10 Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags (MUST READ • 2020)

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Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

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If you’ve ever spent a night out in the woods, or camping in the shadow of the Himalayas, freezing your ass off and anxiously waiting for the night to be over, you probably already realize how important it is to pack the best backpacking sleeping bag possible!

My style of travel involves a lot of camping, when I’m backpacking across the world I always travel with a tent, sleeping bag and sleeping pad. I know from experience that it’s well worth investing in the proper gear – you want a sleeping bag that is lightweight, warm, comfortable and packs down small.

I’ve put together this detailed guide after personally testing some of the best sleeping bags out there. I’m going to share these sleeping bags reviews with you now so you can make an educated decision before you head out on your next adventure.

When you’re choosing a sleeping bag, you need to take into account warmth, weight, comfort functionality and price to find the best sleeping bag for your adventure style. With this guide, we’ll cover all of these aspects and more, so that you know exactly what to invest in. From cheap & affordable sleeping bags to ultralight kipping-sacks, we’ll review them all!


Quick Answer: These are the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags


Best Sleeping Bags Reviewed

Alright, let’s get stuck into reviewing the best sleeping bags for backpackers! Before we dive into the in-depth reviews, let’s take a quick peek at how our top four sleeping bag picks rank against each other…

A good quality sleeping bag isn’t going to be cheap; however, look at your sleeping bag as an investment.

Many of the sleeping bags on our list come with lifetime warranties, and you can expect them to last for decades. Moreover, I think it is worth investing in a lightweight and packable sleeping bag if you want to keep your overall backpack light so as to avoid straining your back.

I’ve listed a couple of backpacker-friendly sleeping bags from the store REI (USA). REI has a one-year warranty on all of the brands they carry, so you can use the gear for up to a year, and return whatever isn’t perfect for a full refund.

Here is a list of the most kickass camping sleeping bags no matter what kind of adventure you are on…


#1 Feathered Friends Swift 20 YF

Best Overall Backpacking Sleeping Bag

feathered friend backpacking sleeping bag

While pricey, this sleeping bag is unbelievable

  • Best Use: 3-season hiking sleeping bag
  • Weight: 1 lb 15 oz.
  • Insulation: 900-fill goose down
  • Temperature Rating: 20 F

This sleeping bag is not cheap, but the Feathered Friends Swift 20 YF is one of the best (if not THE best) sleeping bags for its quality, comfort, and durability.No synthetic insulation here, it’s real goose down. It is comfortably fluffy (900+ fill down), yet durable, and the bag still compresses to the size of a loaf of bread.

It’s large, durable zipper doesn’t get caught in the material, and the outside fabric is treated for water and stain resistance far beyond typical sleeping bags. Whilst the bag isn’t waterproof, it’s one of the most water resistant down sleeping bags on the market.

Feathered Friends bags are the highest quality sleeping bags, made by hand in Seattle, USA, and are filled with down from geese raised with the highest humane standards. You can customize the bag on their site, and even have the sleeping bag customized after purchase (years down the line) if ever needed. The Swift 20 YF is my pick for the best overall quality sleeping bag because of its weight, durability, and comfort. Treat this bag as an investment and you won’t be disappointed.


What We Like about the Feathered Friends Swift 20 YF

  1. Warm and comfortable.
  2. Durable yet compact.
  3. Ethical down feathers.


What We Don’t Like about the Feathered Friends Swift 20 YF

  1. Pretty expensive.
  2. Down is difficult to dry.


Should You Buy the Feathered Friends Swift 20 YF?

Are you looking for the warmest sleeping bag possible and don’t need to worry the price tag? Then you can’t really go wrong with the Feathered Friends Swift; it’s a rugged and ultra-compact sleeping bag that will keep you warm on cold nights.

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#2 Sea to Summit Spark Quilt

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag

lightweight sleeping bag Sea to Summit

Ultralight = ultra-awesome

  • Best Use: Summer nights, ultralight
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Insulation: 750-fill goose down
  • Temperature Rating: 54 F

At 12 oz. of total weight, the Sea to Summit Spark is one of the lightest sleeping bags on the market. If you are traveling with very limited space and weight, you’re a minimalist, a biker, or a kayaker, this is the sleeping bag for you. It packs as small as a softball! (That’s smaller than most down jackets!)

