Best Backpacking Blogs To Follow In 2020 (UPDATED!)

The ultimate list of the best backpacking blogs to follow in 2020… 

The internet is literally filled with travel bloggers.

These days, backpacking blogs offer some of the world’s most up to date information for travellers planning epic adventures around the world. Many of the big names in the travel blogging game won’t be new to you; there was once a time when there were so few travel blogs around that these guys have effectively held the monopoly for a while now.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to introduce you to some of the best backpacking blogs you may never have heard of. These guys are all real backpackers: they haven’t sold out backpacking blog to score a free night in a hotel and many of these wonderful creatures are dirtbags I’ve shared a beer, a memorable evening, or a business idea or two with over the last few years…

A dirtbag works on his backpacking blog

Gone bloggin’!

But, before we start, I’m going to tangentially (and shamelessly) plug something very close to my heart


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It’s the dream, right? Starting your own backpacker blog! Telling the world all about your crazy adventures!

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Oh… shit…

A swagman sad about his failing backpacker blog

I just want to live like a hobo and write about it…

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Enter Ditch Your Desk: a full-scope blog and course dedicated to teaching you to DITCH YOUR DESK! Founded by me, Will Hatton – The OG Broke Backpacker as some of my subordinates call me (yes, I call them subordinates; sometimes lackeys) and my co-subordinate, ‘The Wizard of the Spreadsheet’, Aaron Radcliffe.

What’s the goal of the project? To help people ditch their desk and live the digital nomad dream.

That could mean starting (and monetising) your dream backpacking travel blog. Maybe you want to start (and monetise) a blog dedicated to handcrafted Babushka dolls instead. Maybe you want to get involved in dropshipping smoking paraphernalia (nice one).

It really doesn’t matter. One way or another, you’re going to have to learn how to make Google your bitch.

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The Ditch Your Desk team

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The Best Backpacking Blogs of 2020

And thus ends the shameless plug. Now we move forward to the real rice and curry of your rice and curry: the best backpacking websites to sink your teeth into!

These badass sexy gypsies are gonna inspire you! They’re gonna teach you! They’re gonna hold you tightly and whisper sweet nothings into your ears on those rainy, 6 degree nights sleeping under bridges in Japan.

If you’re looking for some fresh backpacker blogs to follow, may I present…


1. Nina at Persian Gypsy

I first met Nina in January 2016 and we ended up hitchhiking all over Iran together…  Nina is an Iranian nomad on a mission to beat tough visa rules and visit as many far-flung corners of the world as she can.

Nina - Persian Gypsy - a backpacker blog by a Persian

Nina working her magic in Bhutan

She takes stunning photos of wild remote places in Iran, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bhutan. In 2019, she helped coordinate the setup of Epic Backpacker Tours Iranian branch of adventure tours: an incredible journey around Iran and… you know… she’s from there. So that’s pretty rad!


2. Mon and Dyl at Honeymoon Backpackers

I love these guys and they love each other. That’s your ‘awwwww’ moment right there. Mon and Dyl, two impossibly good looking Australians, are on an around-the-world broke backpacker style honeymoon – in that they rarely have a dime between them.

Mon and Dyl - Honeymoon Backpackers - a backpackers blog by lovebirds


They’ve worked the bar scene, picked up gigs running hostels, trimmed weed till their fingers bled all the while learning how to travel the world, in style, on a budget. Last time I saw these guys, we ended up lounging out under the stars off our tits on MDMA talking about getting matching tattoos.

The tats didn’t happen yet but their backpacking blog is still kickass! For tips and tricks aimed at backpackers on a honeymoon, check out the blog.


3. Aiden at Freeborn Aiden

I first met Aiden while backpacking Venezuela when I quit coke and gave him my last supplies so he could continue his threesome in the room next door. Aiden is like me: fascinated with more edgy countries and he is the absolute expert on Venezuela.

Aiden - Aiden Freeborn - another of the best backpacking websites for far out shit

That right there is a man that likes his cocaine… and blogging.

His writing is ballsy and he leaves little to the imagination. Freeborn Aiden is hands down one of my favourite backpacker blogs to keep tabs on. Recently Aiden and I drove a multicoloured rickshaw across India (this time with less cocaine).


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4. Alice at Teacake Travels

I’ve had a bit of an adventure-crush on Alice for a while now. Alice’s blog is very open, something I admire tremendously. She writes about what is important to her.

