Welcome to the Netherlands, the land of tulips and windmills that spin like the endless bicycles through the narrow streets of Amsterdam. It’s a country that is flush with history, old-time ports, stroopwafels, and an endless spirit of adventure.

Amsterdam and her famed red light district call backpackers forth like a factory line. But there’s always more to explore and the Netherlands unveils itself to be a country of rich culture, beautiful countryside, and one-of-a-kind cities.

Within each, you’ll find some of the BEST hostels in the Netherlands to not only rest your weary head but to mingle with like-minded souls. The resident staff will unravel each destination, helping you to explore deeper. While at night, everyone comes together to enjoy the country’s iconic after-hour enclaves.

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Quick Answer: The Best Hostels in the Netherlands

  • Best Overall Hostel in the Netherlands – ClinkNOORD
  • Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in the Netherlands – Bunk Hostel
  • Hostel for Large Groups in the Netherlands – StayOkay
  • Best Hostel with Private Rooms in the Netherlands – King Kong Hostel
  • Best Female-Only Dorm Room in the Netherlands – Hostelle
skyscrapers in rotterdam netherlands
There must be a calm spot in this urban jungle.
Photo: Roaming Ralph

The Best Hostels in the Netherlands

For backpackers, especially BROKE backpackers, hostels are ideal places to stay during a trip to Europe. The Netherlands is no exception; there’s magic waiting to be discovered. Here’s my favorite selection of hostels in the Netherlands. Thank me later.

ClinkNOORD – Best Overall Hostel in the Netherlands

ClinkNOORD Amsterdam Netherlands

On the edge of the IJ River, ClinkNOORD lies in the perfect spot to immerse yourself in the riveting atmosphere of Amsterdam. As you step off the street and into this hostel, you aren’t just arriving at your chosen destination. You’ll be entering a new world.

From the staff greeting you at the front desk to the Insta-worthy decor, colors, and 1920s vibes, ClinkNOORD stands out as one of the best hostels in Amsterdam. As backpackers get situated in their new abode, they’ll begin to see the creative nature of Amsterdam’s Noord neighborhood showcased around the hostel.

Beyond the modern dorms, plant-rich atriums provide an aura of relaxation and buzzing social spaces spread worldly tales and local tips. It’s something that helped me to feel right at home, with the addition of smiling faces whose homes reside in the four corners of the globe.

Among the smiling faces will be those who have to fight through the hangover having not just experienced ClinkNOORD’s almost nightly events, but taken Amsterdam by storm afterward.

However the whole crew is feeling, the staff at ClinkNOORD are resident experts in getting the vibe up. With the help of ZincBar, live music, DJ sets, and performances, not to mention cocktail nights will provide the base to get to know fellow travelers.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Regular Events
  • Central Location
  • Work Spaces

The reason ClinkNOORD is the best overall hostel for backpackers in the Netherlands is that it truly covers all bases. It’s a backpacker haven, a one-stop shop so that you can enjoy the country’s most famous city with all your budget-traveler needs covered.

Housed within an old 1920s building, the hostel has kept all the history and vintage aspects without becoming run down. The dorms are beyond comfortable, and modern, and some even have city and river views. Each bed has USB ports, reading lights, and small wooden covers that provide a semblance of privacy. Among the dorms that have 4 to 14 bunks, are female-only spaces.

However, you’ll find little need to hunker down here, thanks to ClinkNOORDs spectacular communal areas. It may just be the best hostels on Hostelworld. It’s the mix of lounges, desks, quiet spaces, plants, and artwork all drenched in an abundance of natural light that makes the hostel a communal extravaganza.

You could easily spend a day getting in touch with your inner digital nomad, planning the next stage of your trip with help from the staff, and exploring the on-site library all the while fueling up in the bespoke kitchen. When you’re ready to explore, only a brief walk lies between you at Amsterdam Central Train Station and the free ferry rides along the IJ River.

