Top Twelve Snapchat Stars On The Rise…

Snapchat Stars

Snapchat stars are on the rise, ah how the times have changed…

When I first installed Snapchat onto my phone two or so years ago, it’s uses were limited to exchanging naked pictures with girls I was trying to fuck, the advantage being that both parties could rest easy knowing that the image would expire within seconds. Whether that reflects the capabilities of Snapchat at that time or the limitations of my imagination is debatable; what is however quite clear is that things have changed, the technology has progressed and Snapchat stars are now a thing.

Snapchat has evolved into a multi-billion dollar app and now allows users to upload video stories which form real time, audio-video, daily diaries or even improvised mini documentaries. Users can also follow people they have never met meaning that snapchat stars have the chance to grow organically from word of mouth recommendations.

Travel bloggers have adopted Snapchat allowing them to instantaneously create little “wish you were here?” type clips from around the world allowing subscribers to follow the adventure in real time. Snapchat stars are on the rise; already there are people making six figures a week through brand partnerships with companies keen to inject a bit of ‘cool’ into their marketing plan.

At first, I wasn’t totally convinced about snapchat but since receiving thousands of messages of support from my snapchat followers whilst trekking into the mountains of Northern Pakistan and driving a multicoloured Tuk Tuk across India, it’s safe to say I have changed my mind.

Recently, I’ve been signing up with brands, companies and even a TV show to help promote their products on snapchat and I’m not alone…

Snapchat stars come from all walks of life; there are artists and musicians, comedians and adventurers and now even celebrities are signing up. Here are a few of my favourite snapchat stars to keep you entertained…

Top Ten Snapchat Stars on The Rise


The Broke Backpacker

Alright, first things first; follow me. Professional adventurer and master vagabond, Will is an expert on budget backpacking in lesser visited lands. He is currently on a three year adventure across the world without the use of flights, travelling from the UK to Papua New Guinea. Recently, he has been hitchhiking across Iran, attending underground raves in Pakistan and driving a multicoloured tuk tuk across India… Next up, he plans to build a boat and sail it from the Philippines, via Indonesia, to Papua New Guinea. Boom – I can now stop talking in third person!  Give me a follow and I’ll take you to a rave inside the Axis of Evil. 

snapchat stars Will Hatton

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Lucy’s Miles Away

An unskilled but extremely enthusiastic impersonator, Lucy is one of my favourite people in the world because, like me, she can’t keep her damn mouth shut and will simply tell you everything. Her tales of adventure and woe range from public masturbation in India (no, she wasn’t directly involved) to the worst date in the world… Lucy is a huge-nerd (I’m allowed to say it, I’m a huge nerd too) and frequently makes Harry Potter references which I don’t quite get.

Snapchat Stars Lucy's Miles Away

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Travel Tom Tom

A backpacking nomad with a fondness for odd street food and drunken cow-riding adventures, Tom has landed himself one of the best gigs in history. Currently, he travels around luxury hotels giving reviews and his lifestyle looks pretty damn sweet. A fan of drunken interviews with the locals and hiking into the jungle without a map, Tom will keep you well entertained as he explores South East Asia and India in 2016. 

Snapchat Stars Travel Tom Tom

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Evo Terra

A silver-haired yoda with a passion for podcasts, digital media and street food, Evo recently threw in his corporate job to travel the world in search of adventure with his wife Sheila. Evo shows exactly what it’s like to land on your feet in a new country and try your hand at the expat lifestyle as he tackles numerous hurdles, such as foreign beers, with gusto. Evo’s hilarious documentary style will mean that you might even learn something; he was one of the first forty people in the world to start podcasting… 

Snapchat Stars Evo Terra

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Teacake Travels

The lovely Alice might just be one of the most fearless female explorers alive in the world today and is a snapchat star on the rise. Alice is currently preparing to embark on an epic adventure; she will be driving a car from the UK to Mongolia to raise money for charity and snapping from countries that end with ‘stan. Alice is a fierce and fiery advocate of feminism and if you need some kick ass girl power to brighten up your mornings, she’s got you covered.

