Book the cheapest flights on the internet!

Pricerazzi- Book the cheapest flights on the internet!

When you are planning your travels, the biggest hurdle is usually booking tickets. The vast number of flight comparison websites popping up on the internet has made it more complicated and often, when I book a flight, it’s hard to be sure you are getting the best price. Looking at deals, comparing prices, figuring out the best time, the number of layovers, best routes etc. is stressful and once you’ve booked the flights there is no turning back… Dun, dun, dun!

Travel hacking is well known in traveller crowds as a means to find super cheap flights, hotels and adventures but it can take time to find great deals online. Recently I stumbled across a cool new platform that makes booking the cheapest flight online a certainty rather than a gamble. Pricerazzi is a cheeky website designed to take advantage of flight companies money back guarantees and to help you get the cheapest possible flight on the web… 

Pricerazzi - Book the cheapest flights on the internet!

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Find the best online flight deals

All you have to do is book a flight on Expedia and submit your flight details to Pricerazzi. The website then scans thousands of other sites and finds you the best deal. If a lower price is found, which it often is, Expedia matches the competitor price and refunds the difference to the customer – that’s you. I can already hear you squeal in glee. Wait till you hear the next one!

Use Pricerazzi to travel for free!

Pricerazzi - Book the cheapest flights on the internet!

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When a lower price is found on flights booked through Expedia, you receive not only the price difference as a refund, but also an additional $50 travel credit. Which is mad! Depending on the price of your flight and the deal Pricerazzi finds, the $50 can potentially cover the entire expense of your flight, or even put an extra buck in your pocket! So you end up finding the cheapest flight deals and might even have enough credit for a free flight…

How to sign up?

Pricerazzi - Book the cheapest flights on the internet!

Sign up and start saving now!

From when you book your flight with Expedia, Pricerazzi has 24 hours to find you a better deal before the price-match offer expires. Register on the website and Pricerazzi will be able to keep an eye on your online transactions from your inbox and start looking for deals as soon as you make a booking. Alternatively; you can simply submit your flight details to Pricerazzi when you’ve made the booking. The faster Pricerazzi has access to your travel itinerary, the better chance you have to find a smashing deal. For those of you wondering how much Pricerazzi makes out of this, they take a 15% cut of whatever the price difference is between your original booking and the new deal they find; a relatively small cut and definitely preferable to spending hours pouring over flight comparison companies yourself. 

You can register for free and end up saving a ton of money if the website finds you a better priced flight. If you’re a nomad, like myself, you will probably find yourself popping in and out of countries all the time so something like Pricerazzi is a bit of a lifesaver if you fly a lot. And if you’re travelling around Asia, you’ll end up spending close to nothing on flight tickets if you’re scoring 50 bucks back every time! Imagine the cool shit you can do with all that money you save!


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