Bunk Hostel – Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in the Netherlands

Bunk best hostels in Amsterdam Netherlands

You can’t say you’ve really traveled to the Netherlands without stepping away from the bright lights of Amsterdam. Thankfully, some of the best hostels in the Netherlands exist beyond the canals, bicycles, and musky cannabis. Not only will you be expanding on your Netherlands experience but also getting to know a unique hostel in Utrecht.

Set within a gorgeous former church, the Bunk Hostel lies on the precipice of the Stadsbuitengracht Canal that envelopes the heart of historic Utrecht. There is something utterly brilliant about its interior, one that’s not often found at your regular hostel.

Any backpacker that’s been around the block has stayed in their fair share of down-and-out establishments where the hint of creepy crawlies lingers. With that in mind, Bunk will feel like the Ritz.

This hostel bridges the gap between what it should be and shoestring luxury. So you, the broke backpacker will feel a million bucks.

The communal spaces, combined with an upscale bar, wooden accents, and the remains of the beautiful church to create a wonderful place for solo travelers to find fellow travelers. The hostel’s central location also means you won’t have to gather a crew to explore, rather just take a few steps and enjoy the Old Town.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Inviting Social Spaces
  • Brilliant Decor
  • Cozy

But enough about the vibe. The amenities of Bunk Hostel are what you’ll remember most, despite the serene environment. Here, you’ll be able to choose between rather luxurious private rooms and you’re own private pod.

Say you venture for the latter, each bunk is fixed with all you need to create your own little haven. From the cozy bed to the USB ports, reading lights, and curtains, it’s easy to sink away after a big day of exploration.

The bathrooms are modern, with rain showers and an edgy artistic look that is in line with much of the hostel. In fact, it’s the aim of the art, the aura of the church, and the kaleidoscopic communal areas to drive conversation, aid in the sharing of stories, and even create new ones.

Solo travelers in Europe will find this a memorable place. Not only is there social immersion, but you can always enjoy the utter privacy and calmness of your pod when you’re mentally checked out.

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StayOkay – Hostel for Large Groups in the Netherlands

Stayokay Den Haag (The Hague) Netherlands

If your crew is making their way to The Hague you’re in luck as it’s home to one of the best hostels in the Netherlands for groups. The Hague is a unique part of the Netherlands, not only will you find a historic city and the ancient Inner Court but also also the fresh sea breeze in Scheveningen. At StayOkay, you’ll get both a sense of history and some surprising beach vibes.

Like the aforementioned Netherland hostels, StayOkay lies in a rejuvenated old-style building. But much of the prismatic colors and the aura of worldly travelers mask the history and provide a modern experience.

The sounds of conversation run across the floors like musical tunes and even after a big day of travel, backpackers will feel the itch to find their spot in the communal areas and be among their people.

As a touring party, once you’re settled in it won’t take long to get exploring. StayOkay offers one of the best hostels in the Hague. You’ll find yourselves just 5 minutes from the Hollands Spoor Railway Station, minutes from the Peace Palace, and a cruisy bike ride to the beach.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Ensuite Bathrooms
  • Helpful Staff
  • Tons of Communal Space

Ultimately what makes this Netherland hostel great for groups is the ensuite bathrooms. There are a range of dorms that feature 4, 8, and 9 bunks, including female-only.

Groups can book in early and snatch up an entire dorm room and enjoy their own ensuite space. That way you’ll truly have your own world to enjoy hanging with your mates while your messy bestie will get a lesson in keeping their stuff together.

The bunk rooms are simply your up-to-date dorms. Boards run along the side of the headrest creating a part-pod experience and a hint of personal privacy. You’ll also find plug-in ports and cozy linens.

Importantly, after all that time spent with your traveling buddies, you’ll have ample space to branch out down at the StayOkay Bar. Here, you can change up the conversation and get to know other adventurous folks or enjoy the sunshine outside on the expansive waterfront terrace.

After a day of exploration in the city center or among the spectacular sand dunes, rather than cook up a feed for the entire crew everyone can sit back and relax and the on-site restaurant. With the meal served, reminisce and plan the days ahead.

