Travel the World on $10 a Day

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My Five Step Process To Travel the World on $10 a Day

Will Hatton

But Will! Travel is so expensive…

This is the biggest lie you’ve been told in the world of travel is that it has to be expensive. I’m here to prove that shit wrong.

Resorts are expensive. First class plane tickets are expensive. Five star restaurants are expensive. Swanky hotels are expensive.

But travel? Travel is cheap … (if you want it to be!)

Freeborn Aiden
Travel Blogger

“When I travelled with Will across India, we never spent more than $10 per day! What I like about Will is that he provides pragmatic and realistic travel advice about finding bargains and bartering that every traveller can utilise during their next trip.”

So what’s my formula?

That’s the beauty right there!

Now let’s be clear, travelling the world on $10 a day isn’t necessarily easy, and by no means is it glamorous (but what great things in life are?).

I’ve traveled on a lot more than $10 a day, and believe it or not, I’ve traveled on a lot less than $10 a day. But to hit the magic $10 number, you have to do these five things.

1. Travel mostly to developing nations (Where to Travel)

2. Travel slowly but surely (Style of Travel)

3. Reduce/eliminate the cost of lodging (Free Accommodation)

4. Live, eat, and drink like a local (Live like a Local)

5. Pick up work on the road, or start an online project (Make Money while Traveling)

If you do those five things, you can travel for $10 a day. I know this because by doing those things, I’ve travelled for $10 a day all over the world.

Now, if you’ll notice, Steps 1-4 deal with saving money on travel, and Step 5 deals with making money while traveling.

You need to understand that to travel cheaply (and most importantly, to travel indefinitely) you need to learn how to do both. But also know that making money while travelling is my secret sauce, and I’m really excited to teach you all the ways people make money while traveling (online and offline). 

But! One step at a time. This is just the super basics. I want to pre-heat the oven before we cook the feast.

So take a look at the 5 Steps and give them some thought. Also, get excited – tomorrow I’ll send you an email highlighting all of the awesome places in the world you can travel on the cheap.