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Audy Scala

Audy Scala

Audy joined us at the start of 2023 as a writer and editor. She's truly a free spirit and a mermaid at heart. She left home at 17 and hitchhiked fearlessly through Mexico and Central America. She's explored the depths of the sea in Indonesia and the ancient forests of Japan, but her heart belongs to El Salvador, a place she believes to be home to the world's warmest and most welcoming people.

Audy's biggest travel achievement is her solo hitchhiking adventures spanning 11 countries! Now, she has found her niche in Bali, pursuing a scuba instructor and freediving path where she finds happiness amidst manta rays and the deep blue sea.
Knows About: Hitchhiking, Learning languages, Scuba/freediving, Solo Female Backpacking, Spontaneous flights across the world, Mexico/Central America
Currently Based In: Bali, Indonesia
Favourite Destination: Mexico


- Eating the world's most poisonous fruit (by accident) in Mexico
- Driving a hotwired car across Baja California
- Becoming a scuba instructor in Bali
- Living in a nudist community
- Working with a coral reef restoration and sea turtle conservation project
- Busking in Costa Rica

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