Japan is a rare treat for the worldly traveler. Brimming with culture and historical gems, you can feel like you’re stepping back in time in Japan. In stark contrast though, Japan is also home to the world’s largest city, Tokyo.  A real east meets west situation,  Japan is exceptional in every possible way.

Having established itself as one of the world’s economic giants, traveling in Japan can be costly.  Don’t go worrying about the cost of hostels though, we have created this insider guide of the 24 best hostels in Japan. That way, you can live freely and not have to keep an eye on your yen!

Think of Japan as an investment adventure: you will leave with far more than you came with. You will have the time of your life, especially if you hit up some of these epic places to stay in Japan.

Let’s get to it! Here are the 24 best hostels in Japan.

Quick Answer – What are the Best Hostels in Japan?

The Top Hostels in Japan

Japan is bloody marvellous. No doubt about! And as you’d expect with somewhere marvellous, there are an infinite of awesome areas to stay in Japan.

We’re gonna cover a helluva lot of ground today from the snowfields of the north to deep reaches of the Okinawan south. But first, the absolute best-of-the-best of Japan’s top hostels!

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    The Overall Best Hostel in Japan – UNPLAN Shinjuku (Tokyo)

    The Overall Best Hostel in Japan - UNPLAN Shinjuku (Tokyo)
    UNPLAN Shinjuku is our pick for the overall best hostel in Japan!
    • $$
    • Free WiFi
    • Brilliant Location
    • Bicycles for Hire

    UNPLAN Shinjuku is the best hostels in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and Japan as a whole! While not the cheapest hostel in Tokyo, you get definitely get what you pay for. It’s flashy, modern, and pimped out for all the needs of a backpacker in Japan.

    The bar area is beautiful, the restaurant on-site serves great food, the staff are friendly, and it’s located right next door to the Sensiji temple. Overall, this is the best of Japan’s hostel for its great location, social atmosphere, and awesome bar area.

    Best Cheap Hostel in Japan – The Evergreen Hostel (Hiroshima)

    Best Cheap Hostels in Japan - The Evergreen Hostel (Hiroshima)
    The Evergreen Hostel Hiroshima is our pick for the best cheap hostel in Japan.
    • $
    • Cafe
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Tours & Travel Desk

    Listen up! The best budget hostel in Hiroshima is The Evergreen Hostel . The secret is out! Offering everything a broke backpacker needs for a memorable stay in one of Japan’s most historically significant cities, The Evergreen Hostel is your go-to option.

    The cute little kitchen is perfect for whipping up a budget-friendly meal. The hostel’s in-house tours and travel desk offers a heap of affordable experiences that are not to be missed.

    Everyone loves The Evergreen and you will too. The is such a friendly vibe and the staff go above and beyond.

    Best Party Hostel in Japan – Kaisu Hostel (Tokyo)

    Best Party Hostels in Japan - Kaisu Hostel (Tokyo)
    Kaisu Hostel Tokyo is our pick for the best party hostel in Japan.
    • $$
    • Bar & Cafe
    • Free Breakfast
    • Air Conditioning

    It is safe to say that partying in Japan is hardcore! A weekend partying in Tokyo is something else! If you want to stay at the best party hostel in Japan, get yourself a bed at Kaisu Hostel.

    Their music choices are on point and the in-house bar is a great place to kick start your night. There is a heap of pumping bars within an easy reach of Kaisu Hostel – Tokyo is waiting for you party people!

    Featuring earthy tones and a minimal feel, Kaisu Hostel is a close contender for the best hostel in Japan in 2020. Yup – we said it!

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    The Best Hostels in Tokyo

    Ahh, Tokyo, what even needs to be said? The mega-city and global metropolis – the most populous in the world in fact – Tokyo is a sprawling behemoth for locals and travelers alike. From traditional Japanese oddities to esoteric Nihon nightlife, plan to get lost in Tokyo at least once when you travel to Japan.

    There isn’t really a question of whether you’ll go backpacking in Tokyo per se. More just, out of the countless places to stay in Tokyo, what’s the coolest hostel?

    Backpacker’s Hostel K’s House

    A home-away-from-home for solo backpackers in Tokyo.

