The First Dawn Of 2015

First dawn 2015 with The Broke Backpacker
A vortex of purple cloud raced across the water, psychedelic patterns drifting in it’s wake. Reggae tunes mixed with pounding club music from the heaving, tumbling bars in town. Crowds of people, cheering and whopping, dancing and jiving, filled the beach. Above it all, a lonely saxophone pierced the night, orange treble clefs drifting lazily on the wind. The year was hurtling to an end, although for many it was already over. All around the world, crowds prayed, danced, drank, fucked, kissed and made merry. I watched from my balcony, the stars shining faintly overhead, softened by the many lights in town. I sipped on my cocktail, energy coursing through my veins, the promises of a new year still fresh in my brain. I dreamt of friends, past, present and future. Beautiful girls with shining eyes, quite bookish fellows sporting the latest techy gizmos and staunch, lumberjack types, red beards all a bristle in some cold Alaskan night, eyes fixed pointedly on the horizon, awaiting the creeping warmth of a pristine orange sun, the first of 2015.
A certainty crept into my heart, I focussed on accepting a burning truth, everything is going to be OK, forever and ever and ever. There is no curveball this earth, this lifetime, can throw at me which I cannot handle. I can duck, I can weave, I can dodge and, when the stars align, I can hit a home run. The time was upon me, the home run beckoned. 2015 was to be a year of which I could be proud and, if not, it would be a year which would teach me more lessons, show me how to dig deeper, to improve myself, to work on the kinks, to iron out the creases which held me back. I sat, meditating quietly on my own thoughts, on the images and sounds coursing through my brain. I reached out to the bums on the road, the eternal wanderers, the holy men in their caves. Would they be welcoming the New Year with some ceremony, dancing around a fire, naked bodies covered in paint or was it, for some, just one more day, unlike the rest. The same yet different.
I dropped to my haunches, rubbed my hands together, electricity at my fingertips. A line of cocaine, mine if I should need it, white and glistening, fairy dust, fresh from the jungle. Crystalised energy, a promise that the evening was not yet over. I paused, unsure for a moment, the moon hung heavy in the sky, a great orange ball of light, a portal to another world. I sat, meditating quietly, a tangible sense of joy coursed through my body, ice-water in my veins, I had a moment of utter clarity, the wisdom of some ancient guru, his life spent in a cave, under a tree, in some dusty desert somewhere. All around the globe, from Russia to Argentina, people worked, ants in an anthill, two steps forward, one step back. Rushing from task to task, always working, always producing, for a society which demanded efficiency. They needed a new car, a bigger house, a better job. Folks focussed upon an objective, human nature at it’s very best, and, once it was achieved, they could not sit still. There was always one more thing, just one more thing, they needed to achieve total happiness. Then, and only then, could they let out a deep breath, sit, think, spend time on the important things; nutrition, exercise, life itself.
I stripped, naked in the starlight, a Chinese lantern, a wish for dreams unanswered, waiting in my quivering hands. My zippo lighter, a luxury, the power of a hot air balloon at my fingertips, corn coloured flame licking the sky, the lantern filling with air. Tugging at my hands, whispering ‘it is time’. Slowly, I open my hands, it floats for a second, a flying saucer hanging in the wind, suspended by some unknown power. In a flash, it is away from me, ten metres and climbing, my hopes, my aspirations, given over to the wind. I stare into space, connecting with others all over the universe, staring back at me. Our hopes, our aspirations, becoming one in the night. A sudden silence, the music clears, a flash, blink and you miss it, 2015 has begun. A fresh year, a fresh start, I am ready. I shall focus on worthwhile objectives, I shall pause where necessary, I shall live without rushing, without becoming just one more ant, one more cog in the machine. 2015, it is here, I am ready. Are you?

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