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The concept is simple

Take a small group of explorers deep into some of the world’s most undiscovered countries to meet the locals, hike through the mountains, and sip rum under the starry skies.

The whole point of travel, for me anyway, is to expand your horizons, step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, learn some shit, make some new friends and come away with some adventure stories… This is the experience that I want to offer you guys.

Adventure by day, chill by night, a trip with a difference and for a reasonable price. Let us take care of the logistics and planning so you can focus on your adventure of a lifetime…

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime with like-minded travellers!

Video Awesomeness from a Recent Expedition in Pakistan

Where Does Epic Backpacker Tours Go?

Places like Pakistan and Iran are truly amazing countries, but they can be extremely tough and frustrating places to explore as a solo backpacker, especially if you are short on time.

We are extremely well connected in the countries where we offer adventure tours and can show you the best that each has to offer. Our unique connections allow us to explore areas rarely visited by foreigners and to meet with remote communities in the mountains.

We come from a professional adventure background and with over twenty years of combined experience trekking and hiking across the world, we live, breathe and dream adventure. Come and discover new frontiers with us!


things to do in Skardu
The Epic Katpana Desert at Sunset. Photo: Chris Lininger

Exploring the untold wonders of one of the most untouched sectors of the Roof of the World.

Nepal is old news and the Himalayas are overdone (and honestly kinda touristic in a lot of spots). If you want truly off-track exploration material…

You have to go to Pakistan.

Pakistan is another world. A primordial and shifting landscape of mysterious communities and some of the most breathtaking and dangerous peaks in the entire world – the Karakoram range.

Pakistan is our wheelhouse. We’ve spent a lot of time carving trails and making connections in this overlooked gem of South Asia. So much so, that we’ve now perfected three adventure itineraries for Pakistan:

1. The Ultimate Karakoram Adventure

2. Trekking in the Land of Giants

3. K2 Base Camp Trek

At Epic Backpacker Tours, we’re big fans of Pakistan. Come join us on a tour and see why.


goats herders in iran

Speaking of overlooked gems, enter Iran.

Iran first came onto our radar during Will’s backpacking adventures across the Asian continent. Iran is an absolute treat for backpackers: it’s people are lovely, and the country is brimming with cultural wonderment, and it’s old. Like, one of the most ancient civilizations old.

If you’re a lover of Old World goodness and like to mix your unearthing of ancient history, gorgeous people, and (insanely) mouth-watering food with a spot of adventure and epic scenery, then you need to Step into Persia with us. Read About Our Iran Tour


sunset at song kul lake kyrgyzstan
source: Roaming Ralph

Central Asia and the Great Eurasian Steppe region. Before nomads were digital, they rode horses and moved with the seasons, and this is where they did it.

Pakistan may be overlooked by trekkers and Iran by backpackers, but the steppes of Central Asia are overlooked by everyone. The secrets of Kyrgyzstan are simply waiting to be unlocked.

It’s not just the natural marvel of a terrain near-forgotten by the tourism industry, but also the near-unknown mysticism of the nomadic Kyrgyz people. There’s something otherworldly about Kyrgyzstan, and now we’re giving you the opportunity to peek behind the Iron Curtain and Discover the Celestial Mountains.

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