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Dani is new to the editor team. After jumping in head first in October 2023, it feels like she’s been here forever. She’s our resident Kiwi and knows her backyard of New Zealand like the back of her hand.

She’s another lover of slow travel. She’s lived in Spain and Thailand over the last few years, calling both her second (and third) home.

When Dani’s not spreading travel wisdom here at the Broke Backpacker, you’ll find her snorkelling majestic coasts or willingly lost in some mountains. But don’t worry: wherever she’s going, she’s bringing back the best travel tips.
Knows About: New Zealand Travel, Epic Snorkelling Spots, Slow Travel, Journaling
Currently Based In: Thailand
Favourite Destination: Spain


- Strapping surfboards to tuk-tuks and exploring Sri Lanka on 3-wheels.
- Volunteering in hostels around Portugal (and falling in luurrvve!).
- Hiking 21 km of Cape Brett in NZ with 500ml of water… and not dying (just).
- Living in Koh Lanta for 6 months with her now, Thai family.
- Renting a campervan in Spain for 3 weeks for a tenner.

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