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Amanda Draper

Amanda Draper

Amanda is a relatively new addition to the team. She joined back in May 2023 as an editor and social media maestro and, when not fulfilling these roles, she channels her passion for writing and storytelling from her journal to the web. Her specialty is Central and South America. With roots in Venezuela, these regions feel like home to her.

Amanda is deeply intrigued by the mystical world of the Amazon, enjoys exploring the jungle, and loves skating in cool places. Right now, she is probably planning an expedition to uncover hidden waterfalls in a magical rainforest somewhere out there.
Knows About: Slow Travel, Making Friends, Scoring Random Travel Jobs, Spontaneous Adventures, Hitchhiking
Currently Based In: Peniche, Portugal
Favourite Destination: Nicaragua


- Summiting the highest peak in portugal (Pico)
- Hitchhiking all of El Salvador
- Spending a week in the desert for the craziest party (Burning Man)
- Volunteering at a hostel in Thailand
- Tantric workshops in the jungle of Nicaragua

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