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Clair Cathryn

Clair Cathryn

A wanderer caught between many worlds, Clair has found herself - in one way or another - hitting the road since she was able to walk on it. Though both the UK and Australia have been homes to her, her heart still belongs in the bristling chaos and heat of Asia.

An avid interest in "local experience" means she is just as happy exploring food, markets, customs, and architecture off the beaten path as on, and she certainly doesn't mind the seedy side of a city

She has mastered the art of last-minute travel planning, execution and ticket changes. She recommends travelling with Tabasco sauce, and a pen...

Her ultimate travel goal is to become proficient in "light travel".
Knows About: Slow Travel, Hostel Life, Remote Working, Last-Minute Travel Planning
Currently Based In: Gdansk, Poland
Favourite Destination: Thailand


- Wildlife Safari in South Africa
- Finding and surviving Everton Hostel, Liverpool
- The amazing and hilarious characters I've met on the road
- Being robbed of all possessions besides what I was sleeping in, which wasn’t much
- Experiencing travel by guide book vs. travel by internet
- Markets and local handicrafts

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