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Hell yeah, it is! Being a broke backpacker isn’t about skimping on fun—it’s about savvy adventuring.

We’ve got a great resource for you to learn how you can travel the world on $10/day. It’s brimming with hard-earned wisdom and hacks for squeezing every drop of adventure out of your travel budget.

Mate, travel insurance is the parachute in the backpack of every intrepid explorer. When the unexpected happens, you’ll be grateful you got your ass covered.

Don’t know where to start? Check out our top picks for the best travel insurance to find the perfect fit for your next adventure.

The world’s your playground, amigos! And we’re here to help you pick the perfect sandbox.

Our destination guides are bursting with insider knowledge on the best spots and under-the-radar gems to get you pumped for the road.

Get started by checking some of the very best backpacking destinations.

Listen, most quality gear is not cheap.

You can buy the absolute cheapest gear imaginable, but you will almost certainly be buying it again 6 months late when it fails you.

Building a quality kit inventory takes time when you are on a budget, but it will improve your life on the road by tenfold.

Set yourself up for backpacking success and slowly invest in the best backpacking gear.

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