Lack of insulation to save weight means this hiker friendly sleeping bag carries most of its fill in the space for heat where you need it most: over your core. The hood has a simple drawcord on the right, snugging around the face.

The drawback? It has a 54F comfort rating, so this is not for backpacking in cold conditions. On the other hand, if you like this Sea to Summit bag, you can get its big brother (Spark III), which handles temperatures at 25F; however, this makes the sleeping bag heavier and more expensive as well, which kind of defeats the ultra lightweight minimalist approach.


What We Like about the Sea to Summit Spark Quilt

  1. Extremely lightweight.
  2. An ultra compact sleeping bag.
  3. Great for adventurers.

What We Don’t Like about the Sea to Summit Spark Quilt

  1. Not the warmest bag.
  2. Goose down is hard to dry.
  3. Probably need a sleeping bag liner to go with this.


Should You Buy the Sea to Summit Spark Quilt?

Do you need an ultralight sleeping bag for your ultralight adventures? The Spark Quilt is one of the smallest and lightest sleeping bags and the market and shouldn’t a burden to carry, whether you’re backpacking Southeast Asia or in the mountains of Pakistan.

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#3 REI Magma

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Honorable Mention

rei magma sleeping bag for backpacking

REI makes some amazing backpacking gear

  • Best Use: Year round backpacking
  • Weight: 1 lb 14 oz.
  • Insulation: 850-fil water resistant down
  • Temperature Rating: 20 F

Ok so the REI Magma 10 might be nearly double the weight of the Sea to Summit Spark Quilt, but it is also WAY warmer for when you need a truly badass ultralight sleeping bag in the mountains.

At 1 lb. 14 oz, the REI Magma 10 isn’t what I would call ultralight. That said, it packs a lot of warming power into a lightweight sleeping bag feel. For colder climates, a super lightweight sleeping bag simply will not keep you warm enough to be comfortable (or safe).

When you start dipping below 32 F (0 C), having a warm ultralight sleeping bag isn’t just a luxury, it is a necessity for survival!  If you plan on taking a backpacking trip to the Andes, Patagonia, the Himalayas, New Zealand, or other cold-climate/high-altitude destinations, I strongly recommend that you go with a lightweight sleeping bag that has an EN comfort rating of at least 20 degrees F.

The REI Magma is just that. It features an abundance of 850-fill water resistant down that will keep you toasty when the weather turns cold in the mountains.

For $350, the Magma 10 is actually perhaps the best value backpacking sleeping bag when compared to other burly ultralight sleeping bags offering the same temperature rating. It’s a solid buy for those looking for a more serious lightweight sleeping bag to take backpacking. REI also do a Magma 15.


What We Like about the REI Magma 10

  1. Very warm.
  2. Great value.
  3. Water-resistant.

What We Don’t Like about the REI Magma 10

  1. Very heavy.
  2. Bulky.


Should You Buy the REI Magma 10 Sleeping Bag?

Are you looking for a super warm sleeping bag that won’t break the bank? The REI Magma 10 is an excellent bang for your buck and will keep you warm in some pretty cold climates.

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#4 The North Face Dolomite 20

Best Sleeping Bag for Under $100

dolomite 30 best budget friendly sleeping bag

If you are on a budget the Dolomite 30 has got you covered

  • Best Use: Summer, car camping.
  • Weight: 4 lb 14 oz.
  • Insulation: Synthetic
  • Temperature Rating: 20 F

If you are looking for the best sleeping bag for under $100, the North Face Dolomite 20 is the best sleeping bag for you. It is a rectangle style sleeping bag, which is much roomier than mummy styled bags, as many campers prefer. A nice feature is its stash pocket for your keys, wallet, and torch. Obviously, for this price you get synthetic insulation.

The downside is it’s much heavier than most backpacking sleeping bags. Nevertheless, the Dolomite 20 is the lightest rectangle style bag on the market. And for the price, you can’t get a better quality sleeping bag that finds a balance between weight, warmth, and comfort. In my opinion, this is the best value cheap sleeping bag for backpackers.


What We Like about the Dolomite 20 Sleeping Bag

  1. Very affordable.
  2. Roomy space.
  3. Stash pocket for little items.

What We Don’t Like about the Dolomite 20 Sleeping Bag

  1. Big and bulky.
  2. Heavy.
  3. Basic material.


Should You Buy the North Face Dolomite 20 Sleeping Bag?

