Visit Munich and Discover the capital of Bavaria

Visit Munich and Discover the capital of Bavaria

Munich is the capital city of Germany’s Bavaria region as well as being the third-largest city in the whole of Germany. The city, also known as Home of the Monks, holds a fascinating history rich with tales of the lives of kings and dukes dating back hundreds of centuries. 

Whilst Munich is now an uber-modern city (and Germany a bonafide, monarch free Republic) this fascinating history can still be viewed and felt across Munich in the breathtaking architecture, in the many great museums and perhaps most of all in the traditional festivals. 

If you wish to experience the charm of Munich, you need to know when and where it is best to visit this city. 

Here are some tips and recommendations for a visit to Munich:

Getting There 

For European citizens, getting to Munich is an absolute breeze. Train access is easy as many European countries border Germany. Namely, these are Denmark, Poland, Czechia, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands.  

The rail network in Western Europe is fast, reliable and usually pretty affordable. You can also use an Interrail ticket in all of those countries and it was whilst Interrailing in 2014 that I first visited Munich for myself.

Munich also has an international airport a number of budget airlines now operate daily flights in and out.

Entering from outside of the Schengen Area can be a bit more tricky for non-EU-nationals, but with an ETIAS visa waiver for Germany, visiting Munich is much less of a headache.

Best time to visit Munich

Although summer might usually sound like the best time to visit a new city because of the weather, Oktoberfest in Munich will definitely change your mind. Oktoberfest is also known as the largest beer festival in the world and it happens annually for 16 – 18 days across German and especially in Bavaria.

The historic and traditional Oktoberfest festival is usually held from late September and runs until the first week of October (in 2019 it starts on 21st September and finishes on October 6th). Oktoberfest is perhaps the best place to experience the culture of Bavaria, with traditional foods, traditional clothing and traditional music. 

The festival is also attended by around 6 million people every year, which makes the atmosphere incredibly energetic. That is why this time of the year might be worth considering for your visit to Munich. As a bonus, Oktoberfest will be a dream for anyone who has a taste for beer, as the selection of beers on offer is absolutely countless. 

Although Munich can be enjoyed all year round, from its picturesque snowy winters to hot summers, visiting in October is the surest way to join in with its rich, traditional and festive culture. Just note that it can get a bit cool in the evenings so be sure to bring a good jacket and some layers.

Where To Stay in Munich

Whilst Oktoberfest may well be the most unique and enjoyable time to visit Munich, note that it is also the most crowded and most expensive. Therefore, be sure to book your accommodation well in advance in order to ensure yourself a room and lock-in the best possible prices.

For my insider intel on where to stay in Munich check out our awesome guide.

Best Places to visit in Munich

OK so besides the Oktoberfest, Munich has a lot more attractions and cultural points to offer. Here are some of the most popular ones;

Nymphenburg palace –  

This is an impressive Baroque palace that has been used as the summer residence of famous Bavarian rulers for years. In here you get a chance to walk around the private chambers of rulers or relax in the huge and free to enter gardens of the palace. 

English gardens– 

A perfect destination to have a cup of tea and enjoy the view of the beautiful landscape on a sunny day. It is not only the largest city park in Germany but also an impressive 910 acres area covered with trees, plants and an artificial lake. 

Deutsches museum– 

The place to visit for anyone who is fascinated by science and wants to get a close-up, interactive experience of technology. This museum is the world’s largest technology museum that presents hundreds of astonishing findings and explanations of science as well as regularly holds interesting events. 

Cuvillies Theatre- 

The Rococo style theatre built around 1755 will not cease to astonish anyone who has an eye for detail. The rich with character and elegance building is the perfect place to enjoy an opera from the late Baroque period.

Allianz Arena (Bayern Munich Stadium) – 

Germany’s Bayern Munich is perhaps the best known and all-round best German Soccer team in the world today. A visit to their Allianz Arena stadium is a must-see for any football fan. If you get there on a march day even better, especially considering that German soccer tickets are widely regarded as being the fairest priced in the world.

Kuntzbar – 

The Kuntzbar in Munich is not as the Anglo-rendering of the name may suggest, a bar frequented by unlikeable people, instead, it is a complex and bars and clubs built into a former industrial estate. The Kuntzbar comes to life on evening weekends. In case you were wondering about the name, it means “Arts Bar”.

What are your favorite places in Munich? We always love to hear from you so leave a comment!

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