    Backpackers Hostel Ks House - top hostel in Tokyo
    • $$
    • Hot Showers
    • Luggage Storage
    • Laundry Facilities

    For the record, K’s House has 11 hostels around Japan and all live up to the same high standard as their flagship hostel in Toyko. For solo travelers seeking a friendly base in Tokyo, K’s House is a great shout.

    Japan backpackers hostels are generally super sociable places, and K’s House Tokyo is no exception. The lounge area is one of the coziest and homely common areas you’ll ever find. This place really is a home from home for solo wanderers.

    K’s House Tokyo has won a whole heap of awards since opening in 2006. If you wanna create some FOMO for your buddies back home, hit up this prize-winning hostel now!

    Juyoh Hostel

    A Tokyo hostel with affordable private rooms.

    Juyoh Hostel - budget accommodation in Tokyo, Japan
    • $$
    • Cafe & Restaurant
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Late Check-Out

    Juyoh Hostel is another of Tokyo’s best hostel offerings. With affordable room rates and a great hostel vibe, you can’t go wrong staying here. Their private rooms offer just enough space for two and have free WiFi access.

    The common room is a great place to connect with your hostel buddies and perhaps plan an adventure or two. The hostel staff are really clued up about what’s on in Tokyo and when. They can help you create a kick-ass itinerary for sure! Juyoh Hostel is in Minami-Senju; there is so much to discover in this neighborhood.

    Citan Hostel

    The number one hostel in Tokyo for digital nomads!

    Citan Hostel - best hostel in Japan for digital nomads
    • $$
    • Bar & Cafe
    • Outdoor Terrace
    • Laundry Facilities

    Citan Hostel is a amazing hostel in Japan for digital nomads. Modern, bright, and with all the amenities you could ask for, Citan Hostel is a winner in our eyes. For digital nomads landing in Toyko, this is an outstanding choice.

    Thankfully, Citan Hostel is very well connected to the rest of Toyko. The closest station is just 3-minutes walk away. Once the working day is done, getting out and about couldn’t be easier.

    The hipster vibes of Citan Hostel are undeniable. If you fancy a truly Instagrammable pad – Citan is ready and waiting for you and your grainy presets!

    Do your research for a killer trip to Tokyo!
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    The Best Hostels in Osaka

    Osaka – number two of Japan’s big three tourist highlight cities. There’s a lot to Osaka, however, it’s famed for beeing “off-beat Japan” (as if Japan wasn’t already off-beat enough. Quirky oddities, a curious dialect, and eccentric nightlife define Osaka.

    The locals pride themselves on being just a bit less traditional in their Japanese manner.

    Osaka Hana Hostel

    An Osaka hostel with the freebie-loving traveler at heart.

    Osaka Hana Hostel - top budget hostel in Japan
    • $$
    • Bar
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Laundry Facilities

    With a list of freebies as long as your arm, Osaka Hana Hostel was an obvious choice for one of the best hostels in Japan. Free WiFi, tea, coffee, kitchen access (with use of seasonings and other helpful cooking bits and bobs), washing powered, and toiletries are all on offer – free – at Osaka Hana Hostel.

    You could rock up with just your passport, and you’d have everything you’d need right here!

    Your fellow travelers absolutely rave about Osaka Hana Hostel and rightly so. You know you want a piece of the action! This brilliant Japanese hostel is pretty popular, so make sure you get booked in ASAP!

    Osaka Namba Hostel

    An Osaka hostel with solo travelers at heart.

    Best Hostels in Osaka for Solo Travellers - Osaka Namba Hostel
    Osaka Namba Hostel Osaka is our pick for the best hostel for solo travellers in Japan.
    • $
    • Bicycle Hire
    • Late Check-Out
    • Common Room

    Osaka Namba Hostel is the best hostel in Osaka for solo travelers. Once you’ve dumped your bags by your bed head straight up to the rooftop chill-out zone. You’re bound to find some super cool peeps hanging out up there.

    Traveling solo sometimes means the costs can mount up. Osaka Namba Hostel is really affordable – you’ll have plenty of change available to buy a round of drinks for your new hostel crew!

