The Last 6 Months Working Online: An Update

The last six months has been a rollercoaster…

To me, 2018 has been ‘The Year of the Scale’ … As in, the year that I explode this humble travel blog, and my other online ventures, into a reliable income stream that will allow me to live the kind of lifestyle I want.

I love to travel, I love to party (that’s no secret), and I love to throw money at dancing girls spoil those I love.

For years, I traveled the world as the broke backpacker – hitchhiking, camping four or five nights a week, drinking fortified wine with crushed pills mixed in (cheap thrills yo) and picking up odd jobs when I needed cash. It didn’t matter how much discomfort I experienced because I was living my dream, I was free to go wherever I wanted, I didn’t have any responsibilities to answer to, I could be impulsive.

That impulsiveness took me to Iran where I met Nina, my partner in crime, we married after a few days (long story) and hit the road again.

Me and Nina hanging out in a bamboo villa in the middle of gorgeous rice paddies during a thunder storm

Being with Nina changed everything – I fell head over heels in love with her and to make it work, change was needed. I needed to actually make some decent money if we were to stay together. This was to be the greatest adventure of all, and you can read about my journey from broke backpacker to online entrepreneur here. 

But this post isn’t about that, this is about what I’ve been up to over the last year and what’s going on with my passion project – Ditch Your Desk – because I realised I needed to update you guys!

So here’s what’s been going on, and what I have planned for the next few months…

Finally making decent money online…

I have never had any money, not until about three months ago.

I killed it on Cryptocurrency last year, turning $9000 into $350,000 but with Crypto in a downward pattern, I’m simply holding – meaning I can’t access that money right now.

To be honest, this was probably a good thing (for me anyway) – I found Cryptocurrency trading to be stressful as fuck (pro tip: have it done for you with a bot). Since I’ve never had any money, it suddenly becomes scary as hell when one wrong move in a trade could cost me 10k. I played this game for as long as I dared, and I was pretty good at it, but it became clear to me that I needed to find a better way to fund my lifestyle with a PASSIVE income.

I haven’t touched my Cryptocurrency portfolio since last year (I see it as my retirement fund), I’ve been focussing entirely on building an amazing team, partnering with smart people and growing my other online ventures into passive income making machines. And it’s been working.

I’m now making well over 50k a month, passive, through my various online ventures and I estimate I’ll hit six figures a month by the end of the year. This is not including Crypto or my tour company.

I have several sites, plus a drop shipping venture, and whilst The Broke Backpacker is the heart and soul of everything I do online, it’s not everything that I do online 😉

TBB has been growing insanely fast though and I’m stoked to show our traffic has grown by over 500% over the last 12 months.

520% growth over the last 12 months and 1.7 million unique sessions! The big dip you see at the end of the graph is because August hasn’t ended yet so the data hasn’t finished populating.

The sky is the limit and I feel extremely blessed to have such an awesome team who are passionate about the power of broke backpacking to change your life and arm you with the skills you need to be more awesome. Together, we are crushing it.

Falling in love with Bali…

Right now, I’m typing away as I drink my third cup of coffee and look over luminescent emerald paddy fields.

I’ve spent the last month exploring Bali, partying on the beach, making new friends and getting fit… I’ve been eating really healthy and spending a couple of hours a day in the truly amazing Crossfit Wanderlust box.

It’s been genuinely really amazing… I have a huge love for Crossfit and I can honestly say that when I first discovered it, about five years ago, it totally changed my life.

I haven’t been able to focus on my fitness as much as I would like to over the last few years but that’s about to change. Next year, I plan on spending 6 months based in Bali so that I can get super fit…

I’ve also recently gotten fairly into yoga and have been making the time to do a daily yoga flow. #ZenMofo

The last two years has been all about work, and whilst I DO love my job and there IS plenty more work I need to do, I’m looking forward to taking my foot off the gas a bit next year and focussing on my fitness, mental health and long term goals.

My Parents meeting Nina for the first time

Nina rocked up into Bali last night and whilst a break was good for us (I encourage all couples to try traveling separately!) it’s good to see her again.

Nina has never met my parents – we tried to bring her to the UK last year but her visa was rejected (fuck you Conservative government) – so I’m flying my parents out to Bali to meet her this week.

I’ve got a couple of weeks of epic villas and adventures planned so hopefully this first meeting shall go well.

Back to Pakistan

In three weeks time, I’m heading back to Pakistan to lead another one of my Broke Backpacker Adventure Tours, train up new staff (so I can scale the tour company next year, keep an eye out for new adventures launching soon!) and see my Pakistani amigos.

I have a huge amount of love for Pakistan, the people are incredibly welcoming and it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world, so I’m stoked to get back out there.

pakistan fairy meadows

Stoked to get back out there!

—–> Sri Lanka —–> Chiang Mai

From Pakistan, I’ll head to Sri Lanka to meet up with Nina for a month of adventuring and then it’s back to Thailand to reunite with my right hand man, and DYD co-founder, Aaron.

I’ll be spending ten weeks in Chiang Mai, heading to the mastermind session at the CM SEO Conference and liaising with various joint venture partners whilst I’m in town. I’m particularly stoked to see my new JV partner, SEO guru and cheeky smoke enthusiast (we have a few things in common) Charles Floate – this guy is a legend in the SEO world and has an impressive mind for strategy – he’s been crushing a high six figures a year income since he was a teenager.

