I was on an ‘essential’ 2-week backpacking trip around The Netherlands. I saved The Flying Pig Beach Hostel for last. With a few flexible days on my Holland itinerary, I already had a feeling I might be extending my stay here. 

If you have thought about backpacking Europe, you might not think about this small Dutch beach town. But I’m here to encourage you to check out the best hostel in The Netherlands (and potentially all of Europe). 

As part of a chain of trustworthy hostels in Amsterdam, The Flying Pig Hostels are like an old family friend. If you take the best of the backpackers to the beach, you get an extraordinary hostel experience!

Here’s my Flying Pig Beach Hostel review about a true backpacker’s you HAVE to visit in The Netherlands.

Home away from home.
Photo: @Lauramcblonde

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Getting to Know The Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Finally, someone setting the standard for backpacker hostels in The Netherlands. They don’t just offer a bed, they offer you to get involved.

Find your people.
Photo: @Flyingpigbeach

Making friends to travel The Netherlands with is highly encouraged. The bar is cheap and they have events going on every day: get involved in intense chess games, shithead (yes, it’s a thing), or beer pong. The smoking room (RIP – thanks to the Dutch laws) was a vibe but there’s still a covered outdoor terrace where you can share a joint.

We love the locals here too; the hostel bar is open for local people (usually very cool people, including travellers who loved The Pig so much they decided to rent an apartment in town).

These people make this hostel extra special too. This is how amazing conversations are made.

For a real hostel experience in The Netherlands, it doesn’t get much better than The Pig. Say hi to Berry for me (yes, like the strawberry). He’ll probably be there. 

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    What’s Unique About The Flying Pig Beach Hostel?

    The thing about The Flying Pig Beach Hostel is the vibe. I know that sounds corny right, but bear with me. 

    Yes, you get a bunch of perks about the hostel: 

    • Free welcome drink 
    • Fresh bed linen 
    • Fast, free wifi 
    • 24-hour reception

    Plus, it’s right on the beach. That alone makes this hostel *chef’s kiss* in the summer.

    Join nights for sunset on the beach – which is spectacular. Bring a beer or a joint if you want and make some friends

    Summer sunsets…
    Photo: @Lauramcblonde

    The people who work there are mainly volunteers. It’s guaranteed – the staff are always a cool group of people. I ended up going back as staff the following year and made more friends volunteering at this hostel than any other hostel in the world. 

    People of all different places and backgrounds have walked through these doors and had the time of their life: me included in that. We met people life-changing people just by coming with open hearts.

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    Location of The Flying Pig

    So the location of the hostel is quite important to know. It’s not actually IN Amsterdam: it’s in a beach town called Noordwijk, closer to the city of Leiden. Although they come on the searches on Hostelworld for hostels in Amsterdam.

    They used to run a Flying Pig Beach Hostel shuttle service from Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport – but not right now. If they’re reading this, *I hope that changes again*, because that made it so easy to arrive from Amsterdam. 

    Though if you’re even a semi-adventurous person, it’s worth the trip. The easiest way is a train to Leiden, then a bus which drops you right at the door. 

    King’s day was a vibe and a half.
    Photo: @Lauramcblonde

    The Pig offers dorms for 3 – 12 people. The biggest room offers pretty cheap rates as it goes and there is a female-only dorm too. Private rooms are a little on the pricier side but perfect if you’re travelling with other people.

    Especially for The Netherlands, this hostel offers backpackers real bang for your buck. It’s way cheaper than even the cheapest hostels in Amsterdam.

    • Dorm € 15 – 50
    • Private room € 100+

    Get Insured Before Your Travels

    Even the safest of hostels in the world don’t cover you for all kinds of things on a trip. Travel Insurance for The Netherlands is your guardian angel.

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    Do I Recommend The Flying Pig Beach Hostel?

    YES! If you’re backpacking Europe, The Netherlands, or just want to dip your toes into hostel life, this is not an opportunity to miss.

    I know it’s not the most convenient hostel to get to now, but it is worth it. It’s full of new friends to make, locals to show you the true colours of the local people, and passionate, life-loving volunteers.

    Great hostel experiences can have a beautiful butterfly effect on your life. They start in places like The Flying Pig in Noordwijk.

    Remember, the power of ‘yes’. The concept: see how saying ‘yes’ more opens doors to opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun in your life.

    Yep, that guitar is getting played…
    Photo: @Flyingpigbeach