How To Recover Deleted Travel Photos

We all know the pain of losing data and files. It just seems to be a right of passage of our generation and one more regrettable aspect of the modern, collective experience. 

Maybe you once sat up all night writing an essay only to then accidentally delete it or perhaps one time you broke your phone losing all of the sweet texts your beloved sent to you when your relationship was fresh and exciting (before it turned into a deeply unsatisfying, loveless routine which neither of you has the energy or guts to walk away from). For sure, I think that we all know all too well the horror of losing photo files, the unrivaled terror of deleting or misplacing those special snaps or hilarious videos which we thought were ours to enjoy eternally.

how to recover deleted photos 

Nothing To Show

Imagine spending 3 months backpacking across India and taking amazing shots of the colorful Sadhu’s, the awesome temples and the cheeky, mischievous monkeys. But before you can show them to your friends back home or have them printed onto a lovely canvas, you have a momentary lapse of sanitary and accidentally delete the whole lot.

Been there. Done that. One mistimed click and they’re gone forever.

Forever? Forever ever ever?! 

Well, the good news is forever doesn’t seem to that long a time anymore because now there is a solution! Yep, now there is a pretty easy and efficient way too get these treasured travel snaps back and recover them.

File recovery software has been steadily developing for a few years now. Initially, this was the preserve of the Police and the Military who used it for criminal investigations and spying but now, it’s commercially available for business and personal use. It basically raids the depths of your device’s memory to locate and reconstructs files that have been deleted. It’s kind of like the cyber, version of painstakingly putting a shredded document back together and it’s very clever indeed.

Whilst there are a number of software providers out there, we recommend using Disk Drill by Cleverfiles as it is one of the best ways to recover deleted photos that we have ever come across. Disk Drill is available for both Windows and Mac, works by recovering data from any storages and partitions. The Mac version allows recovering data from iOS and Android devices as well.

Other things

Whilst Disk Drill is a fantastic recovery tool and should be installed onto all of your devices, it is also worth bearing in mind that prevention always is better than cure and there are other steps you can take to protect your files so that you are less likely to lose them in the first place.

Regular backups

One of the easiest and most obvious steps to take is to regularly back up your snaps to another device. So many people these days foolishly keep all of their iPhone pictures saved on their phone without a backup set saved anywhere. But what then happens if your phone is lost or stolen (which is statically more likely happen whilst traveling)? Well, the snaps are gone forever and there is no way of retrieving them, not with any retrieval software in the world.

I was recently at Ozora Festival in Hungary and by the end of the week, there were countless posts on the notice board from people offering in excess of the phone’s value for its return. Why? Because they dearly wanted back the pictures that they have totally failed to ever back up. For example…

“Did you steal my iPhone 7? Will pay $1000 for its return. No questions asked. I just want the pictures back as they are dear to me”.

All you need to do is bring along a portable hard drive and regular transfer the images onto it. You may also wish to consider using some form of Cloud…


As you probably know, a Cloud acts like a non-physical hard drive. When connected to the internet, you upload your files or photos and they are saved centrally to some metaphorical cloud in the sky (actually a huge data warehouse somewhere). You can buy (or hire) Cloud space from the various providers.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of clouds. Firstly, they can be and have been, hacked on numerous occasions. Secondly, “renting” space each month adds up. I’m also a bit uneasy about somebody else essentially been able to remove my access to my own material whenever they choose to.

Share on Social Media

Another way of creating a backup copy of your snaps is to share them on Social Media such as Instagram or Facebook. By putting them ”out there”, they remain in the ether forever and ever so can be download again you – or by anybody for that… 

We don’t advocate putting absolutely everything up in SM because (1) it will be overkill and just annoy everybody and (2) I guess some pictures are private right?

how to recover photos

Going traveling? Remember your digital packing list!

Once upon a time, the preparations you needed to make to go traveling where buying a backpack, sun cream, checking your passport validity and getting some currency. These days though, the world is so much more complex (but complex in order to make it simple…) and there is now a whole load of cyber prepping you need to do!


There are now some truly amazing phone apps that will make your travel experience easier, safer and yes, better. For example, most Airlines now have an app which you can use to download your boarding card to. There are language translation apps, currency conversion apps and of course, map apps to make sure that you never get lost again.

Tinder, despite its flaws, is a still a pretty good way to find local “friends” and a personal favorite of mine is HappyCow which helps me to find vegetation food all over the world.


Many travelers these days bring along a laptop and this is totally crucial for travelers like me who need to keep working whilst traveling. 

Firstly you should always use a VPN when going online as this will help protect your cybersecurity as well as help you get around local, internet censorships (for example Facebook is banned in China). Of course, you should also install some file and photo recovery software and have it ready to go in case you lose some data or your travel snaps.

Get Disk Drill For Free!

The kind people at Cleverfiles love you all so much that they have agreed to give away 10 product keys (5 for iOS and 5 for Windows) so that you can get it for absolutely free! All you have to do is leave a comment in the box below either about the time you lost a file, your personal tips for keeping files safe and secure or simply how much you love The Broke Backpacker! The 1st 10 comments win  Remember to leave your email address as well as which version (iOS or Windows) you want.


  • Avatar Mike Besani says:

    Thanks for sharing this, I know how frustrating it is to have lost important files and photos. Nowadays we have better options in ensuring that our files are protected and could be recovered easily. Thanks to the continuous improvement of mobile technology.

  • Avatar Luca says:

    Thanks for this. Losing pictures when travelling and after you left a place is one of the worst nightmares 🙂

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