Boots Are Made for Walking…

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I’ve always loved to be outside…

For me, heading off into the hills or the woods for a hike, accompanied by my adventure buddies Dexter and Ruby (two very fearsome miniature Schnauzers) is the perfect afternoon.

I’ve recently returned from an epic backpacking adventure across Indonesia where I spent ten days hiking deep into the Baliem Valley.

On this journey, my aged boots took a battering and literally fell apart. I held them together with gaffa tape and it kind of worked… But upon my return to the UK, I knew I would need a new pair of boots for my regular weekend hikes through the glorious countryside surrounding my home.

I wanted something that was tough, completely waterproof but also affordable and so I picked up a pair of Asolo Greenwood Hiking Boots from my local Go Outdoors.

With my dogs in tow, I took these bad boys for a test hike through the local woods bordering the gorgeous South Downs National Park.

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I released my hounds and they zipped off into the woods at lightning speed, I did not… Choosing to conserve my strength for an ambitious twelve kilometer hike I had planned for the afternoon.

My goal was to push these boots through every conceivable test I could think of…

I was going to run, traipse, hike, trek, climb, jaunt, skip and saunter my way through the woods, testing out my new boots for every pro and con.

First up, how did they hold up as climbing boot?


I scrambled up a log and tested out the boots for grip… I was pretty impressed, whilst not as grippy as a proper climbing shoe these really weren’t bad – especially since, let’s be honest, they are not really designed for climbing.

I looked at the public footpath, touched base with the dogs through telepathy and we decided as a team to head off-path… Into the deep, dark woods!

My next test… Where they really waterproof?

Gingerly I dipped my boots into a fairly deep puddle and found that yes, these bad boys performed as advertised.

But how would they hold up during a flat out run?

To my surprise, these boots are actually very comfortable to run in as well and, in general, offer a great full range of movement, unlike some other boots that pinch at the ankle.

Throughout the day, I put the boots through their paces (pun intended) and I have to say, I was extremely impressed.

I’ve owned a lot of hiking boots in my time and I’ve done a huge amount of walking but I have never worn a boot that is this comfortable ‘out of the box’.

Most experienced trekkers will know what I’m getting at; almost all new boots are insanely uncomfortable until they have been worn in but the Asolo Greenwood’s are definitely an exception to the rule.

These bad boys are comfy… Real comfy. Wearing the Asolo’s whilst hiking is a bit like encasing your feet in soft fluffy clouds… Except these clouds can take a battering and still come out smiling.

What I really like about Go Outdoors is that these guys live and breathe adventure so they only stock high quality, good value gear.

Overall, I was very impressed with the Asolo Greenwoods and I look forward to taking them on more adventures!

Alex Hatton has recently returned from a stint around Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. His special backpacking skills include crashing mopeds, falling off cliffs and passing out at raves. When he’s not travelling, he spends his time in the woods working on wildlife conservation. 

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