    The bunks at Osaka Namba Hostel are made of sturdy wood, not clanky metal. No worries about making noise if you’re climbing up top while everyone else is asleep. #HostelProblems! This is a solid base from which to explore Osaka.

    Bonsai Guest House

    Budget accommodation in Osaka’s heart.

    Bonsai Guest House Osaka - best cheap hostel in Japan
    •  $
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Security Lockers
    • Bicycle Hire

    Naming the best budget hostel in Japan is a tough one, but Bonsai Guest House in Osaka is definitely up there. Simple and affordable, there is little to find fault with at Bonsai Guest House. There is a real homeliness to the hostel, and you will settle right in for sure.

    Staying at Bonsai Guest House makes it really easy to get about and explore Osaka. A city with great public transport, the closest station is only a matter of steps away.

    The staff are exceptionally friendly and are more than happy to help out newbies in town.

    Get ready for visiting Osaka!

      Plan your trip with an Osaka itinerary!
      And our Osaka neighborhood guide.

    The Best Hostels in Kyoto

    And now number three of Japan’s backpacking Golden Triangle… Kyoto! Much the antithesis to Osaka in everyway, Kyoto is famed for its historical side of traditional Japanese life. Its  actually the OG Imperial Capital of Japan!

    Absolutley stacked with goodies, there are tonnes of awesome things to do in Kyoto. That makes it all the more important to get your base-of-operations right.

    Kyoto Hana Hostel

    Forget bunk beds; futons are better!

    Kyoto Hana Hostel - a Japan hostel with authentic influences
    • $
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Bicycle Hire
    • Late Check-Out

    Kyoto Hana Hostel is a top hostel in Japan with a wonderful twist. Offering a traditional futon style sleeping arrangement, you can settle into an authentic Japanese way of life in Kyoto with Hana Hostel.

    It is possible to hire bicycles from the team at reception for a reasonable daily rate. Exploring Kyoto coolest places by bicycle is really good fun and a great way to take in the city vibes.

    Kyoto Station is just 5-minutes walk away. In terms of location, Kyoto Hana Hostel is a real winner. There are bars, cafes, and markets galore within easy reach. Useful stuff like banks and currency exchange counters are nearby too.

    Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto

    The best place to stay in Kyoto for budget travelers AND digital nomads.

    Santiago Guesthouse Kyoto - cheap Kyoto hostel
    • $
    • Bar & Cafe
    • Late Check-Out
    • Laundry Facilities

    Santiago Guesthouse in Kyoto is a little gem for travelers hitting up Japan on a shoestring budget. For digital nomads who are hustling hard and have halted the spending, Santiago Guesthouse is also good shout. One way or another, it’s the perfect place to stay for mitigating your travel costs in Japan.

    The in-house cafe is a great spot for working and their coffee is darn good. The cafe also serves alcohol too. They have a great selection of local beers and traditional sake too.

    Each capsule bunk comes with a reading light, plug socket, and personal locker. Santiago Guesthouse is a great find! Book your bed now!

    Backpackers Hostel K’s House

    Affordable rates and good vibes for couples traveling Japan.

    Best Hostels in Japan for Couples - Backpackers Hostel K's House
    Backpackers Hostel Ks House Kyoto is our pick for the best hostel for couples in Japan.
    • $
    • Bar & Cafe
    • Bicycle Hire
    • Late Check-Out

    Backpackers Hostel K’s House is one of the most popular hostels in Kyoto. A really affordable option for traveling couples, be sure to book your room ASAP. This place gets booked out way in advance. The bar and cafe area is a great space for you and bae to meet with other travelers and grab a coffee of a morning.

    The late check-out service is perfect. Sometimes you just need an extra couple of hours to get yourselves together before moving onto the next destination. Right?!

    K’s House Kyoto attracts a super cool crowd – you’re gonna love it here.

    Don’t travel to Kyoto without preparing!

    Book an Airbnb in Kyoto instead.

    Get your Kyoto itinerary tight!

    The Best Hostels in Hiroshima

    It’s important to visit Hiroshima; it was the site of one of the most world-shaping events in modern history. Hiroshima is, arguably, one of the most important places in the world for any traveller – and person – to see.