Snapchat Stars Teacake Travels

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Next Stop Who Knows

Carlo and Florence are the faces behind Next Stop Who Knows and are the only people in the world to succesfully run a shared snapchat account without killing each other. They’re both from Ireland and they chose to pack up their stuff and leave home on a one way ticket to Thailand back in July 2013 with a hope of figuring stuff out along the way. They’ve travelled to over 50 countries and are determined to show their followers what real life is like on the road; the highs, the lows, the hangovers. Carlo and Florence are genuine, funny and informative. They are, right now, two of my favourite up and coming snapchat stars. Partly because they are big Game of Thrones fans… 

Snapchat Stars Next Stop Who Knows

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Alesha and Jazza are two of my favourite adventure buddies and have been travelling the world together since 2008. These guys are passionate about adventure and in the last few years they have hitchhiked across Tibet and Mongolia, ridden motorbikes 15000 km around Southeast Asia, stowed away on a sailboat in the Caribbean and visited minority tribes on horseback. Right now, they are adventuring in Europe. They are very new to the snapchat game but if you want to see how one dynamic duo can travel together without killing eachother, these are the snapchat stars for you… 

Snapchat Stars Nomadasaurus

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Travel Dave

One of the best known British bloggers around and the proud owner of a mighty fine beard, Dave first hit the road when he was just fifteen and has been to nearly eighty countries. Dave’s snaps are filled with humorous observations, beer, more beer and wondrous adventures. Dave is currently on a mission to visit every country in the world so if you are a fan of variety, follow him.

Snapchat Stars Travel Dave

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Flora The Explorer

Flora has got to be one of my favourite gals on snapchat, partly because she swears almost as much as I do. Right now, she is in The Arctic Circle, struggling with 24 hours of sunlight and vodka hangovers. Flora has been on the road for years, making a living through freelance writing and her blog. Flora is an expert when it comes to all things volunteering and has volunteered in many countries around the world so if you fancy giving something back, she’s the person you want to follow on Snapchat. 

Snapchat Stars Flora the Explorer

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Tieland to Thailand

Chris and Angela used to live the American Dream, until they decided to ditch their desks, quit their jobs, sell everything they own and head to Thailand to forge a new life in the digital nomad capital of the world, Chiang Mai. If you are interested in seeing the reality of moving to a new corner of the world in search of a different life, follow them as they get used to Thai food, traffic, customs, parties, time and seven eleven snacks…

Snapchat Stars Tieland to Thailand

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Tanner Sibley

I stumbled across Tanner recently and have been really enjoying his weird and wonderful snaps; he is the only person I am following at the moment who seems to have mastered cool snapchat transitions to weave together a better, faster flowing, story. He is currently on a world tour and his next stops are Hong Kong, Toronto, Northern Canada, and good old England… Tanner has a background in sketch comedy and posts a lot of short movies…  

Snapchat Stars Tanner Sibley

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Backpack with Brock

Brock is simply hilarious, his classy, and not so classy, snaps will brighten up your mornings as he bounces around the globe spreading love and kicking ass. Even when hungover, Brock is ridiculously chirpy. Every day he causes me to despair with his love of jogging… Brock is a world traveler, a snapchat star and an informative guide on a mission to visit one hundred countries by the time he is thirty, time is running out… Join the race. 

Snapchat Stars Backpacker Brock

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Travel Network

A Snapchat exclusive channel where professional travelers from all across the globe share their experiences. The Travel Network offers a variety of shows, which bring you right into the heart of the most interesting places in the world. Watch adventurous travelers conquer difficult hiking terrain. Find the best places to eat in Absurdistan and learn hundreds of new travel hacks from professional travelers.

snapchat stars

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And so there you have it amigos, my top ten list of rising snapchat stars to follow… It was hard to choose only ten as there is so much talent on snapchat at the moment but these are some of the fastest growing accounts out there at the moment and so, if you are looking for adventure and a laugh; these are the snapchat influencers you should add. If you are keen to check out more travel bloggers heading out into the wild, subscribe to my snapchat where I do regular shoutouts promoting cool folks upon the road…

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