Do you need an easy sleeping bag for camping or road tripping and don’t need to worry about space or weight? Then consider the North Face Dolomite 20 sleeping bag. It is a very affordable sleeping bag and comfortable one at that too.

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#5 Marmot Trestles 30 

The Best Budget Backpacking Sleeping Bag

marmot trestles best budget sleeping bag for backpacking

Marmot makes great budget hiking gear

  • Best Use: 3-season hiking sleeping bag
  • Weight: 3lb 1 oz
  • Insulation: SpiraFil High-Loft
  • Temperature Rating: 30 F

Having used the Marmot Trestles 30 extensively on my own adventures and can with 100% certainty that this is definitely one of the best hiking sleeping bags out there. It’s durable, warm, and, best of all a very affordable backpacking sleeping bag.

The Marmot Trestles 30 is one the company’s flagship products is often suggested to casual backpackers and hikers. It can handle the elements, keep you warm, and is fairly easy to pack. I’ve taken this sleeping bag to backpack countries in Africa, Georgia, and the Colorado Rockies. It never failed me once.

Granted, the Marmot Trestles 30 is not the warmest nor the most lightest sleeping bag on this list. It is not advised to take this sleeping bag backpacking in the winter nor on demanding expeditions.

All that being said, I still love my Trestles 30. To me, it is one of the best sleeping bags for $100 that you can have, just so long as you’re a 3-season hiker.


What We Like about the Marmot Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag

  1. Very affordable.
  2. Relatively lightweight and warm.
  3. Easy to pack.

What We Don’t Like about the Marmot Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag

  1. Not a suitable winter backpacking sleeping bag.
  2. Still a bit heavy.
  3. Could be smaller when packed.


Should You Buy the Marmot Trestles 30 Sleeping Bag?

Regardless if you’re casual or wilderness backpacker, the Marmot Trestles 30 is an excellent sleeping bag. Hiking will be a breeze with this baby, thanks to its packability and effective insulation. It’s the warmest or lightest sleeping bag on this list, but, for the price, it’s still a great deal.

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#6 Tough Outdoors Sky Gazer XL 

The Best Cheap Sleeping Bag

sky gazer best cheap sleeping bag

If you are on an EXTREME budget, the Sky Gazer will get you by

  • Best Use: summer
  • Weight: 4 lb
  • Insulation: 2 lbs Bonded Fiber
  • Temperature Rating: 40-60 F

If you need something quick and easy that does the job well enough, the Sky Gazer XL is a sleeping that you should very well consider. For less than $50, it’s one of the best deals in town and will keep you warm in moderate climates.

The Sky Gazer XL is one of the lightest sleeping bags in the Tough Outdoors catalog. Weighing under 4 lbs., this sleeping bag travels light and packs easy. It features a 40°F lower-limit rating for a restful sleep in colder nights.

Big and tall individuals will find this sleeping bag roomy and comfortable, as it fits persons under 6’6″. It is also water resistant and a storage pocket for your phone, keys or wallet.  This is an inexpensive backpacking sleeping bag that packs a punch.


What We Like about the Tough Outdoors Sky Gazer XL

  1. The cheapest sleeping bag on this list!
  2. Water resistant.
  3. Large and comfy. 

What We Don’t Like about the Tough Outdoors Sky Gazer XL

  1. Big and bulky.
  2. Heavy.
  3. Depending on where you live, probably only appropriate for summer nights.


Should You Buy the Tough Outdoors Sky Gazer XL Sleeping Bag?

Looking for a cheap backpacking sleeping bag? Grab a Tough Outdoors Sky Gazer and call it good! This lovely warm bag will come in handy at campouts and music festivals, but won’t perform well in the wilderness.

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#7 REI Co-op Joule 21 Sleeping Bag – Women’s

Best Women’s Sleeping Bag

Joule 21 best womens sleeping bag

The Joule 21 is designed specifically for women

  • Best Use: 3-season, very versatile.
  • Weight: 2 lb. 3 oz.
  • Insulation: 700-fill duck down
  • Temperature Rating: 21 F

REI’s Joule 21 is consistently rated one of the best women’s sleeping bags for its comfort, warmth, and durability.

REI makes great quality, affordable camping gear, and in the last few years their gear caught up to the same quality as many of the other brands in the outdoor space.

The Joule 21 can actually handle temperature’s at 21F without extra clothing or a liner. One cool feature is its waterproof finish (despite its down material)!

