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Ahoy! My name is Will Hatton, founder and chief editor of The Broke Backpacker Adventure Travel Blog.

Since the birth of this website in September 2014, The Broke Backpacker has grown to become the best recognised adventure travel blog in the world and has been featured innumerable times in the press. We regularly work with some of the biggest and most exciting brands out there and pride ourselves in stepping away from the beaten path to help promote up and coming destinations.

As well as creating our own content, both for The Broke Backpacker and other well known sites, we now have a growing team of contributing writers who make up our fantastic team. Below are some key statistics about our website and social media channel.

Web Statistics and Audience Demographics

Age group: 18-34
Newsletter Subscribers: 5000
Total Social Media Followers: 250,000
Monthly Unique Visitors: 120,000
Monthly Page Views: 200,000
Audience Locations: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Philippines, India plus viewers from 172 additional countries.



As well as chatting to fellow adventurers and helping first-time explorers hit the road, we also love to hear from companies and brands who share a similar vision; that travel should be fun, accessible and exhilarating. 

We are very selective about who we work with and 90% of enquiries are not answered. Please don’t send us chaser emails if you haven’t heard from us. 

If you would like to work with The Broke Backpacker Adventure Travel Blog, please contact us using the details at the bottom of this post but, before you do, please familiarise yourself with our brand using the info below. We only work with certain types of clients and we do not work for free – please see the bottom of this post to ensure you have the best chance of a response. 

  • 70K
  • pinterest-icon10K
  • snapchat-icon10K
  • youtube-icon1000


  • MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKING – Will is an experienced public speaker and is available for conferences, company retreats and lifestyle seminars.
  • BRAND AMBASSADOR – Partner with The Broke Backpacker for representation of your product and brand by one of the most influential bloggers within the travel community.
  • PRESS TRIPS – Promotion of your destination to a highly engaged audience through the use of social media and dedicated blog content.
  • CONSULTING SERVICES – Will works with several large companies and advises on social media strategy, influencer recruitment and SEO.





What I love about working with Will is that he is not only a professional and highly capable individual, he is truly a passionate and unique person who dares to live the life so many people dream about. 100% authentic, and 100% able to switch between work and play. I hope I have the honour of working with Will well into the future.

– Tyler, MyTEFL publicity manager

Working with The Broke Backpacker has provided us with so many opportunities that we never would have had access to without Will’s expert knowledge and connections within the blogging world. Will’s expertise within social media and marketing proved instrumental during our company’s fundraising campaign, Will is a fun, enigmatic guy and the whole team at Tripeasel watches his adventures religiously.

– Sree, CEO and Founder of Tripeasel


In the past, Will worked as a freelance writer for various media outlets, you can see some of his work below. Will is no longer available for freelance writing gigs. 


Since we first started the blog, we have appeared in numerous ‘Top Blogger’ lists as well as being nominated for several awards, most of which we didn’t collect. 


If you are interested in featuring me on your site or interviewing me for a podcast or radio show, please get in touch with the subject ‘Interview’. 



Due to the extremely large volume of emails we receive on a daily basis, please note the following…

  • We do not offer free exposure for start-ups, apps or anything else.
  • We do not share infographics.
  • We do not work for free – so don’t ask.
  • We do not work in exchange for products or services alone.
  • We very rarely take guest posts – if you’re gonna pitch, it better be one hell of a pitch.
  • Unless you have a budget of over $1000, we will not be able to work together on an advertising campaign.



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