Bienvenidos a Miami! This is my favorite city in the US – and for good reason.

Whatever you have come here seeking, you’ll find it here; I promise. There’s no shortage of things to do in Miami. But, most people come to Miami to party, and then hang out their ass while chilling on the beach with another Mojito.

As a native Floridan, born and raised in the sunshine state, I’ve been able to escape the nightlife and explore the ins and outs of this city. Miami has SO many options for things to do that never cease to amaze me. From vibrant art districts and fascinating museums to national parks in the everglades just a bus ride away.

With pristine beaches, a rich history and even the world first Burger King, Miami is a must-visit for anyone who finds themseleves in Florida. It’ll surely captivate you with its cultural diversity and a plethora of things to do

Trust me, during your stay, you will be far from bored. I love The Magic City, and I am so excited to share my favorite things to do in Miami with you.

palm trees next to the ocean and surrounded by the tall skyscrapers of Miami, Florida
Welcome to Miami!
Photo: @amandaadraper

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    The 19 Top Things to Do in Miami

    Arguably the most diverse city in the United States, this place is a melting pot of cultures and activities that are guaranteed to keep you engaged during your holiday. If you are backpacking through the United States, visiting Miami is a must! 

    1. Stroll Through The Wynwood Art District

    an art mural at the wynwood walls art district in miami, florida
    Artsy AF
    Photo: @jross090

    This artsy district is an absolute gem waiting to be discovered when you visit Miami. It truly comes alive, ESPECIALLY at night. Known for its beautiful graffiti art and murals that don the walls within its surrounds, the Wynwood Art District’s eclectic feel will definitely reel you in.

    • Rating: All Ages
    • Cost: $$
    • My Personal Opinion: A great day out for anyone, would defo recommend

    The best part about this place is it is constantly changing. New murals come in so frequently that every time I have visited I get to appreciate new art.

    Once you’re done appreciating the murals, make sure to visit one of the oldest galleries in the district. The Wynwood Art District is one of the top places to go in Miami to get a feel of its creative culture.

    Pro Tip: If you are over 21, visit Wynwood Walls at night time for the best nightlife and party scene! They also tend to have free concerts and events on a regular.

    2. Dip Into the Waters of South Beach

    a girl at south beach in miami, florida at the sun sets on the ocean
    Beach life is the best life
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    South Beach is one of the most popular landmarks in Miami, Florida. It is an absolute paradise with palm trees and turquoise waters.

    I would dedicate a whole day to laying in the sun and soaking in the beach vibes at South Beach. In fact, I would probably stay in South Beach for a little while. Miami has a huge culture of tanning in the sun, so bring a book, and relax to the sound of the ocean.

    • Rating: All ages
    • Cost: $0
    • My Personal Opinion: Unbeatable and FREE activity

    Once you are done enjoying the beach, feel free to join a South Beach walking tour! Even better, why not take a flight tour of South Beach to appreciate the place from a bird’s eye view?

    Budget Tip:  Buy sunscreen at Walgreens or CVS, once you get off the strip of shops on south beach it is way cheaper.

    3. Go to Little Havana!

    Did you know that Miami is 70% Latino? That is why they call it the gateway to Latin America.

    This is because of its close proximity to Latin America. A few districts in Miami are dedicated to the Latinos, one of them being Little Cuba!

    • Rating: All ages
    • Cost: $$
    • My Personal Opinion: An absolute must-do

    The area is safe and is a photographer’s dream. This is one of my fav spots to grab a coffee, pitch up on a bench with my camera and people watch.

    When you go to Little Cuba you can expect three things: good coffee, good sandwiches, and GREAT vibes. Definitely worth a visit. You can even join a Little Havana Food Tour.

    Pro Tip: For a taste bud explosion, try tasting Ropa Vieja. It is my absolute favorite Cuban dish.

    4. Experience The Miami Design District

    bvlgari designer clothing store at the miami design district in Florida, USA
    Photo: @hautju

    Make your way to the Miami Design District to get a feel of the design culture in Miami.

    If you’d like to splurge on an expensive item during your stay, this is one of the top attractions in Miami to do so! There’s an impressive list of shops, restaurants and galleries to explore!

