There are still some people out there who equate the idea of cheap flights with a sub-standard travel experience and snobbishly refuse to fly with budget airlines or take bargain flight tickets. Take it from me though, after taking several hundreds of flights myself in the past few years on all kinds of airlines, I can most definitely confirm that more expensive does not mean better and that cheap flights are often the best flights.

Even in the case of BA and American Airlines whose over-priced brand is synonymous with luxury travel and admittedly better service, you still need to ask yourself whether that complimentary glass of champagne really worth paying 2 or 3 times as much for?

Today, we will look at why you should always look for cheap flights cheap flights and the best way to find them.

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Benefits Of Getting Cheaper Flights

If you are someone who is not sure about getting flight tickets for cheap prices, here are some of the benefits.

Great For Frequent Travelers 

If you are someone who travels frequently like me, then flight tickets will quickly add up and end up eating a big fat chunk of your income. If I counted how much I have spent on flights this year alone, it would run into thousands of dollars and it could easily have been thousands more had I not successfully found cheap flights.

Business travelers may feel differently and of course, if your ticket expenses are being covered by your employer then you do not have to worry much so treat yourself to that extra legroom (as long as your ok to then justify your expenses to Karen from HR).  However, if you are a business owner, entrepreneur or even working for a smaller company then you cannot and should not depend on such options.

For Holidays 

Going on holiday with your buddies? Well, you may get a bit blase about finding a bargain flight because you don’t want to appear cheap in front of your mates. Well don’t, because believe me, if you can save them a few bucks on the flight they will definitely appreciate it and will treat you to a few beers at the airports as thanks.

If you are going on a holiday trip with your family then you really do need to mind the cost of flights because the expense is all on you. There are flight tickets, hotel rooms, the food, and many other expenses to cover so you really do need to balance the books. If you can save some amount in one particular place, you can adjust it to some other place. One such place to get some relaxation is the flight tickets. You can use various tricks such as making the bookings done well in advance, taking a package or making use of discount coupons to get flight tickets at a much cheaper price. The money that you save here can then be spent on the trip whether that’s tickets to Disneyland or an extra round of beers for the kids….

Can You Get Cheap Flights Instantly?

The received wisdom is that in order to get flight tickets at a cheaper price, you should try to make the booking done well in advance and this is often the case. However, it is not a hard and fast rule and there are instances when you do not have much time in hands and you need to get a ticket at short notice but can still find a discount flight. For example, I recently found a £20 flight from Nantes to London 2 days before its departure…

Are there any ways to get deals on such flights?

In case of sudden trips too, there can be chances of getting cheap flights and there are various tricks to that.

Check Various Flight Options

Firstly, make a list of ALL airports near to your destination and then check the prices for all of them. For example, if you are flying to London then you have Heathrow and Stansted but also be sure to check Luton and Brighton. Even Birmingham can be reached by a 90-minute train so also keep this in mind. The flight tickets should be different from different sources and hence you can compare and buy the tickets that are the cheapest of all.

Have a look at any stopovers the flight is making. Always try to find direct, non-stop flights first. These flights not only take lesser time but are often cheaper than the flights that have stops in between.  If your flight does change somewhere, then also be sure to check the cost of booking the two legs of the journey SEPARATELY – I once saved £500 this way by booking a flight from Manchester to Madrid to Bogota rather than flying directly to Bogota.

Before booking any flight, check through the options of the low-cost flights. and Skyscanner often show low cost carriers, not all 3rd party platforms do.

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Make Use Of Deals And Offers

There are so many coupons available online today that can help you in order to get cheap flight tickets. There are various offers that you can come across such as tickets at a discounted price, cash back offers and so on. If you are a user of a particular ticket booking site, you can easily bag even more such offers so that you can have even more reduced ticket prices of the flights. To find them, simply Google “Flight Coupons” or “Coupon for x Airline”. You may end up been pleasantly surprised by what’s out there.

Make Use Of The Wallet Rewards

When you take a holiday package, what do you think how do the travel agents offer you flight tickets at such cheap costs? They make use of their own wallet rewards so that they can get the tickets at a much lesser price than you. But you too can also make use of Wallet Rewards such tricks in order to get flight tickets at such a cheap price without paying the fee to the travel agent!

How to do this I hear you ask?

Simple. You just have to create your profile in a travel booking site and keep on making bookings. You may get points or at times you may also get rewards such as cash back and others on your flight bookings. These rewards and points get collected in your profile wallet and add up over time. As well as flights, you can also get rewards on other bookings such as hotels, trains, and so on. When your wallet has got a good amount accumulated, you can also start using these rewards to get a rebate on your tickets. Cashback!

Thanks for reading – that was fun! 😀

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