    These days, Hiroshima is much reborn. It’s a vibrant city – with many of its historical sites rebuilt – and a new identity as city that teaches and promotes peace. It’s both a historical and cultural gem of Japan.

    Backpackers Hostel K’s House

    A hostel in Hiroshima with something for everyone.

    Backpackers Hostel Ks House, Hiroshima, Japan
    • $$
    • Bicycle Hire
    • Tours & Travel Desk
    • Self Catering Facilities

    Backpackers Hostel K’s House in Hiroshima is one of the overall best hostels in Japan of 2020. A great option for travelers of every style, K’s House in Hiroshima is an adaptogenic hostel in a fantastic neighborhood of Hiroshima.

    If you’re down for a chilled out experience, it will deliver. If you’re game for the adventure of a lifetime, it will provide. The rooftop terrace is the best place to hang out if you’re keen to connect with fellow travelers.

    The beds are super comfy and, as ever in Japan, the whole hostel is sparkling clean and tidy. This is a super popular youth hostel in Japan. You best get your bed booked ASAP!


    Swanky and impossible not to love.

    36Hostel - a very nice hostel in Hiroshima
    • $$
    • Cafe
    • Late Check-Out
    • Luggage Storage

    36Hostel is a fantastic Japan backpackers hostel for couples. For the record – this is one of the most popular hostels in Hiroshima. You best book ASAP to avoid disappointment.

    Offering all those hipster feels, the low lighting and urban decor of 36Hostel puts it in the contest for the coolest hostel in Japan. The beds are super comfortable and each comes with its own duvet. No pathetic single sheets here, this is the real deal.

    There is a typically Japanese minimalist feel to 36Hostel in Hiroshima. It is just a really beautiful space that we know you love it. We do!

    Hiroshima Hostel EN

    Prepare to get toasted by sake.

    Hiroshima Hostel EN Hiroshima best hostels in Japan
    • $$
    • Bar
    • Tours & Travel Desk
    • Laundry Facilities

    Hiroshima Hostel En is the best hostel in Japan for Hiroshima-bound party people. Hosting its very own bar, backpackers can get right into the party spirit at here.

    The tipple of choice is sake – naturally. Remember to pace yourself. This local stuff can be potent. You’ve been warned!

    There is a cool crowd of travelers that gravitate towards Hiroshima Hostel EN. You know its the people who can make or break the hostel life experience.

    Each bunk comes with a lockable cupboard and a reading light. If you opt for a private room you’ll get the traditional futon sleeping experience. Go for it!

    The Best Hostels in Sapporo

    Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido – Japan’s northernmost prefecture and island (of mainland Japan). In the summer months, Sapporo twinkles like a gem, and in the winter months, the streets fill with snow, and Sapporo still twinkles like a gem. There’s always a little bit of magic in Sapporo.

    It’s also an awesome backpacker destination in Japan! Hokkaido as a whole is a bit more off of Japan’s beaten track. There’s a lot of nature and a lot of alternatively minded folks too. There are also a tonne of awesome hostels in Sapporo!

    Untapped Hostel

    A Sapporo hostel with a homey vibe.

    Untapped Hostel - top hostel in Sapporo
    • $$
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Laundry Facilities
    • 24-Hour Security

    Untapped Hostel in Sapporo is an excellent Japan backpackers hostel for solo travelers. Offering a whole heap of facilities and set in an ideal location, there is a lot to love about Untapped Hostel. The light wood furniture and neutral decor gives Untapped Hostel a sense of warmth and homeliness that, at times, we all crave when we’re on the road.

    Guests are free to cook for themselves in the hostel kitchen but, if you don’t fancy that, there are plenty of fantastic Japanese restaurants surrounding Untapped Hostel. The staff will point you in the right direction.

    Backpackers Hostel Ino’s Place

    A chill hostel for digital nomads working and traveling in Japan.

    Backpackers Hostel Inos Place - best hostel in Sapporo for digital nomads
    • $$
    • Common Room
    • Security Lockers
    • Laundry Facilities

    Backpackers Hostel Ino’s Place in Sapporo is an excellent hostel in Sapporo for digital nomads. Boasting a heap of facilities that digital nomads consider must-haves; Ino’s Place is a little gem.