    • Rating: All ages
    • Cost: $$$$$
    • My Personal Opinion: Not for me, but if you love shopping, you’ll love this.

    Although the Miami Design District is full of incredibly high-end designer clothes, you can also explore lots of hidden cafés and bars! Exploring the ins and outs of the Miami design district with a local is the best way to discover hidden gems.

    Budget Tip! Do not spend your money on souvenirs from this district, they tend to be super pricy. Check out the pop up stores along the sides of the streets in Miami for cheap gifts for home.

    5. Go Museum Hopping

    an environment exhibit at a museum in miami, florida
    I have found so many cool museums in Miami!
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    As a huge lover of Museums, I can confidently say Miami is home to some of the most unique and diverse museums in the world. Museum hopping is one of my favorite things to do in Miami.

    Many people find the Miami art museums to be the most interesting and immersive. The Superblue Miami Museum is one of my favorites!

    • Rating: All ages
    • Cost: $$$
    • My Personal Opinion: Elite activity (especially for bad weather days)

    Miami has a district dedicated to museums called the Museum Park neighborhood. It is located in the heart of downtown Miami; a hub for cultural and educational experiences. The Museum Park neighborhood is one of the best places to visit in Miami for sure.

    Budget Tip: Get a city pass and enjoy multiple museums under one price.

    6. Jet Ski Through the Waves of Biscayne Bay

    A family of three people on an orange jet ski in Miami Florida smiling
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    Going on a jet ski adventure is a must-do in Miami. This is for the adventurous adrenaline junkies craving an unforgettable experience during your Florida holiday. 

    Departing from Biscayne Bay, you are able to get a taste of the local vibe in Miami. And the calm, warm ocean will hopefully inspire you to jump in for a refreshing dip!

    • Rating: 21+
    • Cost: $$$$
    • My Personal Opinion: expensive, but so much fun. Worth it 100%.

    Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen. When I ventured onto Miami’s open waters, the scorching Florida sun left me with a memorable ‘souvenir’.

    7. Attend a Concert at the Hard Rock Stadium

    a girl playing the piano and singing at a concert in Miami, Florida
    Photo: @hautju

    Miami is home to the largest concert venue in all of Florida, The Hard Rock Stadium. Attending a concert here is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and defo one of the most fun things to do in Miami!

    My friends and I saw Bad Bunny live in 2019 and it was the best night ever… Rumor says he makes 11 million from one concert in Miami!

    • Rating: 16+
    • Cost: $$$
    • My Personal Opinion: Memorable, exciting, expensive(ish) but… seriously fun

    This requires planning, but planning your trip around a concert could be something super exciting to look forward to. If you don’t want to make the trip to the Hard Rock Stadium, every weekend you are guaranteed to find a concert happening in Miami.

    8. Wander Around Vizcaya Gardens

    the Vizcaya Gardens museum in miami florida
    Photo: @jross090

    Leave behind the noisy city and make your way to the magical Vizcaya Museum where you can take yourself on a lovely self-guided walking tour!

    This impeccable museum was the former home of a renowned businessman. It’s an impressive ode to art and architecture. If you want to get some pictures to show your friends back home, this place is the spot to do it. Every corner is aesthetically pleasing and the lush gardens make for a perfect photo op.

    • Rating: All ages
    • Cost: $$
    • My Personal Opinion: If you’re into art and architecture, this is for you (not me)

    The best thing is, you probably won’t have to fight off any crowds, because it doesn’t get too busy! If you don’t know where to go in Miami, come here.

    9. Explore the Everglades by Boat

    a caution sign to watch out for the crocodiles in the everglades of Florida, Usa
    Watch out for the locals…
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    Although the Everglades isn’t in Miami, It is just a drive away and is a bucket list thing to do in Florida. And if you have never seen a gator before THIS is the place to do it.

    When I first went to visit the Everglades I was blown away by all the activities… It is for sure a day-long excursion.

    • Rating: All ages
    • Cost: $$
    • My Personal Opinion: My favorite thing to do in Miami – DO NOT skip this one.

