If you’re headed to the island of Kyushu, you’ll be stopping in Fukuoka. For years, domestic travelers have been making Fukuoka a pit stop on their way to the rest of the island. And trust me when I say where there are Japanese tourists, there are capsule hotels galore.

Capsule hotels are the perfect place to stay when you only need a night or two in the city, which is just about the perfect amount of time in Fukuoka.

You can book a small pod, stash your bags, and head out into the city and explore without spending a lot of money on your bed.

The space-efficient, budget-friendly accommodations are among my favorite things about traveling to Japan (besides the ramen). They make it easy to meet friends while still having some privacy, but with that being said, choosing the right capsule hotel in Fukuoka is crucial. So let’s get into it, shall we?

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Where to next? Well… Fukuoka!
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Quick Answer: The Best Capsule Hotels in Fukuoka

What to Expect from Capsule Hotels in Fukuoka

Fukuoka is the biggest city in Kyushu, and while at one point it was just a connecting hub to the rest of Japan, it has now become a buzzing metropolis.

Supposedly, it has the most Yatai stalls than any other city in Japan. Don’t quote me on that, but pretty much you can guarantee to get some of the best Japanese food in the whole country here.

Although the city is big, there still isn’t that much to see. A day or two will definitely suffice, and this is where capsule hotels in Fukuoka really come in handy.

These futuristic-looking pods were invented in Osaka and come with all the best parts of Japanese culture. They’re space-efficient, sleek, and modern and give travelers just what they need for a truly unique stay in Japan.

Like most things in life, not all pods are created equal. Some were designed to bring you all the little luxuries in life, like white noise machines, mood lighting, and even some sleep analysis gadgets. (NGL, it’s kind of weird that a hotel tracks your sleep, but hey, who am I to judge?) And then, of course, you have your bare essentials like reading lights, power sockets, and privacy doors.

Fukuoka Japan

As a seasoned backpacker in Japan, I’ve gotten a little too comfy with dorm prices, but not so much the lack of privacy. This is why capsule hotels have become a lifesaver. While they aren’t as cheap as a 16-pax dorm with zero curtains, they are still extremely budget-friendly. Capsule hotels in Fukuoka range from $25-$40 a night.

They also have some really cool common spaces to meet other travelers. Depending on what you’re looking for, some will have bars or cafes, and some even have libraries. It’s the perfect way to meet some new friends before heading out to check out the city. And who knows, maybe they’ll even join you.

I’ve convinced you, right? Perfect, now you just gotta book it. No stress; it’s just as simple as booking a hotel or a dorm bed. Booking.com is my favorite place to book capsule hotels because they have a filter specifically for capsule hotels. But don’t worry, I’ve rounded up the BEST capsule hotels below and have even included the link to make booking them as easy as possible.

Alright, now the good stuff. It’s time to figure out which is the best capsule hotel in Fukuoka for you!

Best Capsule Hotels in Fukuoka

With my guide to the best Capsule hotels in Fukuoka, you’ll be able to find the perfect place to stay while in the city.

These highly-rated hotels are full of charm, character, and everything you need for a night in the city. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, I’ve got all the answers you need!

Best Overall Capsule Hotel in Fukuoka – The Millennials Fukuoka

A row of sleeping pods with gentle lighting and unique wallpaper at The Millennials Fukuoka
Each pod tells a different story
  • $
  • Breakfast
  • Cocktail Bar on-site
  • Near Nakasu Kawabata Station

The Millenials Capsule Hotel is the perfect place to stay in Fukuoka to get a little bit of all the things that make a capsule hotel great.

Their pods are super spacious; you’re able to stand upright in them, and there aren’t any beds on top of you. So you don’t have to worry about being woken up by your bunkmate or feeling claustrophobic.

The beds… wow, the beds are some of the comfiest pod beds I’ve stayed in. The mattress is plush and cozy, and you can even sit it up during the day if you want to hang out and read or watch some Netflix. It’s like your own personal Tempurpedic.

Other than the pods, this capsule hotel has one of the best hotel vibes in the city. With a restaurant, cafe, and cocktail bar onsite, it’s almost impossible not to meet other travelers and make some friends. Especially with their free beer every day during happy hour. They must not have had too many Aussies or Brits come through to still be offering this, ha!