Alice - Teacake Travels - a backpacker blog by a badass chick

Two white chicks and fourteen cranky-ass-looking Bangladeshis (and one smiling one).

Last year, she backpacked across Bangladesh (a country I would love to go to) and then drove a car from the UK to Mongolia for a laugh (and a good cause). As far as fearless female adventurers go, she’s one of the best around and her backpacking blog, Teacake Travels, is packed to bursting with amusing tales of woe and romance.


5. Aaron Radcliffe at Nomads Nation

One of the top emerging travel blogs for backpackers – Aaron’s ‘Nomads Nation’ is looking to make a change by creating a life of travel and freedom! Aaron and I have been working together on a top-secret project (the cat is outta the damn bag) for about a year now and I’m honoured to call him my best subordinate and a true inspiration.

Aaron - Nomads Nation - backpacking travel website from an SEO expert

The best lackey money can buy. Na, jokes, he’s my best mate.

He’s an expert in travel hacking with credit cards and is also experimenting with different ways to make an income while travelling. (Check out his post on The Two Nomad Commandments.)

If you’re planning on travelling the world and never want to go home, Nomads Nation is the backpacking blog for you – check it out for heaps of tips and tricks for creating a digital nomad lifestyle and when you’re truly ready to truly take the plunge, check out our joint project Ditch Your Desk.


The Best Travel Backpack?!

Pssssst! Not picked the perfect travel backpack yet? The Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! Our favourite carry on backpack is the Nomatic Travel Backpack.

Check out this post to read our full review!


6. Jeremy at Travel Freak

A big inspiration for myself and other backpackers hitting the road with an injury or illness, Jeremy had been backpacking across the world for years before he fell ill with Lyme disease. Unfazed, he faced the challenge with his shoulders back and eyes wide open. Nothin’ but grit.

Jeremy - Travel Freak - one of the best backpacking travel blogs on the web

Na, no sarcastic bullshit. This dude is a beast.

His backpacking blog, Travel Freak, is one of the best online resources for backpackers around and his honest, no-bullshit, how-to guides and personal stories keep me coming back for more.


7. Tom and Anna at Adventure in You

I’ve got a lot of love for these guys; once I crashed on their floor whilst travelling around the Philippines. They knew I was coming and left a joint out especially, now that’s hospitality!

Tom and Anna - Adventure In You

Two spectacular humans at work.

Since then they have grown into titans of the blogging world and are absolutely killing it online with their backpacker’s blog. This year, they plan on making the transition to vanlife, which I’m pretty fucking jealous about, so stay tuned for plenty of epic journeys at Adventure in You. 


8. Hannah and Adam at Getting Stamped

OK, I’ll level with you – Hannah and Adam are more flashpackers than backpackers but fuck, I love these guys. Every time I want to daydream about what it would be like to do some luxury travelling, these are the guys I turn to.

Hannah and Adam - Getting Stamped - a backpacker blog for flashpackers

I definitely could not afford to travel by hot air balloon…

Hannah and Adam are exceptionally lovely people and exceptionally talented videographers, check out some of their truly inspiring and beautiful videos for plenty of epic wanderlust ideas…


9. Taiss and Rob at Together to Wherever

Taiss and Rob are two very lovely people indeed and one of my favourite couples to smoke up, drink down, or party sideways with.

Taiss and Rob - Together to Wherever -

When they’re not partying sideway, they’re usually taking photos of shit.

These guys sold all their shit and travelled to Thailand where they met me – joy! Following that, they continued upon their adventures around the world, building an online business along the way (they’re kind of a big deal), exploring Japan, Israel, Eastern Europe, and Bali.

For a hefty dose of digital nomad inspiration and gorgeous travel photos, check out their travel blog.


10. Crystal at Castaway with Crystal

One of the most fearless Aussies I’ve ever met (and that’s saying something), Crystal has been gallivanting all over the globe on extreme budget adventures with the help of Couchsurfing and hitchhiking for a few years now.

Crystal - Castaway with Crystal - another backpacker blog for badass chicks

Little known fact: Crystal actually broke that rock with a spinning heel kick.

She focusses on budget tips and real adventures for backpackers wanting to get off the beaten path and she even comes with special bonus moves -such as never-ending headstand skills


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11. Sebastian at Between Distances

Between Distances is all about Seb’s insanely colourful experiences travelling and living abroad.