    Most tours to the Everglades usually start with Airboat Excursions through the Florida swamps where you can see the gators in their natural habitat. After the boat ride, you can trek through various scenic trails and even join birdwatching tours. This is a must-do while you visit Miami.

    10. Skate Along Haulover Beach Park

    a painted pump track and a skateboard at Haulover Skate Park in Miami, Florida, Usa
    Don’t crash, don’t crash, don’t crash, don’t crash
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    If you’re looking for a hidden gem without any crowds, Halouver is the place to go. This little haven is very family-friendly and even has a dedicated section for picnicking and pets.

    • Rating: All ages
    • Cost: $
    • My Personal Opinion: A great FREE activity that’s also a good way to make friends

    The beach directly across from Haulover Park is one of my favorites. A local vibe with calm waters perfect for swimming.

    The best combo is skating at the park, and dipping in the ocean after for a refreshing treat. If you go at night time, you might be lucky enough to witness the Bioluminescence at the Haulover Canal!

    11. Rent Electric Scooters at South Pointe Park

    a girl in her bathing suit Smiling in front of two electric scooters at the beach in ,Miami, Florida
    Scooter time!
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    South Pointe Park is a great place to electric scooters and explore the coast! This isn’t just a great destination for tourists, locals also tend to have picnics and hang out along the green spaces.

    Once you are done riding your scooter and being active, you can enjoy the direct beach access South Pointe Park offers. If you are traveling with your fur babies or just babies, you can enjoy the playground and the dog park South Point Park offers.

    12. Explore the Patricia Frost Museum

    Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science
    Photo: Phillip Pessar (Flickr)

    This one is for all the science lovers out there! The Patricia Frost Museum is an engaging and interactive environment to explore science, technology, and an amazing planetarium.

    As a lover of astronomy, I often would go to the Patricia Frost Museum to star gaze and learn about space. It’s a great place for the family to explore and learn something new! Give yourself at least 2-3 hours to unravel this place.

    13. Enjoy an Evening Cruise at Biscayne Bay

    Biscayne Bay is a long stretch of water that spreads 56 kilometers on the shore of the Florida coast. This is a great place for kayaking, paddle boarding, and jet skiing.

    Part of Biscayne Bay is included in Biscayne National Park and offers great opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and swimming throughout the bay.

    At night time, you can enjoy a scenic dinner cruise with your loved ones, and a view of the Miami skyscrapers.

    14. Explore the Historical Coconut Grove

    a girl surrounded by tall palm trees and she is hugging one them
    Miami is full of Palm trees…
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    Coconut Grove is a historic neighborhood in Miami that dates back to the 19th century. You can find lots of cultural attractions here such as the Coconut Grove Playhouse Theater and Vizcaya Gardens.

    Overall, this is a great place to get a taste of Miami’s diverse and dynamic culture.

    15. Watch a Miami Dolphins Game

    football players play a game of american football at the miami dolphin's stadium
    American Football!
    Photo: @its.dmarie

    Nothing screams USA more than American Football at the Hard Rock Stadium. Going to a Miami Dolphins game is defo one of the coolest things to do in Miami!

    My favorite thing about watching American football in Miami isn’t the actual game, but the snacks! Indulge in hot dogs and XL drinks to have a full taste of the experience.

    16. Kayak Through the Oleta River

    a girl kayaking solo on a still water lake
    I <3 kayaking
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    Oleta River is a tidal river that flows into Biscayne Bay, a scenic and smooth place to try kayaking!

    I brought my mom kayaking for the first time here and she was absolutely in love… The waters are gentle and the views are incredible. We rented a clear kayak to go through the mangroves and were able to see all the fishies below us.

    Bring snacks and have a picnic at Oleta River State Park once your hike is finished.

    17. Snorkel at Florida Reef

    Snorkeling in Koh Tao Thailand
    Look at all the fishies 🙂
    Photo: @maxpankow

    Florida is known for its warm waters and pristine beaches, snorkeling here is no joke!

    The Florida Reef is the third largest barrier reef system in the world stretching approximately 354 kilometers. It starts from Dry Tortugas National Park in the west and stretches all the way to the southeast of Miami and Biscayne Bay.