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • Happy Hours
  • Multilingual staff
  • Laundry service available

The capsule hotel also shares common space with a little more upscale hotel. At first, I thought there might be a lot more business type of travelers in the hotel, but it actually enhances the vibe because the staff is also accommodating to guests who are spending a bit more money. This means we also get those perks with our budget-friendly beds, woo hoo!

The location is absolutely perfect for exploring the city. With the metro only a few minutes away and loads of parks and museums within walking distance, you’ll be able to fit so much into your trip! And with a 24-hour front desk that speaks English, you can get spicy tips for your Japan Trip.

One of the few downsides is there aren’t any big lockers in this capsule hotel. The rooms themselves come with under-bed storage. So you’ll be able to keep everything in your room secure, but if you’re traveling with a big rolling bag, you might have to keep it at the front desk.

Best Fukuoka Capsule Hotel for Digital Nomads – Grand Cabin Tenjin Minami

A small room with a bunk bed, storage space and a built-in desk in Grand Cabin Tenjin Minami
  • $
  • Next to the Yakuin metro
  • 24-hour security
  • Air conditioning in the pods

For a simple stay with all the amenities you need, the Grand Cabin Tenjin Minami will be right up your alley. The check-in is super simple, and the rooms are divided into men’s and women’s floors. Sometimes hotels can be overwhelming if there doesn’t seem to be a clear layout, but this one is definitely very organized!

The beds are stacked on top of each other, and when the doors are shut, they almost look like closets in the wall. They’re made out of wood and open up into a cozy little nook for you. The beds aren’t as big as some of the other capsules on this list, but the room itself has space for you to stand and move around.

You’ll find some closet space to hang your clothes, a small desk if you care to smash out some work, and even a TV if you want to chill in the pod. But the hotel itself has a few different common areas, all with plenty of working desks that have a partition for you to have some privacy without having to be stuffed up in your room.

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • TV in every room
  • Vending Machines
  • Desks for working

You’ll be welcomed with slippers, toiletries, and even some pajamas if you need to do some laundry (been there, done that.) I really loved the bathrooms at this Fukuoka capsule hotel. They were spotless and came with even more toiletries.

You’ll have so many options when it comes to Asian skincare products like face wash, moisturizer, and even hair products. I was glowing after staying here.

You can grab a snack or drink in one of the vending machines to hold you over during work hours, or with the proximity to the metro, you can easily grab something downtown or close by. The staff was also really friendly and had some killer ramen recommendations.

Overall, this is such a great capsule hotel for digital nomads with all the working spaces, laptop lockers, and free wifi. Hopefully, you won’t be too distracted by the city and can get some work done before exploring. I always find a conducive environment helps me to stay on track, and that’s exactly what the Grand Cabin offers.

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Most Budget-Friendly Capsule Hotel in Fukuoka – nine hours Nakasukawabata Station

Two-level capsule rooms with yellow lighting down a hallway in nine hours Nakasukawabata Station
  • $
  • Next to Nakasu Kawabata Station
  • 7-minute train ride from the airport
  • Free Wi-Fi

Traveling on a budget is not for the faint of heart in Japan, but it’s absolutely doable, and this capsule hotel in Fukuoka makes it all the more manageable. With beds starting at $20 a night, you can have a comfy sleep, not stressing about your daily budget.

nine hours is a capsule hotel chain, and they’re located all over Japan. They are known for their hotels’ futuristic design and their efficiency. The minimalists are going to be drooling over all the concrete and modern touches.

As for the capsule, extremely compact, but that’s to be expected. You have a personal light and air conditioning with your own USB port to charge devices. The rooms can have more than 20 capsules in them, all stacked side by side, but with sliding doors and a complimentary eye mask, you’ll sleep like a babe.

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • Air-conditioned capsules
  • Multilingual staff
  • Loads of toilets

Maybe it sounds weird, but if you’ve ever stayed in a hostel in Japan that has two toilets for 30 people, you know how important it is for a hotel to have enough facilities. And nine hours has just that. The bathrooms are big and spacious, and the showers feel extremely private even though they’re in a communal area.

