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Laura Hall

Laura Hall

Laura joined the team back in 2021. Today, she is one of our senior editors, making sure that our new content is coming out looking tip-top. Although her hostel years are mainly behind her, she’s become a master Couchsurfer, connecting and re-connecting with inspiring dirtbags from around the world.

She has a soft spot for The Netherlands, but it’s Mexico that pinches the top spot as her favourite country to travel. It was here where she started her journey through Latin America, went on her first hitchhiking road trip, and learnt to speak fluent Spanish from scratch.
Knows About: UK Train Travel, Packing Light, Sustainable Travel, Couchsurfing
Currently Based In: Amsterdam
Favourite Destination: Mexico


- Not dying while hitchhiking in Mexico
- Not freezing while trekking the Himalayas
- The 2020 pandemic
- Meeting back up with travel bums
- Whatever I'm doing right now

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