Best Travel Camera for Video Recording – Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 80D is a cheap, semi-pro vlogging camera, one that YouTubers often use as well as professional filmmakers.

It’s a highly capable camera with some special technology. Those looking for the best travel video camera will find the Canon EOS 80D  very appealing.

Aside from its solid 24 MP image quality, the 80D has some of the most accurate auto focusing of all cameras in this guide.

Combined with very accessible controls and a swiveling touchscreen, the Canon EOS 80D makes for a highly responsive and dependable tool.

At less than a $1000, the Canon EOS 80D is also one of the least expensive semi-pro DSLRs on the market. This makes it a great bang for your buck.

Canon EOS 80D

The Canon EOS 80D is for if you…

  1. Need very fast and accurate focusing capabilities.
  2. Want a highly responsive and adjustable touchscreen.
  3. Like solid ergonomics and battery life.

The Canon EOS 80D isn’t for you if you…

  1. Want 4k video.
  2. Want competitive dynamic range.
  3. Need a clean HDMI output.

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    Why the Canon EOS 80D is One of the Best

    Canon has been criticized in the past for neglecting to include competitive video recording technology in all but their leading (full-frame) cameras. Many APS-C videographers feel like they have been left in the dust over the years. It can be argued that the 80D is Canon’s first attempt at creating a crop sensor camera with legitimate filmmaking capabilities.

    The Canon 80D features a brand new sensor with an updated autofocus system. This system is quick, accurate, and very reliable. It really shines when users are adept enough to manually select a focus point. Canon is one of the best camera brands for travel so we were expecting big things and they have delivered here.

    Shutter speeds are generous when shooting video and range from 1/4000 to 1/25 depending on your fps (frames per second). This diverse selection of speeds allows for “flickerless” videos regardless of the lighting situation.

    The thing that really distinguishes the Canon 80D from others is its super useful touchscreen and streamlined Live View. Utilizing a Dual Pixel system, the 80D can switch between focus points effortlessly with a simple touch of the screen. Add the ability to swivel and rotate the screen and you have a camera that is very appealing to videographers.

    Where the Canon EOS 80D Falls Short

    4k video is still sorely lacking – not only in the 80D but in all Canons with a crop sensor. The continued exclusion of 4k recording in Canon’s APS-C line is perplexing in many videographers’ opinion.

    The 80D is also missing a clean HDMI out port. In brief, the inclusion of an HDMI out port allows for more flexibility in post processing as well as the ability to stream live onto a second external screen.

    Finally, though the 80D has a dramatically improved dynamic range compared to its predecessor, it still lags behind other brands.

    Canon EOS 80D Specs

    • 5.5 x 4.1 x 3.1” / 1.6 lbs (body only)
    • 24.2 MP APC-S CMOS Sensor
    • Canon EF(s) Mount – 50+ native lenses
    • Weather sealed
    • 1080p 60fps FHD video recording

    Canon EOS 80D Downgrade

    Want to find the best vlogging camera for under $300? The Canon EOS T4i is an older (and cheaper) model that can still hold its own when it comes to video.

    Canon EOS 80D Pro Tips

    1. The 80D’s fantastic focusing is a great boon to videographers. Make sure you understand how to use both Auto and Tracking Focus.
    2. If shooting in manual mode, make sure that your shutter speed is set to double the frame rate. This will ensure optimal recording.
    3. Make sure you have a fast memory card with at least 8GB capacity and Class 10 Speed. This will minimize lagging while shooting.

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      Is the Canon EOS 80D for You?

      Do you need a vlogging camera with a flip screen that is also powerful and user friendly? Do you want an autofocus system that works nine times out of ten? Then you should seriously consider the Canon EOS 80D! Solid performance and intuitive recording features make this one of the best cameras for travel vlogging. The experience of filming has never been easier than with the Canon EOS 80D.

      What is our final score for the Canon EOS 80D? We give it a rating of 4.5 out 5 stars!


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