Meet The Broke Backpacker team!

Will Hatton

Founder & Chief Adventurer

The original Broke Backpacker, Will has been on the road for ten years. He is passionate about real adventures and entrepreneurship. An SEO ninja and a system building guru, Will is data and results driven. With an inability to sit still, Will is usually found up a mountain or deep in a new project. He loves new projects...  

Nina Az

Design Guru 

Nina is a keen photographer and is responsible for many of the gorgeous images and design elements on TBB. She met Will in 2016 and the two hitchhiked across Iran together, falling in love along the way. In 2019, she is leading adventure tours to Iran - email for details ;)

Aaron Radcliffe

JV Partner

Aaron is the founder of, co-founder of, and is a partner on The Broke Backpacker. A CRO ninja, he specializes in growth, marketing, and quoting 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'

Clair Rickets

Superstar PA

Endlessly patient, Clair is a font of wisdom and humour when trying to figure out how the hell we're going to pull off an expedition. A logistics superstar, Clair helps keep everything moving on TBB tours and runs a lot of the admin side of the blog. 

Ana Perrier

Creative Editor

A keen hiker, kick boxer and adventurer, Ana is also an editing machine and polishes up a lot of the epic destination guides we put together. She recently spent several months traveling across India, Nepal and Asia. She makes the best cocktails in the world, period.

Ralph Cope

Adventure Expert

 Ralph enjoys visiting the lesser-known landscapes of the world and has ended up in some pretty strange and wonderful places. Recently, he spent eight months travelling around Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. Ralph is our resident photography guru and puts together some of the best photography resources on the web - period.

Chris Lininger

Adventure Expert

Chris is an experienced adventurer from California and a big fan of low budget travel to far flung lands. He lives in a self-built tiny house in France and helps run TBB tours to Pakistan. When not writing, trekking, or cooking, he can be found driving the backroads of Southern France in his 1982 Westy Volkswagen bus named "Frida", bound for the local rock climbing venues. 

Aiden Higgins

Brand Partnerships

Aiden and Will first met in Venezuela during a crazy party. They've since traveled together in India and Pakistan and had many misadventures. Aiden is a fan of Goan trance parties, uncharted countries and far out adventures. As a master negotiator, Aiden represents TBB with brands. Recently Aiden lead two tours to Pakistan.