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Easiest countries to camp

The Easiest Countries In The World To Camp

Camping with family and friends or even solo can be one of life’s great pleasures. Of course the beauty of camping holidays is that you can plan one almost anywhere in the world but as with any endeavour, some countries are much better prepared for campers than others. Here are my top easiest countries in the world to camp in. 


Scotland is one of the easiest places in the world to arrange a camping holiday. You can ‘wild camp’ on public land as long as you are 100m away from a road and there are also many established Scottish campsites on the mainland and surrounding islands. You can find a wealth of information about them on UK Camp Site. If you are prepared to travel as far as the Hebrides, you will experience a much wilder camping style and likely enjoy a higher level of solitude.


Camping in France has been a huge draw to the European market for decades, largely due to the ease with which the laws allow travellers to set up camp. Similarly, particular areas of France are incredibly well prepared for campers, and pre-constructed sites are available, such as this pitch in the Dordogne. 

One issue campers in France regularly run into is lighting fires – this can be very unpopular in some areas so you should always check with the landowners.


Camping in Norway is very popular with Europeans. The country has relaxed camping laws because outdoor life is encouraged as part of the national identity. This is no great surprise with the incredible scenery on offer up and down the country. As long as you are 150m away from the nearest inhabited house, you can pitch a tent anywhere in Norway, even on private land! For a truly memorable experience, head to the very north of the country between October and March for the Northern Lights. 


Easiest countries to camp

The great outdoors!

The USA is such a vast landscape, it’s really like many counties all in one place. You can camp in virtually every state but expect different levels of catering to campers and camping laws from state to state. As a rule in the Western United States, you usually need a permit to set up camp outside of official campsites. Camping on private land is to be avoided. That said, as camping is so immensely popular across the country, it is one of the best prepared camping destinations in the world and one of the easiest places to arrange a trip.


Not the USA state but the country of Georgia is a wild camper’s paradise. Tourism in Georgia is still largely undeveloped, yet it boasts some of the most breathtaking mountain ranges in the world. Locals are generally very welcoming and campers tend to enjoy uninterrupted stays anywhere on public land. You will only run into problems pitching tents if you try to do so in city centres! See some of the stunning views in this Georgia blog post. Food and drink are very cheap indeed so it’s a great option on a budget.


Wild camping in Estonia is still completely legal. Furthermore there are numerous established camp sites, as detailed on Camping Info. Estonia’s coastline is some of the most beautiful in Europe. Estonia is also a relatively cheap European country to visit, with even nights in the established campsites costing around 15 Euros for 2 adults in peak season.


Easiest countries to camp

Camping laws in Latvia are similarly unrestrictive to those of Norway. In return for respecting nature, campers can pitch a tent practically anywhere, as long as they avoid agricultural land. Latvia also has extensive stunning coast line and some enormous lakes to set up camp around.


England has beautiful countryside in which to camp. The camping rules and regulations in England are slightly complex and vary from place to place but the English national parks tend to be some of the best areas to seek out wild camping – you can learn more about camping in English national parks here


Wild camping in Ireland is also legal but it is usually advisable to check with landowners first. Local councils make some areas a bit of a legal grey area when pitching a tent. There are a huge number of official campsites, some much more primitive than others, depending on what you’re looking for. Ireland’s countryside offers some of the greenest views in Europe and generally if people have respect for their surroundings, campers are widely welcomed.

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