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Want to travel the world on a budget? I’ve been gallivanting around the world for nearly ten years and started out unbelievably broke. This page is my attempt to share my best backpacking tips, tricks and hacks to travel the world long-term.


Most first-time backpackers pack way too much crap, I know I did. I've improved greatly over the years and I pretty much live out of my backpack - Find out what gear to take, which backpack to buy and which items really are essential for any adventure. I never hit the road without a head torch, a good knife and a book to read.


Are you ready to embrace the backpacker lifestyle? Get tips and tricks on how to travel with a minimal footprint, pick up some of the lessons I've learnt on the road and find out about my own story living and traveling the world on $10 a day for nearly a decade.


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The world is not a scary place and if you head off with a smile, you'll usually have a good time. It's easy to keep yourself safe on the road - read up on the posts below for a crash course in travel insurance, motorbike accidents, travel banking and digital security - It's boring shit but if you don't know it, it'll bite you in the ass.


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These are the best tips and tricks for how to travel the world broke, stick to the three basic rules of budget backpacking and you'll be golden. Check out the posts below for info on hitchhiking, cheap places to travel, how to haggle and tips for stretching your money further.


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Want to travel the world but you don't want to camp or hitch? No worries, It's easy to pick up casual work on the road if you know where to look. If you want to travel forever, join the digital nomad revolution (comrade!) and earn money from a laptop - it's not as difficult as it looks and there are a lot of options out there.


If you take a tent backpacking, you suddenly have a lot more options and can save a ton of money. Take a stove, and you can cut your food bill down too. I've been camping for nearly twenty years and I know my gear; Take a look at the posts below for practical tips on how to pick a tent and other camping gear.


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Our professional photographer, Ralph, has put together a TON of epic resources for aspiring photographers or those simply looking to choose a decent travel for their travels.


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Our epic backpacker country guides are regularly updated to provide you with the single greatest backpacking guides in the known universe!


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From battered tents to shiny hotel rooms, there's a lot of places you might crash out whilst on the road. I've camped, couchsurfed, hostelled and airbnb'd my way all around the world. See the posts below for some very special discounts and plent of inspiration...


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Finding cheap flights is an art form... Just kidding, it's not that tough if you know how to hunt down error fares and how to get the best deals. Below are the tolls I use to score affordable flights around the world.