Sebastian - Between Distances - one of the best backpacking websites for urbex lovers

Fucking dope.

His stories range from Death Metal shows in squat houses to drinking with shady characters in Eastern Europe to exploring the abandoned Soviet military bases that dot the areas around Berlin. I find his stuff particularly interesting because he does a lot of urbex and I love urbex!


12. Jamie Campbell at Gaijin Crew

Relatively new to the travel blogging game, Jamie has been travelling non-stop since he left high school in 2016. He’s worked as a ski instructor, in a hostel/craft beer bar in Tokyo and also launched his backpacking blog Gaijin Crew all within the last 18 months.
Jamie - Gaijin Crew - An up-and-coming backpacker blogger

The Early Days: Before the digital nomad dream crushed Jamie’s spirit and free time.

He’s all about backpacking on a budget – given that he has to do this himself – and he conveys this “you don’t have to be rich to travel” message through his blog. In the coming years, Jamie has his eyes set on building his online business and becoming a full-fledged digital nomad.

And Thus Ends the Best Backpacking Blogs of 2020

That’s the full roundup! An excess of inspiration for you to plan out your next backpacking adventure around the world… And maybe, one day, live your own personal dream.

One last thing, folks. Please share this post around. Not for TBB but for these dudes and dudettes.

Fuck the backpacking blog monopoly; competition breeds innovation. Let’s give these guys the attention they deserve! Because, at the end of the day, you’re looking at some top-notch humans!

Will working on the best backpacking travel blog on the internet ;)

Still bloggin’!


Support the site and learn how to travel the world on $10 a day – check out The Broke Backpacker’s bible!

Yay for transparency! Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy a book or sort your insurance, we’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. We only link to stuff We’ve actually used and never endorse crap. Your support helps keep the site going… and us employed… thank you!”

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  • Awesome travel blog , i am also trying to write such great blog..nice work

  • Avatar Ella says:

    Hey Will,
    I am 28,from Kenya,Africa. I really do enjoy traveling but have never officially backpacked. I bought backpacking equipment but have never ventured out due to fear and some health setbacks. Diagnosed with hypertension at 27, I have my struggles but I want to outlive them. I wish to backpack the world someday. I would like to join any backpacker to outgrow my fears(pay my expense-as broke as I would be) and hopefully inspire people from my country to go out and do the same.

  • Avatar Nat says:

    Interesting and amazing people!

  • Avatar David Wada says:

    My backpacking experience is somewhat limited though I have backpacked through some areas in the US. I know there are a number of locations throughout the country that are fantastic hiking destinations. Before I travel abroad for a recreational hiking adventure, I wanted to pursue a few more options more local to where I live. Is there a blog that would be specific to spots in the United States?

  • Avatar Rob says:

    Amazing list.
    I wonder if you’d be able to take the time to have a look at my blog and let me know what you think.

    The premise behind it is that I’m using a dice to make decisions for me in terms of where I go and what I do!

  • Laughed out loud at this >> “I first met Aiden in Venezuela when I quit coke and gave him my last supplies so he could continue his threesome in the room next door. “

  • I would partner with backpaker blogger to promote our Glocal Beachside Hostel in Danang, Vietnam. Welcome any recommendations.

  • Avatar Ioanna says:

    Thanks, Will, what a great resource! I followed two of them already, but am always happy to get to know more travel bloggers – especially women hiking and camping solo.

    Have a good one!
    Ioanna (A Woman Afoot)

  • Avatar umesh says:

    You just got a new follower bro. Nice content.

  • Wow, this list will surely help me find new prospects when it comes to starting a travel blog. I’ve read some articles from some bloggers who are listed here and I couldn’t agree more on how you managed creating a magnificent one! I should really start packing my bags and leave this condo for a whole new adventure that awaits me! See you soon, future fellow bloggers! Kudos to you, The Broke Backpacker!

  • Avatar lee says:

    Hi Will,

    Many thanks for the list. You are absolutely right when you say the blog-o-sphere is filled with travel bloggers. I personally think it’s great there are so many location free entrepreneurs. After a lengthy stint back home (5 years) I am looking to add to my 8+ years of living abroad.

    I love to get lists like yours, it shows me, as you have said, kiss ass content to enjoy and aspire to, so many thanks for your efforts to compile this one for us all to enjoy.

  • Avatar Nick says:

    Thanks for the list – some great blogs I hadn’t come across before.