    The best way to explore the reef is with a local guide to make sure you are respecting the wildlife and getting the most out of your trip. Plus the locals know the absolute best places.

    18. Explore Downtown Miami’s Nightlife

    south beach, Miami, florida, at night time with purple lights wrapped around the palm trees
    Let’s get drunkkkk
    Photo: @amandaadraper

    Are you looking for a night out with your partner? Candle-lit music with a view of skyscrapers and maybe a little live music to set the mood? The options are limitless when it comes to Downtown Miami once the sun goes down.

    Although, it is probably best to explore without the kiddos if you are traveling with your family, as Miami can get quite wild at night. From disco parties to romantic evenings, and drag queen clubs, trust me, Miami has it all…

    I really enjoy joining party boats in downtown Miami. It is a great way to meet people if you are traveling solo.

    19. Explore the Art Deco District

    Everyone knows the Art Deco District for Ocean Drive! This is by far the most iconic street in Miami lined with a vibrant atmosphere for your Miami vacation.

    Another key feature of this neighborhood is the collection of distinct pastel-colored Art Deco style buildings. If you are a history lover the best way to explore this district is through a walking tour to get the full scoop from a guide.

    19 Things to Do in Miami: City Map

    Explore Miami and some of my fav activities in the city using this interactive map. I love these things.

    Things to do in Miami FL Map

    How to Get Around Miami

    There are a bunch of cool ways to get around Miami. Some of which are FREE! Yay 🙂

    The best thing about the Metromover in Miami is… it’s FREE! The Metromover is a monorail network of trains on skybridges that spans over 21 stations and three networks. This is my fav way to get around Miami.

    The Metrorail consists of two lines (Orange and Green) that connects Southern Miami to the north. The Metrorail costs roughly $2 and is a good way to travel from one side of the city to the other (but not much else).

    The Metrobus is ELITE. It covers pretty much the entire Miami area. If you can deal with the traffic, the Metrobus is the way to go.

    You can get anywhere on this thing, even to the Florida Keys if you want (lines 301 + 302). A ride on the Metrobus costs around $2-$2.50. Not bad, eh?

    The Miami Trolley is another great FREE way to get around Miami. Well, it’s mostly free anyway.

    It’s kinda like a colorful bus that can take you to some of the best spots in the city like Little Havana or Coconut Grove.

    There’s also a Miami Beach Trolley that offers a similar service.

    Ok, I don’t love taxis personally, but they can be damn useful sometimes (especially if you have baggage).

    It shouldn’t cost you more than $40 to get to South Beach from the airport in a taxi, or other areas of Miami.

    You can also get Water Taxis in Miami that connect South Beach to Miami. They cost between $30-40 and they’re a lot of fun.

    Don’t Forget your Travel Insurance for Miami

    Everyone knows health care in the US is CRAZY expensive. Having the right travel insurance for the US can save you from infinite debt in case of an accident.

    ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

    They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

    SafetyWing is cheap, easy, and admin-free: just sign up lickety-split so you can get back to it!

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    FAQs About Things to Do in Miami

    Here are some quick answers to common questions about what to do and see in Miami.

    Final Thoughts on Things To Do in Miami

    I have a sweet spot for Miami since it is close to home, but I know you’ll enjoy your stay. Miami is a city full of memories waiting to be created.

    Imagine yourself jet skiing around the crystal-clear ocean as you explore the coast of Miami. Or, if you want to explore the land, going out at night in Miami is a bucket-list thing to do that you’ve probably heard Bad Bunny sing about.

    From the crazy nightclubs to alligators in the Everglades, this place is something special. Make sure to eat some empanadas or café Cubano. The food options really are endless.

    Want to relax? The number of beaches is limitless in this coastal beach city.

    Enjoy your stay, be safe, eat lots of tacos, and send Pitbull my love.

    windsurfers flying on the beach on key biscayne in miami florida
    Have fun in Miami!
    Photo: Samantha Shea

    And for transparency’s sake, please know that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. That means that if you book your accommodation, buy your gear, or sort your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to the gear we trust and never recommend services we don’t believe are up to scratch. Again, thank you!