The most important feature is the Joule is designed to fit a woman’s body and offers increased room at hips, decreased room at shoulders, and extra insulation in critical heat-loss areas. This is a great quality sleeping bag for a woman traveler and comes with a one year warranty.


What We Like about the REI Joule 21 Sleeping Bag

  1. Speically designed to fit a woman’s curves.
  2. Waterproof sealing.
  3. Warm down filling. 

What We Don’t Like about the REI Joule 21 Sleeping Bag

  1. A bit heavy for down.
  2. Not rated for 4 seasons.


Should You Buy the REI Joule 21 Sleeping Bag?

Are you outdoorsy type of girl who wants the best sleeping bag for a female’s body? Then the REI Joule 21 is about as good as it gets. It’s warm, form fitting, durable, and a great investment.

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#8 Kammok Thylacine (3 in 1 Sleeping Bag)

Best Four Season Sleeping Bag for Travelling

Kammok Thylacine best four season sleeping bag

Kammoks are good for any time of the year

  • Best Use: 4-season, cold weather backpacking
  • Weight: 1 lb 15 oz.
  • Insulation: 750 Fill Power European Goose Down
  • Temperature Rating: 15 F with liner

Many winter sleeping bags will run you $500-600+. The Kammok Thylacine, however, is one of the most versatile sleeping bags on our list because of its unique 3 in 1 feature. You essentially get three sleeping bags for a fraction of the cost.

The bag is normally at a 30°F temperature rating, but with its attachable liner, it can withstand 15°F. Add the liner insert and the Kammok becomes a winter bag for 0°F temperatures. While I wouldn’t use the Kammok as a replacement for a winter only sleeping bag, it’s a great choice for the four season traveler, who plans to camp in multiple temperatures and climates!

Other cool features include a pillow pocket to keep the pillow in place and storage pocket for your head torch. Plus the Kammok compresses quite small for a 3 lb bag!

The drawback? They do not have a short size for the vertically challenged. Its regular size is 78” and fits a person up to 6’3”.


What We Like about the Kammock Thylacine Sleeping Bag

  1. 3 sleeping bags in 1!
  2. Can be a 0 degree bag in winter, 30 degree bag in summer.
  3. Good price.

What We Don’t Like about the Kammock Thylacine Sleeping Bag

  1. Not a true winter bag.
  2. Small but not that small.
  3. Not meant for tall people.


Should You Buy the Kammock Thylacine Sleeping Bag?

Are looking for a convenient sleeping bag that can be used in both the winter and the summer? The Kammock Thylacine is a unique 3-in-1 bag that allows you to do both! Just don’t expect it to be a perfect replacement.

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#9 Marmot Never Summer Sleeping Bag

The Best 0-Degree Sleeping Bag for Budget Backpackers

  • Best Use: 4-seasons
  • Weight: 3lbs 3oz 
  • Insulation: 650 Fill Power Down with Down Defender
  • Temperature Rating: 0 F

For those dirtbag mountaineers who need to save a couple of dollars, the Marmot Never Summer is an excellent deal. It’s a 0-degree bag that doesn’t break the bank or your back and will perform very well in the wilderness.

Some people note that the Marmot Never Summer isn’t a true 0-degree bag, which has some merit since the down fill is only 650. For this reason, the Marmot Never Summer may actually be more like a 5-degree bag and for women more so.

On another note, I do have to admit that this bag could be a little more compact.

That being said, the Never Summer is still a great purchase. Even though the down fill may not be perfect, it still does a great job. I still believe that it’s the best budget sleeping bag for mountaineers and those seeking a 0-degree or, at least, a bag close to 0.


What We Like about the Marmot Never Summer Sleeping Bag

  1. The best 0-degree sleeping bag for the price.
  2. Packs down easily.
  3. Down filling.

What We Don’t Like about the Marmot Never Summer Sleeping Bag

  1. A bit heavy for a down bag.
  2. Not a true 0-degree sleeping bag.
  3. Not the best down material.


Should You Buy the Marmot Never Summer Sleeping Bag?

Do you need a good 0-degree sleeping bag that won’t leave you broke? Are you ok with using a bag that doesn’t use the best possible down or isn’t the most packable either? If you you’re ok with these shortcomings, then the Marmot Never Summer will serve you very well. I’ve used it in the mountains extensively and has kept me toasty through all of them.