    The TV lounge is an ideal for those days when you just want to chill at the hostel. We know that digital nomads aren’t out exploring every single day!

    If you are in need of a hostel to use as a working base and that you can laze about in – Ino’s Place is perfect for you. Sapporo is a chill city and this hostel is in a chill area of Sapporo: you can experience it at your own pace.

    Ten to Ten Sapporo Station

    A newcomer in Japan’s hostels scene with some excellent private rooms.

    Best Hostel in Japan with a Private Room - Ten to Ten Sapporo Station
    Ten to Ten Sapporo Station Sapporo is our pick for the best hostel with a private room in Japan.
    •  $$
    • Cafe
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Luggage Storage

    The best hostel in Japan with private rooms is Ten to Ten Sapporo Station – easy. Offering traveler the privacy of a hotel with the community feel of a hostel, Ten to Ten is one of Japan’s best-kept secrets!

    Relatively new on the scene, we predict that Ten to Ten is going to rapidly gain in popularity. You best get in there before someone else does.

    They have both private twin rooms and private double rooms available; in addition to dorms of course. No matter what your preference is, you are guaranteed to find an option that works for you at Ten to Ten.

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    The Best Hostels in Okinawa

    Quite far south of Japan proper, is the Okinawan islands. Though very much a part of Japan these days, it wasn’t always that way. Historically, long before Japan’s annexation of Okinawa, the people there had their own culture and history. Their own music, food, traditions, and even language.

    Okinawa is well-worth visitng while travelling Japan. Given it’s different historical root, it’s a very different side of Japan. Those ridiculously beautiful beaches aren’t such a bad bonus either!

    Little Asia

    A long-term player in Japan’s hostel scene.

    Little Asia - best hostels in Okinawa
    • $
    • Bar
    • Tours & Travel Desk
    • Air Conditioning

    Little Asia is a seriously kawaii Japan backpackers hostel; you’re gonna love it! There is such a strong sense of community at Little Asia in Okinawa. This is where memories are made.

    The in-house bar is a great place to meet and mingle. The in-house tours and travel desk is the perfect place to make your wild travel ideas come true.

    Little Asia has been hosting international backpackers for over 15 years. They offer free WiFi and there is air conditioning throughout the hostel, and you can also make use of the kitchen for free and the laundry facilities too. With a proven track record, they’re one of the best hostels in Okinawa.

    Ensuite Hostel Base

    For low-key parties and hitting the beach in Okinawa.

    Hostel Base Okinawa - a hostel in Okinawa cose to the beach
    • $
    • Common Room
    • Air Conditioning
    • Luggage Storage

    If you’re game for a low-key, beachy kinda party, then Hostel Base in Okinawa is the best hostel in Japan for you! So cheap it’s almost unbelievable, you can make the party go and on at Hostel Base.

    Located just a one-minute walk from the beach, Hostel Base is something of a little gem. There is no lockout and no curfew – you can party, beach it, and get up to mischief in Okinawa without a care in the world!

    Also, Hostel Base in Okinawa offer all their guests use of snorkeling sets for free! Hands up if you’re game for an underwater party!

    MyPlace Guesthouse

    Dorms, private tooms, and endless smiles.

    MyPlace Guesthouse - top budget hostel in Okinawa
    • $$
    • Tours & Travel Desk
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Bicycle Hire

    MyPlace Guesthouse in Okinawa is a backpackers hostel in Japan not to be missed. Offering both dorm rooms and private rooms too, there is something for everyone in this humble abode. If you arrive in Okinawa without an itinerary, worry not!

    MyPlace Guesthouse has their very own tours and travel desk. The super helpful team can hook you up with everything from train tickets to city tours and everything in between.

    If you are game for a private room in a cozy pad in Okinawa, MyPlace Guesthouse is calling out for you.

    A Few Extra Amazing Hostels in Japan

    Well, that covers a lot of the best of Japan, however, all of Japan is the best! Here’s a few extra miscellaneous hostels scattered around Japan’s highlights that are also definitely worth checking out… and into!

    The Best Hostel in Nagoya – Hostel Wasabi

    Combining privacy with a social atmosphere at the perfect price!