  • Avatar Angelhotel says:

    Thanks for the list. Inspiring blogs too…

  • Avatar Larry says:


    Amazing collection of blogs , I’m looking to travel to Africa, can you put me in touch with blogs and websites on Africa.

  • Some really good travel blogs, I am a regular reader of some of these travel blogs. I would love to check out the ones that I have not visited yet…
    Thanks for the list….

  • Avatar Austin L. says:

    Hey Will, I love reading your stuff and I’ve been doing it a lot lately as I’m gearing up to becoming indefinitely nomadic within the next month. Something that caught my eye was an article you wrote posted on The Two Moneky’s blog ( I’ve been teaching English in Thailand for about 10 months now and have seen tons of things that I could send back to the States and re-sell at festivals. My question to you is: Have you have much experience shipping items back? And by either shipping them or bringing them back in your luggage, what experience have you had with customs when bringing in large quantities of items? I know you are from the U.K., but I thought any insight you may have would be helpful.

    • Hey buddy! Yeah I’ve shipped back big boxes of stuff a few times; had to pay import tax but it never amounted to much considering how much you can make selling the stuff. Normally; I just stuff my pack, I carry a hold-all which folds to nothing but can get my main pack in it, before I fly home I stuff it to bursting – never had any issues getting it into the UK to sell stuff 🙂

  • Brought to you from Myanmar (where the internet is patchy at best!!). Thank you so much for including us, we are honored. Great list of bloggers you have here, we follow many of them also and have been diving into Hippie in Heels as we’re headed to India soon! Great stuff. Cheers!

  • Avatar Phoebe Lee says:

    This is a great list! I run my own little travel blog and love to find other like-minded people to follow on their adventures 🙂 I had heard of Girl vs Globe and Mapping Megan before, but not the others – always great to find new people to be inspired by. Thanks for sharing such cool people with us! – Phoebe (

  • Great list! I enjoy reading nearly all of these blogs and will check out the others you’ve right mentioned now. 😀

  • Avatar IGOR says:

    Some great blogs, a few I hadn’t stumbled across before. Cheers for the list.

  • Been following these other bloggers on the list!! Thank you so much for including us, Will! Cheers! =)

  • Avatar Renuka says:

    Awesome list of travel bloggers! I am glad to see Rachel here! Hippie in heels is a funky and fun travel blog with all the practical insights of different places. Cool!

  • Avatar The Guy says:

    Great list here Will. The fact I follow most of these blogs already is I suppose a reassuring confirmation vote that I agree with your recommendations 🙂 I’ll have to check out Anje’s blog (Going Somewhere Slowly) though – if nothing else I love the facial expression she is pulling in the picture above.

    • Yay! Thanks a lot, it is indeed an epic list of bloggers – definitely check out Anje! I may well have to do another one of these lists, there was about twenty bloggers I’m secretly crushing on right now! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for including me – you and the other bloggers (ALL of THEM) on this list are people I look up to and people who inspire me through their amazing stories from all over – it’s such an honour to be in the pond with the big fish 😉 You’re the awesome sauce on the cherry on top!

  • Avatar Will Tang says:

    WOOT! Thanks for including me on this list Will! It’s such a huge honour and I have to say, you’re the first to feature me so that just makes you even more AWESOME! Keep up the great work 🙂

  • Avatar Dariece says:

    Whoo Hoo! Thanks so much for including us among all of these awesome bloggers! You’re right, there are thousands and thousands of blogs and we’re very honoured that we’re one of your faves 🙂

    You rock.

    Cheers from Mexico!

  • Fab list – thanks for including us – honored to be recommended amongst such wonderful blogs!

  • Thank you!! This list is amazing and I’m honored to be among such great travel bloggers.

  • Will I am beyond honored to make this list! I love each of the blogs you’ve mentioned because I’ve connected with these bloggers or I’ve read a post of theirs or 2, and are in the process of connecting. The thing is, you did such a fab job listing these guys and gals because they are all story tellers, and story tellers do so well in the travel blogging niche. Agreed that these are some of the best folks out there and I gotta say, I am so floored to be on the list. Thanks so much again Will and have a great week. Keep on inspiring dude!!


    • Hi Ryan! No problem at all to feature you, your one of the best damn bloggers in the game!! I’m lucky to have made contact with so many amazing writers this year and your right; the thing that really separates these ten bloggers from the rest of the crowd is they are all fantastic story tellers, keep up the good work! 🙂

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