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Dominate Rewards Travel with AwardWallet

Our wallet’s work very hard for us and it’s only right that we in turn work hard for them. AwardWallet is once such away to give your wallet a helping hand by earning reward points. Read on to learn how to Dominate Rewards Travel with AwardWallet.

The idea of collecting points and miles while hitchhiking through Iran may seem a little hard to comprehend, but one habit I’ve picked up over years of pursuing adventure travel on the cheap is always to be on the lookout for new ways of reducing costs. Rewards travel can do that in multiple ways, it’s time to Dominate Rewards Travel with AwardWallet!

There are two keys to a successful rewards strategy.

Planning – Which part of the world do you intend on visiting? Which airlines fly there? Which hotel family has the biggest presence? The answers to these questions form the base of a rewards travel strategy and help you determine which loyalty programs and credit card bonuses will work best.

Metrics – “You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is a quote easily applicable to the points and miles game. As you get educated on leveraging points and miles for free travel, you will most likely end up a member of many frequent flyer and loyalty programs. To manage all the different programs, you need AwardWallet. I’ll fill you in how to make points and miles work for budget and adventure travel shortly, but first, some info on how AwardWallet pulls this all together.

AwardWallet Tracks All Your Loyalty and Rewards Programs

The subculture around travel hacking using points and miles can appear a touch impenetrable from the outside, but with a little education and some initial baby steps, most travelers that can read a boarding pass can understand how the system works. However, it also requires you keep on top of multiple loyalty accounts and points balances. AwardWallet makes this a straightforward and painless process and adds a bunch of useful functionality to boot.

Dominate Rewards Travel with AwardWallet

AwardWallet tracks points and miles across 650+ rewards programs, automatically tracking points balances and notifying you when points post to your accounts. Signup for a free account, input your sign-in details for the programs you wish to track, and that’s it! AwardWallet will display your accounts grouped by the type of program they belong to, and shows your account number, balance, elite status, and the date your points expire.

There’s also a handy one-click sign-in to every account you store in AwardWallet, meaning you don’t have to try and remember all your account usernames and passwords. Just sign in to AwardWallet, select the program you want to access, and it will open in a new browser already logged in.

Dominate Rewards Travel with AwardWallet

How Can Rewards Programs Help with Adventure Travel?

While the majority of press surrounding rewards programs is aimed at luxury travelers, points are just a usefor backpacking and adventure travel. Rewards still hold remarkable value when redeemed for budget travel experiences, and also work as a dynamite fallback option for those odd occasions you need somewhere warm, dry, and safe to retreat and lick your wounds.

I’ll give you a few examples of how to use rewards points and frequent flyer miles cheap travel experiences.

  • Free flights – While couch surfing is a cheap way to travel and meet new people, I am yet to see a ‘share-my-seat’ app spring up for sharing an airline seat. Getting between destinations is often the most expensive part, but, there is a way to get those flights for free. Let’s say you want to climb the volcanos in Hawaii, and you’re looking to do it on the cheap. By transferring Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Korean Airlines SKYPASS program, and then redeeming those miles on Delta, you could fly round-trip in economy to Hawaii, from any city in the continental US, for 25,000 miles. You can earn the miles through your everyday travel costs, just by shifting your spend to a decent rewards earning credit card.


  • Free hotels, rental cars, and insurance – Likewise, you can redeem points for free hotels and rental cars. A little research into your destination and moving points and miles into the right programs and you can add breaks into your backpacking at a decent hotel, sleeping in a warm bed with a hot meal. A place to regroup and recharge. Additionally, select cards offer free primary rental insurance worldwide, which can save a ton of money over the long-term.


  • When it all goes completely pear-shaped – When your trip goes belly up, your gear gets pinched, your credit card is swallowed by an ATM, you have a big accident, or there’s a natural disaster, having a bank of points and miles spread through different programs gives you options. Lost your wallet – points can get you a hotel. Tragedy at home – airline miles can get you on the next flight.


Banking rewards points can offer flexibility when traveling, and give you options when it feels like they’ve been taken away. AwardWallet can work as a set and forget process where you only log in when it sends you an alert, or you can check in and refresh every time you make a purchase, waiting for your points to post. Now you can Dominate Rewards Travel with AwardWallet like a pro!

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