The hotel also has one of the best locations on this list. It’s only a 7-minute ride from the airport and about a one-minute walk from the metro.

Surrounded by a huge shopping mall and lots of food options, it’s easy to spend your time around the hotel. And if you’re looking to do more than just eat your way through the city, it’s also near the Kagami Temmangu Shrine and Nakajima Park.

One of the slight downsides to this capsule hotel is they might have taken the minimalist and futuristic vibe a little too far, and the common areas aren’t too comfortable to spend time in. But hey, if you’re planning on being out and about during the day, don’t let this stop you from booking at nine hours

The Most Relaxing Capsule Hotel in Fukuoka – First Cabin Hakata

Large pod rooms with curtains and lighting arranged in rows in First Cabin Hakata
  • $
  • Bath and Spa
  • Different-sized pods
  • Near Nishitetsu Fukuoka Station

First Cabin Hakata brings all the best aspects of flying first class to your stay in Fukuoka. The capsule hotel is one of the best options if you’re also looking to slow down your travels and take a little rest while in the city.

They have multiple-sized rooms for you to choose from, whether you want to spread your things out and have a larger bed or if you want to get cozy in a single pod.

There are a few common areas that resemble airport lounges, and you’ll find a few different vending machines that are well-stocked. I will say meeting people here seems to be a bit harder than at the other hotels, but it’s the perfect stay for some downtime in the city.

The bathrooms are big and spacious, and the vanity mirrors are amazing! Each comes with its own little chair and a few skincare items where you can get ready for the day. And I loved how many there were. You won’t have to wait and hope someone finishes up soon.

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • TV in Capsules
  • Single standing capsules
  • Self-service laundry

The absolute best part about the first cabin experience is the luxurious spa that you can use. There are multiple thermal baths divided by gender where you can soak and wash away the day. And if you want a bit of pampering, there are also massage services available for an additional fee.

First Cabin Hakata’s location is also unbeatable. It’s in the same building as the metro, so you literally just take the lift downstairs, and bam, you’re headed out into the city. And don’t worry, the hotel has 24-hour front desk security, so no one will be wandering in from the metro.

After touring around the city, you can relax in your capsule and watch some TV or enjoy the spa. Either way, this capsule hotel in Fukuoka has everything you need for a relaxing stay in the city.

Epic Capsule Hotel for Solo Travelers – nine hours Hakata station

Nine Hours Capsule Hotel's modern architectural design with a glass facade and warm interior lighting
  • $
  • Big Storage Lockers
  • Breakfast included
  • Double beds

Another one of the popular nine hours capsule hotels is located in Fukuoka in the Hakata area. It’s about 3 km outside the city center but still offers a fabulous location and a particularly great place to stay for solo travelers in Japan.

The capsules are similar to the other nine-hour locations. The rooms are filled with more than 30 capsules, all side by side and on top of each other. But because of the way they’re built into the wall and the doors on the outside, you’ll still find it rather quiet.

Also, because they have some of the biggest lockers I’ve ever seen outside of the room, you won’t be woken up by early risers digging around trying to find their toothbrush.

And if you aren’t traveling solo, this is one of the few Fukuoka capsule hotels where you can book a double room, allowing you to stay with your travel buddy. I didn’t, however, see any that were mixed genders, so sorry for some couples out there. It looks like it’ll be another night alone. 🙁

Why you’ll love this hotel:

  • No contact check-in
  • Working cubbies
  • Slippers and Pj’s provided on arrival

One of the coolest, most efficient things about this nine hours hotel is their no-contact check-in process. It’s quick and easy; you’ll just have to press a few buttons on the robot-type screen and boom, you’ll be issued a room card, and that’s it. No time wasted. Also, check-out is just as easy. Basically, you just drop your key card at the front, and the machine will do all the magic for you.

If you’re traveling solo, the sun terrace is the perfect place to meet other travelers. You’ll have a great view of the city and can enjoy some breakfast before heading out to explore.