King Kong Hostel – Best Hostel with Private Rooms in the Netherlands

King Kong Hostel Rotterdam Netherlands

Naming a neighborhood the Cool District may be a little on the nose, but it’s certainly a place that has lived up to its name. It’s here, in the cool part of Rotterdam that you’ll find King Kong Hostel. Stepping off the old streets of Rotterdam into King Kong Hostel feels like entering a classic backpacker paradise.

Cozy bean bag spaces, communal tables, random, yet not-so-random artwork, and a movie theater den provide a happening Rotterdam hostel experience. But like any good hostel, it has its own take and refuses to feel like any other.

These spaces, complete with a welcoming, helpful staff allow you to catch up with the movement of the hostel’s backpackers. There’s much room to hang out, yet the hostel is not overly expansive, thus speeding up the process of getting to know your new friends.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Movie Den
  • Artsy Vibe
  • Social Hostel

Of course, you’ve arrived here having booked the private room. Forget a former dorm room turn into a private one. These rooms feel more like an edgy hotel experience in Rotterdam with proper beds, thick duvets, plenty of natural light, and some thought-provoking artwork.

If you’re like me and getting a little long in the tooth (by backpacker standards), these rooms are the perfect alcove to recharge the batteries in time to enjoy King Kong’s communal areas, including the sun-soaked terrace.

Readers sticking to the dorm room route shouldn’t be quick to scroll further on. King Kong has large dormitories so you won’t feel like a crammed sardine. Take your pick of the smaller dorms with ensuite bathrooms with rain showers and a luxury female-only room. Then there’s the enormous loft dorm which can house up to 48 backpackers.

For some, this may be a nightmare. However, there’s a reason King Kong is an award-winning hostel concept. This dorm is spread out with short walls breaking it up. Each little district of the loft has its own social spaces with bean bags, couches, and hammocks so the whole room can plan their night out on the town.

After one too many drinks the night prior, the relaxing movie den will welcome you for a quiet night of classic flicks and popcorn.

Hostelle – Best Female-Only Dorm Room in the Netherlands

Hostelle hostels in Amsterdam Netherlands

This is done among brilliant artwork and murals that could easily interrupt the conversation. Painted by local artists, the inspiring pieces of art add to the overall vibe of the hostel and mix perfectly with the abundance of plants and designer-style furnishings.

It’s safe to say the spirit of Hostelle is unique, especially for solo female backpackers. It’s one thing to share your travels, your stories, and your hard-earned knowledge in a regular hostel but here the camaraderie is exceptional.

Why you’ll love this hostel:

  • Themed Rooms
  • Local Artwork
  • Bike Hire

Hostelle has a mix of smaller four-bed dorms, plus larger 8, 10, and 12 bunks. These all come with their own theme, splashing each dorm with local artwork, an abundance of pink, black, or white. Each room has a modern hostel set up, with comfy beds, curtains for extra privacy, reading lights, and USB ports. Travelers will also have their own lockers.

Away from your living space, the communal areas are a social affair. The fully-equipped kitchen helps to keep some costs down, while the library complete with books and games is great for a chill night in. If you just plan on hanging out for the night, you’ll also have access to a wide range of movies to kick back and enjoy.

The spirit of Hostelle is not just to create a safe and immersive stay among female travelers but to also enhance your experience traveling through Amsterdam. The staff are experts and with bicycles for hire (plus free city maps!) you’ll be able to do just that. The only drawback of Hostelle is that it’s not downtown, leaving you a 15-minute ride into Amsterdam’s center.

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Other Epic Hostels in the Netherlands

At this point, you’ve either found the perfect Netherlands hostel for you or you’re still drowning in the plethora of choices until something captures your attention. Let’s not interrupt your research and satisfy your backpacker soul with more hostel content.