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#10 SEMOO Envelope Sleeping Bag

Best Festival Sleeping Bag

best sleeping bags

Great for casual occasions like festivals or light weekend trips. Also the best cheap sleeping bag for backpacking

  • Best Use: festivals, summer, warm weather camping
  • Weight: 3 lb
  • Insulation: 250g/m2 polyester hollow fiber
  • Temperature Rating: 42 F

The Semoo Comfort Lightweight Sleeping Bag is a good choice if you’re on a serious budget and won’t be sleeping out in truly frosty conditions. For a festival or casual weekends camping, the Semoo can handle it! It packs down small, it’s lightweight and it’s double zip feature lets you open it up fully so you can use it as a blanket to lie on or under whilst watching the stars.


What We Like about the SEMOO Envelope Sleeping Bag

  1. Very cheap.
  2. Very easy to use.
  3. Packs down well.

What We Don’t Like about the SEMOO Envelope Sleeping Bag

  1. Not very warm.
  2. A bit heavy.
  3. Only appropriate for summer.


Should You Buy the SEMOO Envelope Sleeping Bag?

Like the Star Gazer and REI Sierra, the SEMOO Envelope is an easy bag with an easy pricetag. It may not be the best hiking sleeping bag, but it’ll get the job done in less demanding situations.

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How to Choose a Great Sleeping Bag…

Below I have listed the key specs to look for when choosing the perfect backpacking sleeping bag. Your requirements depend entirely on what you need the sleeping bag for, if you’re just looking for something to take to the occasional campout or music festival, you can make do with an affordable sleeping bag.

If however you are planning on traveling the world (and camping a lot), or embarking on regular hikes and campouts in frigid conditions, then it is well worth investing in one of the top pick backpacker sleeping bags listed below.

Best Sleeping Bag with view of mountains

This is the definitive guide for the best sleeping bags for backpacking of 2020

Let’s take a look at the crucial factors you need to consider when choosing a sleeping bag…


Warmth and Season Ratings

Sleeping Bag Temperature Rating

Backpacking sleeping bag temperature ratings are often rated on the European Norm (EN) 13537. EN is a European rating system many outdoor brands use to standardize the temperature ratings on sleeping bags. EN uses three temperature ratings:

  • Comfort rating: The lowest temperature a sleeping bag will keep the average woman or “cold sleeper” comfortable.
  • Lower-limit rating: The lowest temperature a sleeping bag will keep a man or “warm sleeper” comfortable.
  • Extreme rating: Some bags come with an extreme rating, which is the temperature the average woman or “cold sleeper” can survive a night without getting hypothermia!

Many countries are warm by day but cold by night so even if you’re heading to somewhere like Namibia, you need to be prepared if you’re hiking and camping at higher elevation.

If you’re a world traveler and will be jumping between many countries, I recommend picking up a three-season backpacker sleeping bag as it is a lot more versatile than a heavier, bulkier four-season bag.


Backpacking Sleeping Bag Types

sleeping bags for backpackers in iran

You can’t have epic camping trips without a solid sleeping bag!

Summer Bags: Summer sleeping bags are typically rated 32 F (0 C) or higher, which means they are made for sleeping in 40s F and 50s F (4 C – 10 C). Summer sleeping bags may not have the features that keep you warmer in colder temperatures like built-in hoods. Most summer bags are rectangular.

3-Season Bags: 3-season bags are the most versatile bags for hikers and travelers. 3 season sleeping bags are usually rated from 10 F to 32 F (-12 C to 0 C)  for sleeping in around 20 F to 40 F (-6 C to 4 C). You can easily use a 3 season sleeping bag in the summer by unzipping or just draping it over you like a blanket.

Winter Bags: These are tough-as-nails sleeping bags made for camping in the snow and extreme temperatures. Unless you are traveling and camping during the winter season, you probably won’t need a winter bag. They usually rate at 10 F and lower (-6 C to 4 C).


Weight and Insulation

Whether you’re looking for sleeping bags for backcountry hiking or traveling the world, a lightweight and compact sleeping bag is a top priority.

The different types of insulation will make a huge difference in weight (as well as cost). If you’re looking for the best ultralight sleeping bag with the smallest pack size, then look for down because down weighs significantly less and packs lighter than synthetic. The drawback is down costs more.

