Finding a Travel Buddy on the road

I’m a solo traveler! For me, one of the greatest thrills of backpacking is to rock up somewhere completely new and meet a whole new crowd of people, backpackers and locals alike. I have done a huge amount of both solo and group travel and I highly recommend you have a crack at both of them. When it comes to getting my friends to come out and travel with me for a bit I am a convincing bastard, so far I have managed to get eight of my friends from home to come out on trips with me at one time or another. What I used to do on longer trips is make a Facebook group with my, very rough, itinerary on it so people can work out when and where they want to join me.

Travelling with a friend is not only great fun and good for your budget (you can split transport and accommodation costs) but it is also a very effective way to minimize risk; if you get sick or injured your buddy can look after you. In India I literally carried a friend (who was suffering from anaphylactic shock) on my shoulder to a medical clinic where he was injected with adrenaline. In Nepal I slipped whilst suffering from altitude sickness and ended up hanging over an icy ridge with a sheer drop below me, my trekking buddy was able to pull me back onto the path and probably saved my life. Whilst backpacking it is usually pretty easy to find a travel buddy, I met a Dutch couple in a coffee shop in India and ended up travelling on and off with them for nearly five months.

If none of your friends are able to come with you then do not despair! One of the main reasons some backpackers never leave home is because they are worried they won’t meet anyone, they will be lonely and everything will basically suck. The reality could not be further from this. The backpacker community is awesome, everybody is extremely friendly and in general people will be really keen to invite you for a beer or to have a wander around together. It’s also really quite easy to find a travel buddy before you even get on the plane by turning to the internet…

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Find a travel buddy online


As well as being a great place for finding free accommodation CS is also a great site for finding travel buddies. I have found numerous people through the site groups (forums) who I have traveled with for a few weeks at a time. On one occasion it didn’t work out so well but there was no pressure and we just went our separate ways. The best groups to look in are the ‘Backpacker’ group and the ‘Travel buddies’ group as well as checking out the specific group for whichever country or region you are visiting – often people will post in country or city groups asking if other CSers are around for drinks or to see if people are looking to travel with another lone backpacker for a bit. It is definitely worth heading to any local CS meetings in your area.

Challenge Chum

A great new initiative aimed at connecting adventurous souls looking for a buddy to do something epic with… Definitely one to watch, Challenge Chum will hopefully grow into a large community of explorers, athletes, challengers and nomads over the next year.


I have used this site on a couple of occasions and found it to be a good way to liaise with other travelers heading in the same direction. I prefer the CS system as it tends to be quicker to contact people however this site is specifically designed for finding travel partners and should still be checked out.


It is always worth checking out Lonely Planet’s online forum for up to date information on where you are going and to find other backpackers headed in the same direction.

Some of the awesome people I have met on the Couchsurfing boards

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  • Avatar Abrar says:

    TravBuddy & Thorntree shut down their service.

    GAFFL is a similar site which matches up travelers with similar travel plans and ensures the safety of travelers through their well-built verification process. Currently, it has users from over 170 countries.

    This can be a great addition to this list.

  • Avatar Luis says:

    Hi my name is LUIS I live in Houston to and I’m ready for new adventures

  • Avatar Teacher says:

    Teacher: Looking for travel buddy know knows how to budget. Currently in Mexico and looking to head to Asia. Any takers? My goal is to travel with Will one day!

  • Avatar Khalenguyen says:

    Hi Guy !!!
    I am an asian guy,living in the Netherlands now.I will be travelling to Viet Nam ( from 12th/Jan/2019 till 28/febr/2018.
    I wanna look for a travelbuddy to join me .You dont need to travel as long as i do if you cant.You dont need to travel with me all the time either,if you dont want it.You can catch me up during imy holiday in Viet Nam.Travelling with me together wont be only a great fun, but it will also be a great advantage for you,because i have known the beaufitul cities and countrysides in Viet nam,i do know where we can get cheap accomodation ,, cheap and delicious local food..and wonderful highlights in Viet nam too.Ofcourse you can afford in travelling with me with your low budget .
    I can speak Vietnamese ,English and Dutch.Any guys are interested in being on vacation with me together in Viet Nam.Be welcome to contact me : [email protected]

  • Hi I’m isaac 28 yr old currently homeless having lost both my parents rest of family have turn there back on me looking for a buddy to travel with I’ve haven’t got much but a good Hart and great company.

  • Avatar Goutam Ghosh says:

    I am nearing 60 , but my heart is still of 25 . Passionate about Travel ( Nature) , Sports Music . I have traveled 59 countries so far , partially due to my official requirement and remaining pleasure- trip . I have now enough free time to explore the World with some like minded travelers at economical way . South America , Australia-New Zealand, Japan , Scandinavian Countries are in my bucket list.
    I am of very flexible and adjusting nature . I am now looking for a like minded travel buddy. Anyone interested ? [email protected]

  • Avatar Kevin says:

    I would like to add to your list as well 🙂 It’s more than just a platform to meet travel buddies. You can also write a free travel blog and ask others for help.

  • Avatar Michelle C. says:

    Nice one! It is really nice to watch people going back to good old fashioned hobby – travelling. I love those new travel platforms and apps, allowing people to find ideal companion from a different country so quickly and easily. I do not have many experiences with a “travel buddy” system, but many times I heared about

  • Another good article for finding travel partners.. Also, Babak I really liked your network you’ve created too! I started my own travel network a while back for finding like-minded travel partners also –

  • Avatar Babak says:

    Great roundup. I’d add another free resource: I started Tripolette to help you find other travelers with similar plans and share trips together. The benefit of this over other forums is the powerful search and discovery, and social aspect. Give me a shout if you like it!

  • Avatar Lucy says:

    I’ve taken a lot from this post. Firstly – awesome idea about making the facebook group for your itinerary, I always struggle so much remembering who to tell.

    BUT, mostly I’ve decided that if you’re ever short of cash, you should contact Colegate and offer to promote them while you travel. They sponsor you to smile next to a famous landmark and boom, you’re rolling in dollar. While giving 60% to your manager in commission for coming up with such a great idea of course.

    Oh, I’ll be your Colegate manager by the way.

  • Avatar April says:

    This looks crazy fun. This is one of the best things in travelling with family and friends. You get to do all things that can give you the fun that you need.

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