Off-beat Amsterdam; Getting beyond the tourist traps…

Amsterdam is one of my favourite European cities; whether you’re looking for crazy nights out, chilled mornings walking alongside the canals or historical sites to geek out over; Amsterdam has everything you could need. If you’re willing to look beyond the regular tourist areas, you can find plenty of hidden gems which many people, even locals, don’t know about. After sorting out your flights, you can find cheap hotels in Amsterdam via Expedia or another hostel comparison site relatively easily. Next time you’re headed to Amsterdam be sure to check out all the usual tourist spots, they are popular for a reason, such as Anne Frank’s House (well worth visiting) but also have a wander, see what you can find and keep an eye out for some of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets, including…


Vodka Museum

Somewhat self-explanatory, this fun museum is a great place to go before you head out for a night on the town in the evening. You can jump on a short tour, find out everything you could need to know about the history of Vodka and then visit the in-museum bar where you can purchase hundreds of different flavours of vodka to bring back for your mates back home.

De Otter

When you want to get away from the hectic tourist centre, you can visit De Otter. Famous for the medieval mill jutting out over the water, De Otter is a great place to snap some pictures, take a stroll or relax with a coffee and a cheeky smoke; you are in Amsterdam after all!


A public swimming pool popular with the locals, Flevoparkbad is not in many backpacker guides… it is however probably the best place in all of Amsterdam to rub elbows with the locals, work on your Dutch and get yourself invited to a house party; seriously, give it a whirl.

Voyagers Coffeeshop

Amsterdam has literally hundreds of coffeeshops… Voyagers coffeeshop is a little bit special though. This is not your average tourist-orientated, high priced, chain-shop. This is a one of a kind, utterly unique, hole in the wall place which is extremely popular with the locals. A great place to have a coffee, a slice of cake and maybe something a little bit stronger. This is a definitive Amsterdam experience.


Amsterdam’s ‘Mirror Quarter’ (Spiegelwartier) is an absolutely smashing (ha!) place to spend a day wandering around checking out endless lanes of antiques and art stalls. It’s a great place to go if you’re a bargain hunter or keen to pick up a really unique souvenir to take back home. You can find genuine ancient artefacts, trinkets and artworks; you just need to know what you’re looking for!


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