  • Down: Down sleeping bags are lightweight, warm, and packable, but they are also more expensive than synthetic bags. Despite their cost, down sleeping bags last much longer, often for decades of use. The downside with down (see what I did there) is that they are not water resistant, so if the sleeping bag gets wet you’re in for an uncomfortable night’s sleep.
  • Water-Resistant Down: Some companies are coming out with water-resistant down that speeds drying with a very thin synthetic coating that reduces the amount of water trapped by the down.
  • Synthetic: In general, synthetic sleeping bags are largely viewed by the hiker community as inferior to down sleeping bags. Synthetic material doesn’t make for as lightweight and compact sleeping bags as down, but it’s less expensive and faster drying. If you are traveling to a humid place, synthetic does have its advantages.
  • Hybrid Down & Synthetic: Though less common, these sleeping bags are lighter than an all-synthetic bag and faster drying than an all-down bag.


Down Quality Fill Power

Down fill power correlates with warmth. Sleeping bag insulation (or “fill”) provides warmth by minimizing the amount of heat your body loses while sleeping. The highest down fill power is 900. The higher the fill power, the more expensive the sleeping bag. The lower-end fill power is about 500, which means these sleeping bags must weigh more to provide similar levels of warmth.

The most lightweight sleeping bags are going to have a high down fill power.

And remember, everyone’s bodies lose warmth differently. If you’re a “cold sleeper”, aim for a warmer sleeping bag.


Why Lightweight Sleeping Bags Kick Ass

quality sleeping bag in tent

If you plan on camping, then lightweight sleeping bags are a game changer

Traveling with a lightweight and compact sleeping bag is the most ideal option for backpackers. The benefits are numerous. First of all, you never need your sleeping bag on EVERY single day of any given trip. That means the other days in which you are NOT using your sleeping bag, it is stuffed down somewhere in the depths of your backpack.

Investing in a quality lightweight sleeping bag to take traveling is an important decision. Ideally, you want an ultralight sleeping bag that is still functional for your intended purposes (IE warm enough for the mountains, yet lightweight enough to not be overly cumbersome in your backpack.

As with most things in the outdoor gear world, the lighter (and better quality) the gear, the more expensive it tends to be. The best ultralight sleeping bags are indeed not cheap. That said, you should keep in mind that you probably don’t need an ultralight, zero-degree sleeping bag for most adventures.

The best lightweight sleeping bag is the one that is versatile in a variety of climates. You want a packable sleeping bag that you can take on just about every backpacking adventure you embark on.

You can easily find a lightweight and compact sleeping bag that should cover most of your travel and hiking needs.

Below, I cover my top pick for the best lightweight sleeping bag and also a couple of warmer alternatives that still fit into the ultralight sleeping bag category.


Best Sleeping Bags for Comfort

  • Sleeping Bag Length: Most adult sleeping bags come in Regular or Long. A bag that is too long for you may leave you with cold feet; whereas, a bag too small will leave your torso more exposed.
  • Women-specific Sleeping Bags: Women-specific bags are designed to fit a woman’s body shape, and are usually shorter in length, to help women and “cold sleepers” trap more heat. Many of them come with extra insulation in the upper body. Smaller women may find that youth bags are the best fit.
  • Mummy bags: Mummy bags are warmer because they are tight fitting, and usually have hoods to keep heat in from your head.
  • Rectangle bags: Rectangular sleeping bags are often the most comfortable because you have more room to move around. Some sleeping bags have a hybrid design, where they combine the pros of both.


Conclusion for the Best Backpacking Sleeping Bags

Everyone has different requirements and budgets when backpacking, so I decided to break down our top picks for sleeping bags based on different types of travel needs.

If you are aiming for an overall amazing quality backpacking sleeping bag, the Feathered Friends Swift 20 is without a doubt the best sleeping bag that I have ever slept in.

I understand though that many hikers and travelers are looking for something a little cheaper – The Dolomite 30 Sleeping Bag is a steal at $99 and if you don’t mind the extra weight it’s a solid choice and is definitely one of the greatest backpacking sleeping bags.

For the best ultralight sleeping bag on the market, the Sea to Summit Spark Quilt is a great option.

If you are off camping, don’t forget to take a headlamp. Oh, and check out the backpacking packing list if you are hitting the road, and unsure of what else to pack in your backpack!

Happy traveling!

Yay for transparency! The links in this post are affiliate links. This means that if you buy anything, I’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse crap. Your support helps me keep the site going.

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