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Editorial Guidelines

Real AF content, all the time.

Our goal is to be as honest, authentic and candid as possible when giving our readers the juicy travel tips, tricks and hacks they’re looking for. TBB strives to be the internet’s best and most seasoned backpacking and budget travel resource on the web, where our team members live by the manifesto where we proudly display our ethos and values around world travel.

Our Content Pillars

Here are a few of the values our content stands by.

  • No A.I. Content: At TBB, all of our content is written by humans, for humans and we intend to keep it that way.
  • Real Writers, Real Travellers: Each article has an author name at the bottom to show you exactly who wrote it. Guest posts are denoted as such and will give you a bit of background on the epic individual who popped in to write it. Our team is real, in close communication, and is actually made up of ardent globetrotters – we don’t hire or work with just anyone.
  • We’ve actually “been there”: with the rise of AI content, more and more travel blogs are pumping out content about places the writer simply has not been to. That’s not us. Our team members are assigned articles based on where they’ve actually travelled or where they are in the world right now. Because, how can you possibly advise on a location you’ve never set foot in? We’re dedicated to making sure our information is as up to date and down to earth as possible.
  • We research, and we update: Every single article you see on TBB goes through an in depth research process to ensure we’re covering ALL angles of whatever the heck it is we’re talking about. We also regularly update content to ensure the fine print is up to date in the constantly changing travel space.
  • We take training seriously: From a boat load of SOPs to extensive video calls and team meetings, all of our staff and writers are proficiently trained by TBB veterans before they start publishing content on the site.

Product Reviews & Vetting

We’re dedicated to providing honest and reliable insights into the products we talk about, and our approach to reviewing and vetting products is rooted in transparency and integrity. While we aim to physically test products whenever possible, we also employ the “Hands On reviews” approach to assess items we can’t personally experience — we regularly scrutinise genuine customer ratings, actively engage with the community to capture valuable feedback, and leverage conversations with industry experts to grasp vital product nuances.

Fact-Checking & Accuracy

Every piece of content undergoes a thorough editorial process involving multiple team members. This collaborative approach not only enhances the quality of our articles but also includes a round of fact-checking to verify the accuracy of the information presented.

Updating Content

All of our articles are updated at LEAST every 6 months, which is the industry standard. We do this to ensure accuracy and make sure we’re serving readers active hotels, tours, and other recommendations.

Corrections & Feedback

Our comment section is wide open and readers are also welcome to contact us at any time at [email protected] in case we’ve made a mistake. A team member will then be assigned to promptly verify and rectify any inaccuracies, ensuring that our content remains reliable and trustworthy.

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