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Running out of money? Want to change your life? Keen to keep on travelling? Read on, fellow adventurers, it just so happens there is a magic way to solve all of your problems… At some point in your travels it is likely that you will want to slow down for a bit, to ease into something a bit more ‘normal’ without going home. Teaching english abroad offers an absolutely fantastic chance for backpackers to earn some money, have a good standard of living for a few months and recuperate from months on the road. And luckily, there are plenty of international teaching jobs up for grabs, all you need is to have a look at some online TEFL courses, pick a country and find a job teaching english abroad…

All about teaching English abroad…

Teaching english abroad is a fantastic way to stretch your funds and to see the world at the same time. Teaching english abroad has, for a long time, been my back-up for when I run out of funds on the road and I  know a lot of people who have scored jobs teaching English in China; one of the best places to earn a decent income whilst exploring a truly amazing, truly different, culture.

I’ve covered the topic of teaching english abroad a LOT on my site as I truly believe that this is one of the best cheats for people who have no cash and want to explore the world. Check out my interview series with ten TEFL teachers to learn more about what you can expect from a job teaching english abroad.

Before you hit the road in search of a job teaching english, you will first need to get a TEFL qualification.

teaching english abroad

Learn, learn god-damn you!

All about online TEFL courses…

Before you pack your bags and book that one way ticket, you need to get some teaching qualifications! In order to teach english abroad, you are going to need a TEFL certification. TEFL is an acronym that stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. There are dozens of online TEFL courses available so you have to make sure you go with a reputable (and affordable) company.

There are several types of TEFL courses available, some involve face-to-face teaching time and others are completely online. If you’re already travelling then I recommend choosing an online TEFL course over a classroom course; it’s simply easier and you can work on your qualification in your spare time.

I recommend obtaining your online TEFL certificate with MyTefl. It’s fast, easy and one of the cheapest. MyTefl offer a whole range of online TEFL courses ranging from basic certifications all the way to business teaching and even courses for non-native English speakers – perfect if you’re from The Philippines, for example, and want to teach English.

As an added incentive, MyTEFL also include a list of teaching positions all over the world in order to help you find work. MyTefl is dedicated to giving back to the global community and so a percentage of all sales goes to worthy causes around the world.

The best way to get to grips with teaching english abroad is to read up on some personal experiences of TEFL teachers. Recently, I interviewed Becky, an english teacher in Japan with five years experience, and Tyler, head honcho over at MyTefl on the ins and outs of online tefl courses and teaching english abroad; check out the article on teaching english in Japan.

35% off online TEFL courses with MyTEFL

If you choose to obtain your TEFL through MyTefl, The Broke Backpacker readers receive a 35% discount by using the code BACKPKR 

teaching english abroad

The Broke Backpacker readers get 35% off!

Gaining a TEFL certificate is a small investment considering how much money can be made through international teaching jobs, especially when you consider that the cost of living is likely to be very low. Having a TEFL certificate really does open doors and the great thing is that, since you can complete the TEFL course online, you can do it over a period of time whilst travelling. When completing the online teaching course section of my own TEFL certificate I would often sit down on a beach, my travel laptop to hand, and get a couple of hours done whilst chilling with a beer. I never found it particularly challenging and having a TEFL qualification offers so many opportunities that it’s a good back-up option to have when travelling; eventually you will after all run out of money. Teaching English abroad is a particularly good way to supplement your income if your trying to break into the blogging game or interested in becoming a digital nomad.

How to find a TEFL job

So, once you have looked through some online TEFL courses and chosen one that works for you, what next? Upon successful completion of your TEFL course you can then look for a job teaching English abroad. Finding a teaching job abroad is relatively easy, especially if you use the directory of positions listed at MyTefl. If you fancy a more direct approach, I recommend choosing a city you like the look of and starting to send out emails to various schools in the region.

Schools are often so desperate for English teachers that many of them will offer you an interview right away. In general, I recommend trying to find a teaching job when you are already in the country; this will mean you are in a better position to actually check the school out, negotiate your salary and find a decent apartment. When choosing a school, see if you can find blog posts or reviews from past english teachers about that specific job, it will give you a better idea of what to expect. If you’re not sure you want to settle down in one place, why not make money from anywhere and teach online!

teaching english abroad

My good friends over at Goats on the Road teaching English in China

How much can you save teaching English abroad?

If you choose your country wisely, it is possible to save upwards of $15,000 in just one year whilst still living in a nice apartment, eating out a few times a week and having a really good standard of living. Teaching English in South Korea is ultimately one of the best places to teach English in the world with backpackers frequently managing to save around $20,000 in a year whilst working just thirty hours a week!

Having a TEFL course offers you the opportunity to live in countries which you could never normally afford to explore; such as Japan!

There are lots of different ways to become a nomad; you can become a travel blogger, travel the world as an au-pair or even have a crack at freelance photography. The beauty of teaching english abroad though is that pretty much anybody can do it – English does not even have to be your native language (although it does help). If you’re off backpacking for the first time, having the necessary teaching qualifications in your back-pocket makes for an excellent safety-net for when you run out of cash…

Be sure that you have the correct visa for teaching english, in some countries like China you will save yourself a real headache if you sort this before you go but in others, such as Colombia, it is relatively easy to arrange your english teaching visa once you are in the country and have your job all lined up.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit MyTefl today, use the BACKPKR code, and try your hand at an exciting new career that let’s you gallivant around the world…

To learn more about long-term sustainable travel, check out the Backpacker Bible; How to Travel The World on $10 a Day! 

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