Top Snapchat Tips from Snapchat Gurus

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat is changing social media forever. Snapchat has matured from a simple sexting app into the world’s leading vertical video platform and there are now plenty of weird and wonderful people making six figures a year from their snapchat accounts. I rounded up some of these snapchat gurus and asked them their top snapchat tips for growing their followings, engaging their audiences and monetising their accounts. The best snapchat tip I can give you right now; get your ass on snapchat, the platform is a game-changer and the early adopters have the potential to make a living out of this truly incredible social media network.


Top Snapchat Tips from Snapchat Gurus

Will Hatton

Will is currently on a three year adventure across the world without the use of flights; travelling from the UK to Papua New Guinea through various weird and wonderful countries such as Pakistan and Iran… And now, thank god, I shall stop talking in the third person!

I’ve only been in on the snapchat game for about six months but I’ve already found it to be the single most powerful social media network out there today. The potential for snapchat is simply limitless and I see the platform becoming the next big thing. Already snapchat channels are starting to release their own ‘TV style’ programming and, in the future, maybe snapchat will replace TV all together.

My top snapchat tips are as follows…

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ wthatton

1. Have fun! – For me, Snapchat is all about having fun and producing great content that my audience can relate to. You’re kidding yourself if you think you can be bubbly and fun on camera all day every day, everybody gets hangovers after all, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you take a couple of days off snapping, in my opinion it’s more important to post quality, engaging content than it is to post every day. Crucially, don’t censor yourself – Your viewers want to see the real you, if you swear in real life then you might as well swear on camera; just be yourself and screw the consequences.

2. Use visual aids – for me, my viewers like to see maps so they can actually work out where the hell I am in the world and where I am going next.

3. Stand out – if you want to become a professional snapchatter, you need to stand out from the crowd. I snap from countries like Bhutan, Iran and Venezuela; there’s not as much competition and it’s easier to produce quality fresh content.


Nick Robertson

Hello, I’m Nick, I am 25, looking for someone fun who likes long walks and getting caught in the…wait…sorry…wrong website…How embarrassing, let me start over.


Nick Robertson, I do comedy on Snapchat. I am originally from Scotland but live in England and this has caused my accent to sound American, I’m not sure why. I currently work for a travel company in London and when I’m not working I’m being silly on Snapchat. I have a background in performance and creative writing and have found Snapchat to be the perfect platform for me to start my own channel and really connect with everyone who watches. I like to make people Laugh. Being able to put content out daily that brightens peoples days is an amazing thing. The main reasons Snapchat works for me is I love creating a story out of anything, whether it be pretending to skydive in my dining room or having a cat mug dance to ‘Sexy and I Know it’ Snapchat drives me to be creative. It is also SO personal, I have gotten to know people, become friends with people and even met-up with people in real life because the community is awesome. I wont ramble on too much but if you want to know more about me and what I do, then give me an add and don’t be afraid to say hello!

Here are my snapchat tips:

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ ImNickRobertson

1. Don’t be afraid to snap – there is a lot of power to be gained by being comfortable snapping in public, people might look at you funny but it doesn’t matter you are making it for all the people watching your story! not the people walking past you, 99% of the time people will respect the fact you are not afraid to snap in front of strangers!

2. Be consistent – people like to feel familiar watching stories so keep your content good and consistent, people will want to come back for more

3. Don’t be afraid to put your Snapcode everywhere, if people get the idea you are a confident and consistent snapper, they will follow you. It’s a great way to increase your views!


Edna Zhou

Edna moved abroad at 18 and has been traveling the world ever since. She’s lived in Paris, Italy, Singapore, and China, building a traditional career in media while traveling to 15-20 countries a year. She snaps behind the scenes of jobs like the Olympics and BBC Travel, plus all the fantastic food and drink she encounters along the way.

Here are her snapchat tips:

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ ExpatEdna

1. Show your face, and showcase your personality!

2. Don’t oversnap, stick to 2-3 minute stories

3. Switch up your video angles, especially if you’re doing talking heads


David Rhodes

Rhodes is not your average snapchatter… Proud owner of a wonderfully sarcastic sense of humour and a skilled videographer, Rhodes is always good for a laugh and is one of the biggest social media influencers around. He has a vast monopoly of social media accounts which he has successfully managed to monetise to fund his adventures. His snapchat stories are a mixture of storytelling, adventure and comedy and he’s a whizz at using cool edits such as teleportation to help his stories flow. If you are keen to see a day in the life of a professional social media influencer, be sure to follow him – to be honest; he’s already a snapchat star.

Here are his snapchat tips:

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ Rhodes411

1. Be yourself – As cliche as it sounds, one of the most important things really is to be yourself. With Snapchat you’re selling yourself as the brand, you’re the face in front of the camera, you’re what people see. Being genuine goes a long when it comes to likability and people wanting to watch you regularly.

2. Tell a story – Snapchat really is a storytellers platform, acting almost like a vlog. Take this notion and apply it to the stories you create. Instead of creating a bunch of random pieces of content, try to make them connect in a way that tells your audience a story and keeps them engaged.

3. Know your niche – Understand what you’re good at and build your content around it. It’s easy for an audience to lose interest if you’re trying to be too many things at once. Experimenting is still important, but try not to veer too far from what your style is and what people know and followed you for.


Cailin O’neil

Cailin is an award winning travel, video and food blogger and social media influencer. Over the past year she has been growing an active and engaged Snapchat following as she travels the world doing everything from trekking in Rwanda to see wild Gorillas to eating Key Lime pie 5 different ways in the Florida Keys. She is also currently the event coordinator for the first ever Snapchat specific event/conference and awards called Snaphappen and The Ghosties, which is taking place September 2016 in London.