From the hotel, you can walk to Fujita Park or the Sumiyoshi Shrine, where you can experience some traditional Japanese culture. There are loads of street food vendors around the area, but when you’re ready to head into the city center, you can just hop on the metro at Hakata Station, about 500 m away.

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Other Capsule Hotels in Fukuoka

Wait, there’s more. If my first five capsule hotels in Fukuoka didn’t blow you away, then I know one of these other ones will definitely fit the bill.

WeBase Hakata Hostel

co-working space with wooden tables, colorful chairs and a small seating area in WeBase Hakata Hostel
  • $$
  • Double rooms for couples
  • Extensive Japanese Library
  • Breakfast available

The WeBase Hakata Hotel is perfect for those who are traveling as a couple or in a group. They have a variety of different rooms where you can all stay together, or you can book beds separately.

The rooms can be a bit smaller than other ones on this list, but what they lack in bed space, they make up for it in the common areas.

You’ll find multiple common areas where you can enjoy breakfast, a cup of tea, or even check out some of the popular Japanese books and magazines. They also have some games you can play, making it also the perfect stay for solo travelers.

But what really makes the WeBase Hostel special is its incredible staff. They really try to make every single guest feel welcome and have so many tips for visiting Fukuoka. You will not leave the hostel without knowing all the best places to eat or the best museums to visit. And you can even rent a bike for the afternoon and explore all the beautiful green parks in the city.

Hostel TOKI

A cozy communal space with wooden tables, colorful chairs and large glass windows in Hostel TOKI
  • $
  • Local culture tour available
  • On-site bar
  • Terrace

Okay… so unfortunately, Hostel TOKI doesn’t quite have capsules yet, but I had to include it on this list because it’s one of the best budget-friendly stays in the city, and I think you’ll love it. The hostel only comes with two dorm rooms, making it feel like a very tight-knit family when you stay here.

Even though they aren’t capsules, there is still a bit of privacy as every bed has its own curtain and lockers. The common areas are small, but personally, I think this helps in making friends because everyone has to congregate in one area.

This cozy hostel in Fukuoka often hosts game nights and different events to get everyone involved. You can join a food walking tour, and cultural tour and honestly the staff are so nice and helpful that I think they would arrange any kind of tour you could want.

It’s in a central location but is definitely a further walk to Hakata station than some of the other capsule hotels. But once you arrive, you’ll be right in the middle of all the action going on in the city.

Common De – Hostel & Bar

a long hallway lined with two-level beds in Common De Hostel and Bar
  • $$
  • Family Rooms
  • On-site bar
  • Near Rainbow Plaza

This chic little stay is perfect for families. It has huge deluxe rooms with multiple double bed bunk beds, enough for a big family or even a big group of traveling friends looking to split accommodation. The rooms are extremely modern and feel a bit cozier than most Japanese hotels.

The bar in the common area seems to be full every night, making this a great place to meet some travel buddies. You can start the night with a happy hour and join a group heading out to hit the town. (But watch your head. The ceilings and door frames seem to be a bit small here, and after a few drinks, you might forget.)

There is also a library with working desks if you are looking to spend some time alone or re-plan your travels. But with Rainbow Plaza right around the corner, I’m not sure how much time you’ll be spending in the hotel.

Its location is one of the best on this list, and you’ll be able to wander around and discover all the city has to offer in no time.

FAQ About Fukuoka Capsule Hotels

Don’t Forget Travel Insurance for Fukuoka

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Final Thoughts on Capsule Hotels in Fukuoka

I really think your time in Fukuoka will surprise you, as the city is making a name for itself and I think now is one of the best times to visit before it gets overly saturated.

Capsule hotels started out as a last-minute stay for Japanese businessmen who missed the last train home but are the exact thing we travelers never knew we needed—thank goodness for the Japanese man who dilly-dallied long enough, ha.

But whether you’re traveling alone or you’ve got a whole group with you, one of these capsule hotels in Fukuoka has everything you need for an epic stay.

But if you’re still undecided, I would suggest dropping anchor in The Millennials Fukuoka. It’s a capsule hotel with a genuine social vibe! The onsite restaurant and cafe create the perfect setting to mix and mingle. Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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Let’s hit the road friends <3
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