctuary for marine life and are great places to get away from the mass chaos of the city.

    Churna Island is one such body and is great to explore for a day. The island itself is rugged and features dramatic cliffs punctuated by empty stretches of sand.

    Cliff jumping is possible here and is, thankfully, safe due to the presence of lifeguards. If you want to relax a bit, there are several private beaches for you to chill on.

    Surrounding Churna is a menagerie of underwater creatures, the likes of which can be discovered either by scuba or snorkeling.

    Your local Pakistani tour operator can organize both for you at varying costs. If you’re lucky, you may even see migrating whales, but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

    Best Honeymoon Tour Package in Pakistan

    • Price: $350 – DISCOUNT
    • Trip Length: 6 days
    • Start/End: Islamabad
    • Accommodation Type: Hotels
    • Level of Fitness Required: Minor-Moderate
    • Highlights: pastoral valleys, interacting with local tribes, chance to witness weddings
    Kalash Culture pakistan holidays

    Why should you go on this Pakistan honeymoon?

    What better way to celebrate your own union than by watching other exotic tribespeoples form theirs?!

    The Chitral District is most famous for the Kalash people – a group of fair-skinned people who look very out of place in Pakistan.

    They do not adhere to typical Muslim values and instead practice their own form of paganism. They are well-known for wearing bright, colorful garments, for their merry festivals, and for their atypical way of choosing partners.

    The Kalash people regularly hold annual festivals for everything from commemorating spring harvests to mating rituals.

    kalash people villages in pakistan

    For those foreigners who just got married themselves, attending one of these could be an interesting way of putting their own bond into perspective.

    Plus, the Kalash people would love to celebrate with you! Be sure to inquire with your Pakistani tour company if you can visit one of these festivals.

    Outside of the Kalash Valley, the Chitral District, of course, offers typical Pakistani splendour. Woods, mountains, rivers, and pastures; if you didn’t feel the romance back in the Kalash, you certainly will here.

    Best Cherry Blossom Tour in Pakistan

    • Price: $2,300 – DISCOUNT
    • Trip Length: 14 days
    • Start/End: Islamabad
    • Accommodation Type: Hotels
    • Level of Fitness Required: Minor-Moderate
    • Highlights: the golden poplar trees, fresh snow, a downpour of cherry blossoms, and Nanga Parbat in the offseason
    pakistan tour packages in autumn
    source: AdnanKakazai (wikicommons)

    Why should you go on this tour in Pakistan’s Northern Areas?

    Gilgit-Baltistan is famous for its brilliant displays of autumnal foliage and spring flowers. Whilst these are both highly cherished by local Pakistanis, not many Western tourists know about them, which is a shame because there are few places in the world where you can see such colors set against such epic mountains!

    Karakoram Bikers offers alternatives of their Hunza tour that specifically take place during peak flower and fall foliage season.

    Both of these tours feature similar attractions – e.g. Karimabad, Passu, and a homestay in Ghulkin – but with the added benefit of either golden or flowering trees!

    cherry blossom trees in pakistan
    source: Totallytrashed (wikicommons)

    Riding a bike through Northern Pakistan is one of the best ways to experience the changing seasons. You’ll get to stop when you want, where you want, and will have plenty of time to soak in all of the majesties.

    You’ll literally be driving through golden halls or showers of beautiful cherry blossoms while you ride on the epic Karakoram Highway.

    As an added bonus, you’ll also get to visit Fairy Meadows during the offseason. There will most likely be snow on the ground and it will be colder, but there will be far fewer tourists around. Chances are that you’ll have Nanga Parbat and the Meadows all to yourself.

    Best Weekend Trip from Islamabad 

    • Price: $140 – DISCOUNT
    • Trip Length:  3 days
    • Start/End: Islamabad
    • Accommodation Type: Hotels
    • Level of Fitness Required: Moderate
    • Highlights: Saiful Muluk Lake, Babusar Top, Lulusar Lake
    saifal muluk lake kaghan valley tour
    source: Defining EPIC (Shutterstock)

    Why should you go on this road trip to Naran?

    Need a break from the hecticness of the city? You wouldn’t be the first!

    A lot of Paksitanis need to get away for the weekend as well, for one reason or another; one of their favorite places to run away to is the Kaghan Valley.

    jalkhand sunset kaghan valley
    source: Asif Shimshalee (Shutterstock)

    Located about 3-4 hours north of Islamabad, the Kaghan Valley and it’s largest city Naran, is a very accessible getaway. The valley is lush with verdent groves of trees and the swift river is popular with river rafters. For those who want to go to higher places, this Kaghan Valley trip also visits the alpine lakes of Saiful Muluk and Lulusar Lake. Both are among the most beautiful in Pakistan.

    Due to its ease of accessbility though, Naran and the Kaghan Valley can be pretty crowded. Babusar Top can be absolutely overflowing with people sometimes and Naran can even feel like party. Keep this in mind when planning your trip.

    Best Off the Beaten Path Pakistan Tour Package(s)

    • Price: Varies
    • Trip Length:  Varies
    • Start/End: Varies
    • Accommodation Type: Varies
    • Level of Fitness Required: Varies
    • Highlights: anything you want

    Why should you go on a custom vacation in Pakistan?

    There are so many more options beyond those Pakistani tour packages that we’ve already mentioned and it is totally possible to organize something customized and unique. When it comes to adventure tours in Pakistan, the sky is the limit, and the only thing holding you back is your own aspirations.

    With the right tour operator in Pakistan, international or local, you can visit just about anywhere you want (so long as there are no government deterrents). These companies know the country very, very well and have many ways of opening it up to you.

    If there is a place in Pakistan that you want to visit but don’t see it advertised, then reach out! The people at Epic Backpacker Tours, Find My Adventure, and many others are very flexible and will do everything in their powers to accommodate you and your desires.

    If you needed a little inspiration on where to visit in Pakistan, here are a couple of ideas not mentioned in this article:

    • Broghil Valley (Wahkan culture)
    • Biafo-Hispar Snow Lake Trek (comparable to Concordia)
    • Shimshal Valley (some of the easiest 6000/7000m summits in Pakistan)
    • Naran (Kaghan Valley, waterfalls, white water rafting)
    • Moola Chotok (desert oasis, canyons)
    • Charakusa Valley (K6, K7, rock climbing)
    • Upper Dir (waterfalls)
    • Astola Island (protected island)
    • Batura Muztagh (some of the highest mountains in Hunza)

    Final Thoughts on these Pakistan Tour Packages

    There you have them, my friends – the best Pakistani tour packages of 2020! We’ve covered a whole lot over the course of this article, from romantic to cultural to remote to active tours in Pakistan. There’s something for everyone in Pakistan!

    If you’re concerned about safety in Pakistan, then we suggest reading our dedicated safety guide. I’ll cut to the chase and say that Pakistan is a safe place, so long as you stick to the proper tourist routes.

    At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that Pakistan is a country just like any other – it’s people want to be exposed to the outside world and want to meet foreigners, just like you. They welcome you with open arms and will help to make your time in Pakistan as memorable as possible.

    So whether you want to see them from the seat of a motorcycle or with rucksack strapped to your back, makes no difference – you’re sure to fall in love with Pakistan!

    Did you remember your discount code?

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    TBB readers can also receive a $130 discount with Karakoram Bikers by using the code Backpacker when checking out.


    Most tour companies in Pakistan do not provide insurance to guests – only guidance and convenience. If you are considering joining a Pak tour, then please organize travel insurance beforehand.