Here are her snapchat tips:

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ CailinONeil

1. Practice makes perfect. That is an old saying that has been around forever and for good reason. If you want to become great at Snapchat you have practice and snap as much as possible. Make it a goal to snap every day no matter what you are doing.

2. Search out some of the best people that are on Snapchat right now and follow them. See what kind of content they put out and see what you find interesting/amusing and try to find your own personal style that works.

3. Use all of the tools available to you. The more diversity and skills that people see you have with Snapchat the more they will take you seriously as a great Snapchatter. Don’t be afraid of using the stickers, emojis, filters, geofilters, text, drawing tool, face swaps and more. Get yourself a gorilla pod and a camera remote and load up on all of the gear to make your snaps the very best that they can be.

Hannah Lukaszewicz 

I love Snapchat for tons of reasons, it’s a great outlet for me to connect with my followers on a daily basis. I like to show them all sides of travel from the awesome travel days, rainy travel days, and the long travel days from hell. I think showing them destinations via Snapchat where I’m live from is much more relatable than them reading an article. I’m showing my followers what places around the world really look like with hopes to add new destinations to their bucket list. Snapchat is unedited and 100% real. 

Here are her snapchat tips:

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ GettingStamped

1. Be mindful of eye contact, try and not look at the timer and instead focus on the camera. 

2. Stop walking when your talking, no one wants to see the camera bouncing. 

3. Only pan when there is something really epic, because panning never really turns out the well. You don’t want to leave you audience dizzy. 

Alyssa Ramos

There’s two things I love about Snapchat; the first is the generic answer, which is that it gives people a constant travel show to watch, and the second is that for me personally, it gives me a way to show what’s really going on behind those seemingly perfect Instagram shots, and what it really takes to be a full time travel blogger. Plus, it’s kind of funny and ironic to make videos of my daily life and travels, since the name of my blog is “My Life’s a Movie”.

I’ve seen the interest in Snapchat grow quite rapidly, and what makes me think that it will only continue to grow and develop into something that’s literally like mini live reality shows, is how many comments I see on my other platforms saying, “I loved watching this on Snapchat!”

Here are my snapchat tips:

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ MyLifesAMovie

1. Use your existing brand and platforms to promote your Snapchat account, but don’t obnoxiously over do it. Instead of constantly asking people to follow you, casually mention it in your regular posts. For example, if I post a crazy ass picture of me hanging off the side of a cliff on Instagram, I’ll casually mention in the caption that if you check out my Snapchat, you can see the whole thing live or I’ll try to be clever and say something like, “somehow I managed to Snapchat the whole thing without falling”. I also non-chalantly mention Snapchat in my blog posts.

2. Establish your Snapchat brand. Some people just go snap-crazy and snap everything they think is cool, funny, or interesting, but that will only confuse people so yeah, don’t do that. Instead establish your purpose for being on Snapchat…for example, my niche is solo female adventure travel, so on Snapchat, I show my travels, duh, but I also include tutorials to establish the fact that I’m also a travel expert, and travel blogger as well. It will make you much easier to find, and for people to recommend you if they can actually say WHY other people should watch you.

3. Get featured. The best way to get in front of a big Snapchat audience…is to literally get in front of one. Articles online are great and whatnot for mentions, BUT if you think about it…most people who read things online…don’t use Snapchat. People who are watching a Snapchat already, do. You can try to get featured on other Snapchatter’s account by doing meet-ups, or takeovers, or try to get on even bigger accounts like I did with Daily Mail by, uh, well that was because I wrote an obnoxious article that went viral, but I guess that’s a good snapchat tip too!

Virginia Salas Kastilio

Gini is one of the best known names in the snapchat business and the proud founder of Ginicanbreathe; a community building and emotional brand connection expert. After three years of marketing and sales experience at Apple, then two years at Oracle, Gini began building her own brand Ginicanbreathe which is dedicated to the research and spreading of Happiness. After gaining a considerable presence on Snapchat she has gone on to found the “I Trust You” movement, which is a revolution to bring people closer together, one hug at a time. One week after launching it, she already has 700 trusted members who are doing amazing things. 

Here are her snapchat tips:

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ Ginicanbreathe

1. Discover yourself first and who you are, then build your persona from a place within your own heart, not who others tell you to be.

2. Get ready for an insane ride, cause this is so much work. 

3. Be patient and don’t give up. 

Loren Murphy

Do you like drawings, comedy, and occasional vlogging? Loren is a creative Snapchat film producer and is known for his popular Snapchat original show, Something’s Fishy. Loren and Marvin, the 5 foot stuffed fish, get into bizarre and ridiculous situations. Loren is also well known for his popular show Art Time, where he puts together stories and cartoon style drawings.

Here are his snapchat tips:

Snapchat Tips

Snapchat @ ImLoren

1. Move Your Phone – Stagnant camera angles are boring. Try moving your phone around more by flipping it to an action scene and then back to yourself. Quick movements keep peoples attention better. It’s all in the wrists!

2. Ditch Emoji’s Start to Draw – Grab yourself a stylus and start to doodle! When comparing a drawing next to an emoji, drawings almost always win. Not enough people draw pictures on Snapchat, so it’s always a real surprise when you see a Snapsterpiece in your messages.

3. Engage Your Audience – Snapchat is about personal experiences, make it personal for your viewers. Give value to your viewers just like they find value in watching your content. Making people part of the bigger thing is lots of fun, share their content on your channel and make connections.


And so there you have it budding snapchat pioneers, top snapchat tips from some of the most established snapchatters in the business!

Be sure to follow each and every one of them for plenty of inspiration as you build your own snapchat following and take that first brave step on the path to actually earning cash out of your snapchat account…

Have fun, be creative and prepare for an awesome journey!