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Ahoy! My name is Will Hatton, founder and chief editor of The Broke Backpacker.

Since the birth of this website in September 2014, The Broke Backpacker has grown into one of the world’s best-known adventure travel blogs. We now have an awesome team of 20+ full-time team members and several talented freelancers working with us.

work with me

We are real travellers who love to step away from the beaten path to discover offbeat countries and hidden gems. This is a site for backpackers, by backpackers. You won’t see any cocktails on the beach bullshit here – this isn’t that kind of site.

This is a site all about long-term sustainable travel. We are passionate about showing others how to ditch their desks, hit the road and earn an income whilst traveling the world.

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For all press enquiries, please contact [email protected] with the subject “Press.”


I’m an experienced public speaker, available for conferences, company retreats and lifestyle seminars, as well as consulting projects. If you are looking for an engaging, passionate speaker or consultant who can talk about location independent entrepreneurship, real adventures in far-flung lands and the value of finding your why – I’m the man for the job.

I’m also available to run workshops and attend conferences about topics like:

  • How to scale a travel blog to six figures a month
  • How to find your passion and make it profitable
  • Beginner to Advanced SEO to explode your traffic
  • How to build SOPs and teams to scale your business
  • How to become a location independent entrepreneur and manage multiple ventures

For all appearance and consulting enquiries, please contact
[email protected] with the subject “Appearance.”




In 2019, we had over 9,000,000 unique visitors to the site. Yep – nine million visitors. The Broke Backpacker is the tip of the spear when it comes to real sustainable adventures visiting off the beaten track destinations. We are passionate about saving the world, raising awareness of climate change and doing our part to make the world a better place. We do everything in our power to use our platform as a force for good. Most of our audience are aged between 18-35 and the majority are from the USA, UK, Germany, Australia and Canada.



As well as chatting to fellow adventurers and helping first-time explorers hit the road, we do like to hear from companies and brands who share a similar vision: that travel should be fun, accessible and exhilarating.

For more about our ethos and our more than 9 million annual visitors, check out our About page

We are very selective about who we work with and 90% of enquiries are not answered. Please don’t send us chaser emails if you haven’t heard from us.

Before you reach out, please note the following:

  • We do not offer free exposure for start-ups, apps or anything else.
  • We do not share infographics.
  • We do not work for free – so don’t ask.
  • We do not work in exchange for gear, trips, products or services alone.
  • We do not sell links.
  • We do not take guest posts anymore – sorry.
  • We do not promote gear, destinations, experiences or services that go against our core beliefs. 
  • Unless you have a budget of at least $1500, we will not be able to work together on a campaign.

If your project meets the above criteria and you’d like to work with The Broke Backpacker Adventure Travel Blog, please contact us at [email protected]

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