Flying Pig Downtown

Flying Pig Downtown Amsterdam Netherlands

One of the best party hostels in Amsterdam, Flying Pig Downtown delivers for backpackers looking for a dose of debauchery. Close to Dam Square in the heart of Amsterdam, this hostel brings the fun of one of the world’s best nightlife cities into your accommodation.

From the moment you arrive, the super friendly staff will have you revved up and ready to meet fellow guests. Settle into their modern dorm rooms, complete with reading lights and USB ports. Or check out Flying Pig’s private rooms which come with mini-fridges and TVs, perfect for curing that next day hangover.

Once you’re ready to mingle head into the vibrant communal spaces and their sun-soaked terrace where the bevs will soon flow. It all comes to its zenith at night as the hostel’s famous backpacker bar sees much of the city’s travelers gather as one to kickstart a rowdy evening.

Alibi Hostel

Alibi Hostel, Leeuwarden Netherlands

“Do the crime, do the time” they say. But what if you just want to do the time? It took a unique goal and an abundance of planning to turn the old Blokhuispoort prison into one of the Netherlands’ best hostels. Now, Alibi Hostel is ready for you.

In beautiful Leeuwarden, you can end your day of exploration by stepping into an old block cell. Once a literal Shawshank, it’s now one of the best prison hotels. The cell facade remains remarkably the same, but old-time jail beds have been replaced by comfy mattresses, lights, and lockers. It’s not a cell you’ll be looking to escape any time soon.

Beyond the cells lie modern communal areas, self-catering facilities, and bar and board games. To help explore, Alibi also offers bicycle hire.

Will & Tate City Stay

Will & Tate City Stay, the Hague Netherlands

Each room at Will & Tate comes with its own theme. You’ll find a slew of color and creativity that was born of the hostel owners’ travels across the globe. Some of the dorms provide a pod experience and quickly become your own little world.

It’s a great place to relax and ground yourself after a long time on the road. Travelers wanting more privacy can upgrade to one of the hostel’s luxe private rooms.

Hostel Strowis

Hotel Strowis in Utrecht Netherlands

The hostel boasts a calming atmosphere that leaves everyone in good spirits. Of course, the regular afternoon concerts in the hostel’s serene garden help a bit too. The garden welcomes other events that bring travelers together, just in time for city adventures.

As for the sleeping spaces, the dorms are solid and awash with color. There are also private and single female-only rooms.


Cocomama Amsterdam Netherlands

The dorm rooms are comfy and simple with plenty of natural light. It’s a fantastic spot, however, to enjoy a private room that looks like the scene out of a fancy 1960s Netherlands apartment.

Not a rowdy hostel, plenty of socializing takes place in the shared kitchen, common room, and the hostel’s garden. The hostel is clean and safe, and they consider the comfort of the guests better than most hostels. 

Although, it’s not one of the most budget-friendly hostels in Amsterdam. That’s because you’re looking at a smart, well-located hostel in one of the world’s most expensive tourist cities. 

Herberg De Helleborus

Herberg De Helleborus, Groningen Netherlands

At Herberg De Helleborus, a broad mix of glamping tents will be home. It’s just the beginning of a communal experience where hostel tales are shared around the dinner table as you enjoy the hostels’ homegrown cuisine. Later the crew moves to the campfire where the acoustic guitar plays tunes from across the world.

Hello I’m Local Boutique Hostel

Hello I'm Local Boutique Hostel Netherlands

The rooms have wooden bunks built into the walls and cute little ladders to the top. Say goodbye to the midnight groaning of metal and enjoy this modern layout.

The outside terrace, with its retracting glass roof, adds a dose of bohemian to your stay, with shaded couches and tables for enjoying your meal and having a drink with new friends.

Amsterdam Hotelboat

Amsterdam Hotelboat Netherlands

Your day here starts with an excellent breakfast spread that’ll keep you fueled for your adventure. The communal space reminds you that you are in fact on a boat with classic maritime decor.

