The island of Aruba is the embodiment of Caribbean paradise. With little rainfall, consistently sunny weather, gorgeous white-sand beaches, and amazing opportunities for snorkeling and diving, it’s any vacationer’s dream come true. 

If you enjoy the experience of travel but aren’t a fan of staying at hotels, looking for a VRBO in Aruba is a great alternative. With more options in terms of amenities, privacy, and location, vacation rentals in Aruba can fit any travel style or budget. 

Whether you’re heading out for a weekend getaway on the beach or in search of something for more long-term accommodation, Aruba VRBOs will not disappoint. To help you in your search, we’ve done the most of the research for you to pick out the best rental options on the island. 

Quick Answer: These are the Top 5 VRBO in Aruba

Overall Best Value VRBO in Aruba
House of your Dreams
Overall Best Value VRBO in Aruba

House of your Dreams

  • > $$
  • > Four guests
  • > Peaceful garden and patio
  • > Central location
Best Budget VRBO in Aruba
La Maison Tropical Studio
Best Budget VRBO in Aruba

La Maison Tropical Studio

  • > $
  • > Two guests
  • > Pool and jacuzzi
  • > Poolside grill and dining
Most Romantic VRBO for Couples
Oasis Condominium on Eagle Beach
Most Romantic VRBO for Couples

Oasis Condominium on Eagle Beach

  • > $$
  • > Two guests
  • > Amazing terrace with view!
  • > Hot tub and swimming pool
Best VRBO in Aruba for Families
Topaz Pearl Aruba
Best VRBO in Aruba for Families

Topaz Pearl Aruba

  • > $$
  • > Eight guests
  • > Huge backyard
  • > Pool, BBQ and outdoor shower
Over-the-Top Luxury VRBO
Penthouse Suite on Eagle Beach
Over-the-Top Luxury VRBO

Penthouse Suite on Eagle Beach

  • > $$$$
  • > Eight guests
  • > Rooftop jacuzzi!
  • > Amazing beach views

Looking for other types of accommodation? Check out our guide to Where to Stay in Aruba.

What to Expect from VRBOs in Aruba 

To be honest, you’ll have a lot of options to pick from when it comes to staying at a VRBO in Aruba. Most of these will embody the high-end luxury vacation Aruba is famous for without the commercial feel of hotels. 

A lot of the vacation rentals in Aruba will also give you more privacy and space than at a hotel. Whether you’re at a villa or just renting a room in a homestay, you can count on a more relaxed and peaceful experience than you’d find at big resorts. 

Top-notch amenities like private swimming pools and beachfront locations are common, and you can certainly count on basics like AC and Wi-Fi being covered. For longer stays or family vacations, it’s also easy to find spots with homestyle features like a kitchen, BBQ grill, and washer included. 

Aruba's Travel Restrictions - On the Ground in Aruba


VRBO villas in Aruba are mostly centered on the popular tourist beaches and cities of the island. Oranjestad and the famous Palm Beach area are especially good places to look for a villa rental in Aruba. 

Villas combine the amenities and professional style of hotels while offering more privacy and homey comforts. Sometimes villas are stand-alone properties, while other times they are a part of a larger complex. But in either case, you can count on having more personal space. 

Families, bigger groups, and luxury travelers will particularly enjoy villas in Aruba thanks to the extra space and amenities they provide. Lots of Aruba villas will go “above and beyond”, so to speak, with luxury, and include things like private pools, BBQs, and beach equipment. 

Keep in mind that VRBO villas in Aruba are usually a more expensive accommodation option, so they might not be the best pick for budget travelers or long-term stays. However, they are also some of the safest options – if you’re concerned about how safe Aruba is, they should be your go-to accommodation.


For travelers who are on a tighter budget but still prefer more privacy than what you typically get at a hotel, a private condo or apartment in Aruba is a perfect option. Condos usually have a more “homey” feel than villas, so they’re good picks for long-term stays and families. 

