If you’re backpacking through Europe, setting yourself up with a good hostel is key to making core memories. Due to a series of happy events, I ended up in Ecomama Hostel Amsterdam for a good portion of the warm months that grace this gorgeous city each year. And it was a DAM (see what I did there?) good summer, too. 

Ecomama is an all-rounder hostel: it caters to all kinds of travellers for all kinds of reason. I saw young solo adventurers, families and couples all come through these doors. And my visit wasn’t a stand-alone either… I returned again and again. 

Ecomama claims to be one of Amsterdam’s green hostels – and we’ll get into that… But for now, here’s my Ecomama Amsterdam review to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Ecomama Hostel, Amsterdam living
Let’s jump into the swing of this…

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Getting to Know Ecomama Amsterdam

Part of the trusty Clink Hostel chain, Ecomama is one of three sister hostels in this home-wrecker of a city: Ecomama, Cocomama, and ClinkNOORD. However, for me, Ecomama tops the bill for one reason: its location makes it the ideal place to stay in Amsterdam.

I spent many weeks over the summer, in and out of this hostel. I spent movie nights in the teepee, working online from their shared spaces, and getting loads of free beers that other guests leave for some reason. Now I have happy memories and cool new friends to show for it.

This is a city best explored by bike rental!

You’ll probably notice by now that the name Eco-mama is no accident: they do claim to be an eco-friendly hostel. I have lots of praises to sing about this hostel, and I’m sorry to burst their bubble, but there really isn’t much “eco” about it. 

They recycle and offer bio-degradable soaps, which helps reduce your travel carbon footprint, though it’s not a significant impact overall.

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    What’s Unique About Ecomama Hostel?

    When I arrived at Ecomama Hostel, the first thing I noticed was the friendly and welcoming staff. They gave me a mini-tour as I checked in, which is always a green flag as a guest. It sets you up for your stay to make you feel at home.

    When they said it was free wine and cheese night tonight I was sold: not many things come free when you’re backpacking in Amsterdam. Although the social vibe was a bit lacking, I didn’t really care. Solo travel in Amsterdam is a gift and there are always ways to mix and mingle.

    View From The Water
    Photo: @Sebagvivas

    The facilities really excel for a backpacker hostel too:

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    Location of Ecomama Amsterdam 

    Among many great hostels in Amsterdam, Ecomama stands out for its central location. Just a 10/15 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station sets you in the centre of Europe’s sweetheart. The area is definitely safe enough, especially considering you’re in a capital city.

    Just a few streets over, you hit the Red Light District, Dam Square, and all the other top attractions that make Amsterdam so bloody fabulous. 

    • Dorms: 5 – 12 bed dorms (including a 7-bed female-only dorm)
    • Private rooms: Private rooms for 2 people twin and double rooms. Some are en-suite and there are budget options with a shared bathroom.


    Look, this isn’t the cheapest hostel on the market. Though, bear in mind, you do get quality for what you pay for. 

    Backpacker's dorm at Ecomama Hostel, Amsterdam

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    Do I Recommend Ecomama Hostel Amsterdam?

    I do – I recommend Ecomama Hostel. But not for everyone. It’s clean and safe, and they consider the comfort of the guests better than most hostels. 

    Although, it’s not one of the most budget-friendly hostels in Amsterdam. That’s because you’re looking at a smart, well-located hostel in one of the world’s most expensive tourist cities. 

    I wish I could say that Ecomama was truly a green hostel in Amsterdam. Yes, they try harder than some, but I do fear there is some greenwashing involved. Though I did feel heard when I mentioned this to them; their intentions are generally good!

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