In good weather, you can take your breakfast to the sundeck and not only bask in the UV rays but also take in Amsterdam’s breathtaking vistas. From the boat, you’re close to Central Station and some of the best sites in Amsterdam.

Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Flying Pig Beach Hostel Noordwijk Netherlands

We’ve mentioned Amsterdam’s Flying Pig hostel, but there’s another just a short jaunt away. Here, at Flying Beach Beach Hostel, you can trade the lights of downtown with the Noordwijk waterfront that allows you to experience the Netherlands’ ying and yang.

I know it’s not the most convenient hostel to get to, but it is worth it. The friend that recommended Flying Pig only stays at awesome places and she’s never led me wrong yet. It’s full of new friends to make, locals to show you the true colors of the local people, and passionate, life-loving volunteers.

Kings Inn City Hostel

Kings Inn City Hostel , Alkmaar Netherlands

Kings Inn City Hostel lies on the canal that wraps around historic Alkmaar. A city known for its rich culture, a famous cheese market, and nature scenery, this hostel provides the perfect place to start.

Travelers know what’s important in a hostel—amazing common areas, clean rooms, and an energetic atmosphere. And once you arrive at the Kings Inn City Hostel you’ll feel all of that and more.

The outdoor lounge area is always filled with travelers bundled up and enjoying the fresh air and warm sun. It’s the perfect place to meet other travelers and just share the sweet hostel life.


StayOkay , Texel Netherlands

You’ll find the StayOkay chain across the Netherlands. But here in Texel lies one of my favorites. It lies on the largest of the Noord-Holland Islands and places you in the best position to explore the dykes, pastures, dunes and woods. 

In a place built for outdoor fun, this Netherlands hostel has an abundance of space to relax and recuperate, whether that be inside or on the outdoor patio. The dorms are simple but effective, with plug-in ports and reading lights. 

StayOkay Texel also provides fun without having to leave the property with small football fields and open green spaces.

What To Pack For Your Netherlands Hostel

Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from me, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straightforward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art I have perfected over many years.

Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!
Don’t Let Snorers Keep You Awake!

Ear Plugs

Snoring dorm-mates can ruin your nights rest and seriously damage the hostel experience. This is why I always travel with a pack of decent ear plugs.

Keep your laundry organized and stink free
Keep your laundry organized and stink free

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Make Some New Buddies…

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Reduce Plastic – Bring a Water Bottle!

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Hostels in the Netherlands FAQs

The Netherlands hardly needs much explanation, doesn’t it? Just dive into life and experience it. If there are any points I might have missed, check out the most frequently asked questions on hostels in the Netherlands for clarification.

How much do hostels in the Netherlands cost?

Hostels in the Netherlands average around the $30 per night range. This is fairly consistent across the board, however, private rooms tend to fluctuate more in price depending on the time of year.

What are the best hostels in the Netherlands for couples?

King Kong Hostel in Rotterdam is perfect for traveling couples in the Netherlands. Located in the Cool district, in a traditional building, you’ll get a slice of local life here. The rooms are simple inside but the views are EPIC and the stay is super comfortable.

What is the best hostel in the Netherlands near the airport?

King Kong Hostel is 7.9km away from Rotterdam The Hague Airport, making it an ideal option for travelers seeking easy access to accommodation upon arrival or before departure.

Travel Safety Tips for the Netherlands

Please, do wisely consider getting hostel travel insurance! You never quite know where your nights will take you while staying in hostels, so make sure you’re covered in case of emergencies.

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

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Over to You

Well, there you have it folks. The Netherlands lies on the bucket list of many backpackers and the above guide will help you see the best of the country while mingling with fellow travelers.

If there’s one thing hostels in the Netherlands do well, it is the style they provide and the comfort they add to your experience, especially in their communal spaces. They’re also often found in the best parts of town, leaving you with a quick journey to the sites and a world of fun to return to.

Among all the options, I’ve found Flying Pig Beach Hostel to be especially unique, offering truly warm and genuine vibes, that’ll make you feel at home.

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It’ll be a wild ride!
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