In terms of size, you can find larger spaces suitable for groups, or studio spaces that are perfect for solo travelers or couples. Often, condos in Aruba will still have swimming pools, but typically, you won’t have a private pool like many villas offer. 

Most VRBO condos in Aruba are found on the main beaches and cities of the island, but since the island is so small it’s within easy driving distance to places like Arikok National Park which are further inland. However, since condos are usually in a more residential neighborhood, they won’t have quite such a heavy “tourist” atmosphere as you would expect from staying at a hotel. 

Airbnb Destination Aruba
source: Steve Photography (Shutterstock)


Although it can be difficult to completely avoid the tourism scene in a place like Aruba, a house rental is a good option for travelers who prefer a quieter and more “rural” setting. And even though houses might not be on par with the luxury of villas, you’re still guaranteed comfort and style. 

If an idyllic beach house in Aruba appeals to you, you’ll also be happy to know that it’s possible to find more budget-friendly options. You can also find houses on VRBO located on the less touristy, southern end of the island in Cura Cabai or San Nicolas. 

Houses can be ideal for long-term stays – they are houses after all, and therefore equipped with everything you need for a comfortable staycation in Aruba. Being a bit more removed from the tourist scene also gives you the chance to have a more local experience on the island. 

Why Stay in a VRBO

Whether you’re looking for a unique travel experience or searching for something to accommodate a large group, the great variety of options on VRBO can appeal to all sorts of travelers. 

  • Local Experience: In a place as touristy as Aruba, it helps to get a local’s advice about what to see and do
  • Unique Properties: Tired of cramped hotel rooms? VRBO offers excellent variety in rental options with room for larger groups and families
  • Privacy: Not only do you have your own space, but you can filter your VRBO results for a private check-in if you want a completely contactless experience 
  • Safety: Hosts and guests need to complete a screening process. Plus, if there are any issues, you can always contact VRBO for customer support
  • Staying Long-Term: Interested in a staycation or a workcation? VRBOs in Aruba are great options for extended stays 
  • Location: You can find great Aruba VRBOs in the heart of the touristy areas, as well as in more removed spots 
  • VRBO Experiences: The variety on VRBO is amazing, and in our list, we’ll go into some of the best picks in Aruba depending on what type of travel experience you’re looking for 
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The 20 Top VRBOs in Aruba 

Ready to learn about the best VRBOs in Aruba? Here we present our top picks from luxurious beachside villas to charming inland houses so every traveler can find something to fit their needs and budget. 

Overall Best Value VRBO in Aruba | House of your Dreams

House of your Dreams
  • $$
  • Peaceful garden and patio
  • Four guests
  • Central location

For families, friends, couples, or solo travelers looking for a bit of personal luxury, this VRBO in Aruba comes ready-made for any vacation. The central location makes it perfect for weekend escapes, and the comforts of home turn it into a great staycation experience! 

Best Budget VRBO in Aruba | La Maison Tropical Studio

La Maison Tropical Studio
  • $
  • Pool and jacuzzi
  • Two guests
  • Poolside grill and dining

Although you might not think of a trip to the Caribbean as being a “budget” travel destination, this beautiful studio VRBO in Aruba makes it possible! Palm Beach is just a short walk away and in the evening you can enjoy a fresh cookout on the grill or splash around some more in the freshwater pool which is open 24 hours. 

Budget Tip: Dorms in Aruba start from $10USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

Perfect VRBO for Solo Travelers | Palm Beach Studio

Palm Beach Studio
  • $
  • Kitchenette with essentials
  • One to two guests
  • Pool and BBQ area

Solo travelers will love this studio VRBO in Aruba, equally suitable for short weekend getaways or longer trips. With the white sands of Palm Beach just 200 meters away and plenty of fun attractions and great restaurants nearby, you’ll be perfectly situated to enjoy all the best parts of Aruba. 

You can enjoy your privacy in the comfort of your studio room, or relax at the communal pool and meet other travelers over an evening BBQ. 