I will also FINALLY be launching Ditch Your Desk!

The difficult decision to delay Ditch Your Desk

So yeah… the plan had been to get Ditch Your Desk live over a month ago but due to unforeseen delays with my web developer, we just weren’t ready in time. I had wanted to spend the last month smashing out content and working on building the Facebook group and answering your questions but that window has now passed and since I won’t be available online for the next three months, we decided to delay the launch.

The site IS now ready but both myself and Aaron are juggling multiple other projects, two of which are growing so fast that DYD has had to take a backseat for now.

Never fear, we WILL be launching DYD for the end of October and there will be a ton of new content that we were not originally planning on unveiling… specifically, I’ll be revealing how to design a system that will enable you to publish content that is better, longer, cheaper and faster than any of your competitors.

My brother, my 30th, and lots of cocaine laughs

My brother Alex has recently ditched his desk and is heading out to Chiang Mai to join me working online in October. I’m stoked – he’s my best friend and I’ve missed him a ton.

Bro-ventures in Amsterdam

I had an awesome idea for a site in an untapped, highly profitable, niche a few months ago and Alex is going to be entering this niche with my guidance. It’ll be awesome to help him make money online as well and embrace the online entrepreneur dream…

My 30th Birthday is in January so Alex and I are going to be flying to Colombia for a month of getting fucked shenanigans – I am beyond stoked for this.

After some time backpacking with Alex, I’ll head on over to Iran to see Nina and we’ll do some adventuring before I settle in Bali for six months with Nina, Alex and Aaron – one big happy, go-gettin’, family.

The Masterplan for Next Year

Next year, I intend to keep growing my various ventures but I will be putting most of my focus into two passion projects…

The first is Ditch Your Desk – I want to provide the single greatest online resource for aspiring digital entrepreneurs so that you can have the guidance you need to take the first steps towards earning money online, traveling the world on your own terms and attaining financial freedom.

The second is…. A secret, for now 😉

Get excited amigos, an epic twelve months is ahead!


  • Avatar Stacy Sipherd Harmon says:

    I really appreciated your review of the Tortuga Setout. I like everything about it but I worry about the shoulder straps. I am a middle age woman in fairly good walking/hiking shape but I need a good suspension system. I’m looking for a 40 to 45 liter travel backpack. I was ready to go for the Setout because I like the look, shape and packability, but the shoulder straps sound questionable. What would you suggest?


    • Art Art says:

      Hi Stacy! I used the Setout recently for a 1.5-month trip. I was using it heavily and I found no problems at all with the shoulder straps. They would only really sit funny on very small-framed people. Happy adventuring!

  • Avatar bridget kennedy says:

    Do you ever need staff? Seven years on the road here! I would be fabulous to have on your team :P!

  • Thank you so much for your post. Keep sharing

  • Wow, what a great article! Thank you for reminding us of the excitement of getting out of our comfort zones and showing us such a different place. I’ve really enjoyed reading it throughout. Thanks

  • Thank you very much for sharing this type of blog with a beautiful image and helpful information.

  • Avatar Siobhan says:

    Proud Auntie xxxxx?
    Well done darling xxx
    Keep doing what your doing and enjoy living your dream xxx

  • Avatar Karine says:

    First of all, I want to thank you for your experiences told to everybody !
    I am a french woman and actually, as I start a travel blog focused on France, I’m trying to get into the world of blogging. But it’s not easy… Your blog is wonderfull and I am not sure mine will be as sucessfull as yours !
    That would be very nice if I could receive some foreign feedbacks and advices…

  • Hello Will,
    Its great to see you. Even I have been travelling for the past 3.5 years, but recently built an online platform to help me in my journey in future. Through A Human Life I wish to create a better world instead of focusing on short term gain. This blog also includes my adventures and photography. If you have some moments to spare, please take a look and help me with audience building with some tips.

  • Man I wish I had a life of travel. Sadly, none of my attempts on blogs have worked out. But I can at least see the world through your adventures

  • Avatar Martina says:

    So inspiring to read your ventures!!!

    I ditched my desk 4 weeks ago and I’m on that roller coaster of “I’m a success” and tomorrow I’m “Oh I suck at this!” jajajajaj but’s all worth it!

  • The people of Pakistan really love to serve our guests and visitors.
    Keep visiting the place. We would love to help you explore our country!

  • Avatar Sahil Luthra says:

    You’re an inspiration man. Are you able to guide what and how should one start to be able to do what you’re doing?

  • Hey Mate!

    I will be in Colombia next January, Trying to launch our online travel agency. January is way too far to make plans but let’s try to meet to party like Wild-Bonobo-crazy-rabbits

    As usual, I’m impressed by your quick success! Well done 😉

  • Avatar Mirko Maccarrone says:

    Today I ditched my desk after 8 years in the boring corporate world and today I stumbled upon your website Will! Your story is awesome! I look forward to your DYD course while I am making my way from London to South East Asia! Keep on rocking dude!

  • Avatar Meaghan Janisse says:

    CANNOT WAIT for DYD to be released!! I’m definitely looking forward to the chance to meet up in Chiang Mai over a coffee (or preferably a smoke, we share that interest, haha!). Your story is such an inspiration, Will, keep it coming!!

  • You’ve had a crazy year of growth man, congrats!

    Looking forward to our project going very well 😀

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