    The Best Hostel in Nagoya - Hostel Wasabi
    • $
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Luggage Storage
    • 24-Hour Security

    If you are looking for cheerful and cheap hostels in Nagoya, have a think about booking Hostel Wasabi. Offering dirt cheap but super clean dorms, Hostel Wasabi is a highly recommended budget hostel in Japan. Each dorm features its own TV – that’s kinda cool right?!

    The capsule style sleeping arrangements give you high levels of privacy while still offering the sense of community that comes with staying in a dorm. It’s a win-win situation. The bathrooms offer you plenty of space and are always immaculately clean. There is never a fight over the showers here!

    The Best Hostel in Fukuoka – Fukuoka Hana Hostel

    A fantastically located hostel in Fukuoka.

    The Best Hostel in Fukuoka - Fukuoka Hana Hostel
    • $$
    • 24-Hour Security
    • Air Conditioning
    • Self Catering Facilities

    Fukuoka Hana Hostel is a great little hostel for couples traveling in Japan. As one of the best hostels in Fukuoka, Hana Hostel ticks all the right boxes for the modern day backpacking couple. Their private rooms have air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and an ensuite bathroom. An ensuite is such a treat!

    The Kushida Shrine is just a one minute walk away. Let that give you an indication as to what a great area of Fukuoka Hana Hostel is in! You and bae can hire bicycles to get around Fukuoka.

    The Best Hostel in Mount Fuji – Mt Fuji Hostel Michael’s

    With the bar right downstairs and the esteemed Fuji-sama not too far away either!

    Mt Fuji Hostel Michaels Mount Fuji best hostels in Japan
    • $$
    • Bar & Cafe
    • Outdoor Terrace
    • Security Lockers

    Mt Fuji Hostel Michael’s is the best hostel in Japan’s Mount Fuji area. Their in-house bar means you don’t have to venture far for the good times to roll! The outdoor patio space is a popular hangout spot.

    What’s great about Micheal’s is that the bar sits beneath the hostel itself. If you’re keen to set some undisturbed shut-eye before climbing the mountain you totally can. Micheal’s offers the best of both worlds, for real!

    You can store your bags here while you explore the Fuji area – another box ticked!

    Before You Book Your Hostel in Japan

    Before you disappear into Japan’s majesty hostelling around the islands, there are a couple of last basics to cover: safety and packing! Sure Japan is safe to travel – ridiculously safe – but that doesn’t mean it’s not important to brush of on this stuff.

    You can never be too prepared.

    More Epic Hostels in Japan and Asia

    Hopefully by now you’ve found the perfect hostel for your upcoming trip to Japan.

    Planning an epic trip all across Japan or even Asia itself?

    Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

    For more cool hostel guides around Asia, check out:

    Map of Where to Stay in Japan

    Map of Where to Stay in Japan
    1.Tokyo, 2.Osaka, 3.Kyoto, 4.Hiroshima, 5.Sapporo, 6.Okinawa

    What to Pack for Your Japan Hostel

    Pants, socks, underwear, soap?! Take it from us, packing for a hostel stay is not always quite as straight forward as it seems. Working out what to bring and what to leave at home is an art we have perfected over many years.

    Check out our definitive Hostel Packing list for our top packing tips!

    Why You Should Travel to Japan

    Take a big breath in. You made it! Are you buzzing for your trip to Japan now?

    If there is just too much choice there, don’t get your knickers in a twist. Keep things simple and book a bed at our overall best hostel in Japan. That would be UNPLAN Shinjuku in Tokyo, in case you didn’t take notes!

    A shinkansen bullet train in Japan with Mount Fuji behind - best public transport

    This epic insider’s guide to the 24 best hostels in Japan will be here forever – be sure to bookmark it! Remember though, these hostels sell like hotcakes and get booked up fast. Get making reservations today to avoid heartbreak!

    What do you think? Which of these awesome  hostels in Japan tickle your fancy?  Or have you been backpacking in Japan recently and have the hottest and newest scoop from the hostel scene?

    Comment below with your thoughts and updates. We love to stay informed!

    Do you own or run a kick-ass hostel? Want to be featured on this list? Get in touch at [email protected]

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