Most Romantic VRBO for Couples | Oasis Condominium on Eagle Beach

Oasis Condominium on Eagle Beach
  • $$
  • Amazing terrace with view!
  • Two guests 
  • Hot tub and swimming pool 

Eagle Beach is known for its tranquil atmosphere and cleanliness – all of which can be enjoyed from the balcony of your very own artistically decorated private studio! After a day of sunbathing, shopping, or snorkeling, you can get a good night’s sleep in the luxurious king-size bed.  

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Best VRBO in Aruba for Families | Topaz Pearl Aruba

Topaz Pearl Aruba
  • $$
  • Huge backyard
  • Eight guests 
  • Pool, BBQ and outdoor shower

No need to worry about cramped hotel rooms when your family can relax at the Topaz Pearl Villa. The big backyard offers plenty of space for kids to run and play, and the homestyle comforts make it easy to cook meals, have family movie nights, or enjoy outdoor BBQs. 

Over-the-Top Luxury VRBO | Penthouse Suite on Eagle Beach

Penthouse Suite on Eagle Beach
  • $$$$
  • Rooftop jacuzzi!
  • Eight guests
  • Amazing beach views

Take your vacation to the next level (literally) at this luxury VRBO in Aruba! With a penthouse suite with spectacular views of Eagle Beach, you can enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere while still being close to all the excitement and action. 

Besides, what could be better than one swimming pool, but four swimming pools? 

Best Villa on VRBO in Aruba | Aruba Holiday Beach Villa

Aruba Holiday Beach Villa
  • $$$
  • Hot tub and pool
  • Six guests
  • Five-minute walk to Palm Beach! 

Enjoy the space and luxury of your own, private fenced villa in Aruba! The homestyle amenities and multiple rooms make it great for families or groups, and it’s a short walk to white sand and other attractions of Palm Beach. 

Best Condo on VRBO in Aruba | Hidden Hill Luxury Condo

Hidden Hill Luxury Condo
  • $
  • Ocean views on private terrace
  • Four guests 
  • BBQ and pool area

Relax in the quiet atmosphere of the hilltop neighborhood of Boegoeroei, complete with a private terrace to soak up the ocean views. When you head to one of the nearby beaches, towels and beach chairs are provided by the condo! 

Plus, you get discount cards to some local supermarkets and restaurants to help you out in enjoying the local flavors. 

Best House on VRBO in Aruba | La Casita Torres

La Casita Torres
  • $
  • Swimming pool
  • Six guests
  • Quiet residential neighborhood

If you’re hoping to avoid the crazy tourist scene, this house in Aruba is a great pick for a relaxing-as well as budget friendly-stay on the island. Beaches, shops, restaurants, and the airport are all just a short drive away, so you can easily reach all the top attractions of Aruba while also enjoying the peace and tranquility of the residence. 

Best Villa on Catalina Cove | Beach White Villa

Beach White Villa
  • $
  • Steps from excellent snorkeling!
  • Two guests
  • Rental car available 

Catalina Cove is one of the most famous snorkeling and diving destinations in Aruba. No need to book a tour when you stay at this VRBO – you’ll be five seconds away from the sand and can go snorkeling whenever you want!

At the end of the day, enjoy a BBQ and relax on the patio with a stunning view of the beaches. 

Best House for a Group of Friends | Hadicurari Beach House 

Hadicurari Beach House
  • $$
  • Five-minute walk to the beach
  • Six guests
  • Grill area 

Traveling with a big group can be difficult when you try to squeeze everyone into a hotel room. Thankfully, this spacious house in Aruba gives you a prime location by the beach, is walking distance from shops and restaurants, as well as offers the comforts of home. 

Everyone can spread out in one of the three bedrooms, and at the end of the day, you can cool off in the swimming pool or grill an evening meal. 

Best VRBO near Arikok National Park | Luxury Hidden Gem

Luxury Hidden Gem
  • $$
  • Private backyard
  • Six guests 
  • Patio dining area

Besides the fantastic beaches, Arikok National Park is one of the main natural attractions of Aruba. This fantastic house in Aruba is the perfect home base to explore the park, as well as enjoy a quieter neighborhood away from the crowded tourist areas. 

