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Absolutely! Certain gear like cameras and laptops can be insured individually through traditional insurance companies while having a good general travel insurance (linked to best travel insurance) with personal effects coverage can protect things like sleeping bags, tents, and just about everything else from loss or theft.

Check out why we recommend World Nomads and SafetyWing. Shit happens on the road and you want to be sure to be covered for when it does.

There is one piece of gear that every real backpacker travels with: a tent. When you are on the road, there are countless scenarios in which having a solid tent in your pack will open up a wide array of new experiences and adventures. From backpacking around the Southern Alps in New Zealand to saving money when traveling around Europe – find out more why every backpacker should travel with a tent.

If there is one thing a budget traveler can’t afford to lose, it’s money. Get the most out of every adventure by keeping your money safe from the moment you embark on your journey until the time comes to unpack your beloved backpack.

Our guide to Keeping Your Money Safe While Traveling is the stuff thieves, pickpockets, and, scammers don’t want you to read.

So what is our secret?

Invest in a few pieces of basic money-concealing gear and stick to a few rules of common sense. Boom.

That way, you’ll ensure that the money you came with will actually be spent doing awesome stuff instead of it falling into the wrong hands.

One look at the price tag of some backpacking gear might send you running away in horror. The fact is, most quality gear is not cheap. If you want to make the most out of your time hiking or traveling, the most important thing you can do to set yourself up for epic trip success is to invest in the best backpacking gear.

A seasoned backpacker’s gear kit is not acquired all at once. Building a quality kit inventory takes time when you are on a budget. Start by buying the essentials to ensure you are fully prepared for the sort of adventure you are interested in tackling.

If you buy the absolute cheapest gear imaginable, you will almost certainly be buying that same piece of gear 6 months from now when it fails. Is there a lesson here? Get the good stuff the first time.

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