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Work & Travel 101

A 9-5? Nah… it’s time to find you a REAL job. One you can travel with!

Digital Nomadism

Less dreaming, more doing.

Teaching English

Abroad, online… you can have it any way you'd like.

Work & Travel FAQs

Flight attendants are not the only ones that get paid to travel. Between freelance writing, press trips, and working on boats, there are plenty of ways you can get paid to travel!

In theory, you don’t. But certain laptops aren’t really fit for life on the road, and they’ll likely make your life harder.

Make sure you travel with an appropriate laptop for travel – and get a decent BACKUP system in place!

Everyone does 😉 But even more so if you’re roaming around with your precious little electronics!

The Broke Backpacker stands strong for SafetyWing, but you can read through our comprehensive guide on the best travel insurance companies.

Digital nomads are a rare breed that can be found a little all over the world, usually setting up base in inexpensive, tropical destinations.

They are typically not a harmful species, though you should still be careful when approaching one.

Unlike other migrating species, they feed off mostly high-speed internet, almond milk lattes & avo on toast.


Welcome to the beautiful world of work exchange.

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