With all the comforts you’d want in your own home plus a spacious backyard, it’s also a great option for families or long-term stays. 

Best VRBO for Nightlife | Le Chateau Ocean Villa

Le Chateau Ocean Villa
  • $$
  • Private balcony
  • Two guests 
  • Walk everywhere!

Located in the center of Oranjestad, this awesome Aruba VRBO is just a moment’s walk from nightclubs, casinos, and excellent restaurants. It’s the perfect spot to soak up the buzz of city life while still having the option to relax and enjoy the peaceful ocean scenery from the privacy of your own apartment and balcony. 

Best VRBO with a View | Azur Oceanfront Condo

Azur Oceanfront Condo
  • $$$
  • 180 degree beach views
  • Four guests
  • Beach gear provided

The breathtaking turquoise waters of the Caribbean will be yours to enjoy thanks to the nine-foot-high, floor-to-ceiling windows from this luxury beachfront VRBO in Aruba! 

Walk to Eagle and Palm Beach to relax on the sand (towels and beach chairs provided), then come back to enjoy an evening grill and dining alfresco on the balcony while listening to the sound of the ocean waves. 

Best Condo for Digital Nomads | Palm Aruba Condos 

Palm Aruba Condos
  • $
  • Right on Palm Beach
  • Two guests
  • Discounts for work trips!

Digital nomads can soak up the best of Aruba’s island energy and stay on top of their job at this great condo on Palm Beach. Offering discounts for “workation” travelers and long-term stays, the condo is the perfect space to set up your own little office while also enjoying a prime location on the beach and resort amenities like a swimming pool, fitness center, and on-site dining options. 

Best VRBO for a Weekend in Aruba | Oceania Resort on Eagle Beach

Oceania Resort on Eagle Beach
  • $$$
  • Large swimming pool
  • Two guests
  • Balcony with panoramic view

A weekend probably won’t feel like enough time to enjoy the sunny weather and spectacular Caribbean beaches, but this VRBO condo puts you close to the center of the action so you can make the most of your time. 

Eagle Beach is just 25 yards from the property, and your private balcony means that the ocean will never be out of view! For additional convenience, you can book activities or rental services right at the property. 

Most Unique VRBO in Aruba | Ultra Modern Westpunt Villa 

Ultra Modern Westpunt Villa
  • $$$
  • Private swimming pool!
  • Eight guests 
  • Grill and outdoor dining

This super cool and modern villa stands out even among exceptional VRBOs in Aruba. The high-end and elegant style and luxury amenities guarantee an incredible vacation. 

With multiple bedrooms and all the comforts of home, the villa is a great option for families visiting Aruba. More removed from the main tourist scene, you’ll have lots of space and privacy, plus your very own pool to cool off whenever you want! 

Super Accessible VRBO in Aruba | Eagle Beach Condo

Eagle Beach Condo
  • $
  • Breakfast included
  • Two guests
  • Pool and BBQ

This entirely ground-floor and wheelchair-accessible apartment is located just 350 yards from Eagle Beach. Plus, you get breakfast included in the room price and the homestyle amenities make it a great choice for families as well. 

Shops, restaurants, and of course the Caribbean itself are all within easy walking distance, so no need to worry about renting a car! 

Final Thoughts on Aruba VRBOs 

If the turquoise waters of the Caribbean have been calling your name, it’s probably time to consider looking for a VRBO in Aruba! Skip the stuffy and cramped hotel and bring your vacation to a new level of comfort and style while staying within your budget. 

Just be warned – you’ll probably end up wanting to extend your vacation if you stay at one of these villas or condos in Aruba! 

Now that you’ve seen our picks for Aruba’s top VRBOs, hopefully, you’re ready and set to start planning your trip. Remember, if your travels to Aruba are international, it might also be worth considering getting travel insurance to give you a fall-back option if things don’t go as planned. 

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