20 BEST Hostels in Tokyo (2019 • Insider Guide!)

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Tokyo is possibly the coolest, most future-like city in the world and is a must visit city for any traveller.

But as the largest city in the world, Tokyo is absolutely HUGE, and can be super overwhelming!

Which is exactly why we’ve broken down the 20 best hostels in Tokyo.

With the help of this article, you’ll see all of the finest hostels in Tokyo, and pick the one that best suits your travel-style.

Plus! As an added bonus, we’ve organized the top hostels in Tokyo by varying travel needs.

So whether you are looking to party like a rockstar, or get some much needed sleep, this ultimate guide to Tokyo’s best hostels will show you the best options in Tokyo so you can focus on what matters – exploring this incredible city!


Quick answer: These are Tokyo’s Best Hostels

best hostels in tokyo tradition

Be sure to visit a few of the many temples while staying in Tokyo!


Criteria to Finding the Best Hostel in Tokyo

  1. Location – Tokyo is an enormous city with the best public transport in the world, so even if you’re not staying in your preferred neighborhood, it’s easy to get around. (I’ve heard if you’re late to work more than once, you’re fired because it can’t be the public transportation’s fault; it’s always on time.) Nevertheless, it’s great to have your desired activities, restaurants, and entertainment at your footstep. Be sure to stay near a subway station.
  2. Price – By backpacking standards, Tokyo is one of the most expensive cities in the world (Price of Travel puts it at $70 a day), so it’s important to factor your budget into the accommodation you choose. I was able to do Tokyo on $20 a day… but it was rough.
  3. Amenities – Pretty much every hostel offers free Wi-Fi use in Tokyo. Many also have free towels, bathing products, and storage for free. Look for other great amenities, like laundry services, kitchen use, an onsite cafe/bar, social common rooms, and fun events.

shibuya crossing tokyo at night

Psst! Heading to a hostel? Don’t forget to pack a padlock! It’s well worth having one so you can secure your locker and protect your stuff!

The Best Hostels in Tokyo

These are some of the highest reviewed hostels in Tokyo that are always on backpackers’ radars. I’ve separated them into different categories based on your preferred travel preferences so you can choose the best hostel in Tokyo based on your needs!


Overall Best Hostel in Tokyo – Wired Hotel Asakusa

Wired Hotel best hostels in tokyo

Wired Hotel is our favorite hostel in Tokyo!

– $$$

– Free WiFi

– Free towels, toothbrushes, and shampoo

– New Bicycles for Hire

While a bit more expensive that your typical hostel, this isn’t your typical hostel. It’s more like a modern, well-designed hotel, but with dorms as well! (There are even bathtubs.) The bar area is beautiful, the restaurant on site serves great food, the staff are friendly, and it’s located right next door to the Sensiji temple. Overall, this is the highest rated hostel for its great location, social atmosphere, and bar area.

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Best Hostel for Solo Travelers in Tokyo – Backpackers Hostel K’s House Tokyo

Hostel K's House Budget hostels in Tokyo

Hostel K is conveniently located near the Haneda International Airport

– $$

– Free Lockers (bring your own lock)

– Free Wi-Fi

– Fully equipped kitchen

– Close to Subway

– Wednesday Sake night

Backpackers Hostel K’s House in Tokyo is a great value, and one of the best hostels in Tokyo. It hosts some of the cheaper dorms beds for its location in Tokyo. They offer free wi-fi, and free drinks and snacks on Wednesday, so solo travellers can socialize here easily. Moreover, they have a cozy common room to meet other travellers. Hostel K’s House also has an equipped kitchen (but no free breakfast here!). The rooms are on the smaller side, but that’s a small price to pay for its location and access to the subway system. Take a Japanese cooking class and come back and blow your new mates’ collective minds.

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Best Cheap Hostel in Tokyo #1 – Emblem Hostel Nishiarai

Emblem Hostel Nishiarai top hostel in Tokyo

Emblem Hostel is a cool and cheap hostel in Tokyo

– $

– Free WiFi

– Bike Hire

– Gym Facility on-site

Emblem Hostel Nishiarai is one of the best hostels in Japan because of all of the events they organize for travellers, including sushi making, Japanese tea making, and Karate workshops, movie nights, walking tours, and language/cultural exchanges with locals.

They have a 24 hour reception, and breakfast from 7:30-9:30. The drawback is that they are a little far from the city centre, but they are located close to a subway station! Stay here is you want to participate in their awesome events.

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Best Cheap Hostel in Tokyo #2 – Khaosan Tokyo Origami

Khaosan Tokyo Origami tokyo backpacker hostel

Origami is one of the best cheap hostels in Tokyo (2019) for its location!

– $

– Free WiFi

– Security Lockers

– Coffee and Tea

This hostel is in a great location (Central of Asakusa, Nearby Sensoji temple, and 5mins walk from Asakusa Station) with amazing city lights. Whatever your Tokyo itinerary, this isn’t a bad bet.

The hostel itself has a cozy common area with many hand-made Japanese decorations. The staff is helpful as well!

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Best Hostel for Couples in Tokyo – Juyoh Hotel

Juyoh Hostel best hostel in Tokyo

Juyoh Hotel is a great option compared to other budget hostels in Tokyo

– $$

– Free Wifi

– Free Kitchen use for guests

Juyoh Hostel has two common areas, but all private rooms for reasonable prices in Tokyo. They have clean bathrooms, and facilities.

The location isn’t very central, and a full 15min walk to the nearest station, but the area is local and authentic. It’s a great spot for couples since you won’t find a more affordable private room so central in Tokyo. Other private rooms at other hostels are much pricier.

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Best Party Hostel in Tokyo – Kaisu Hostel

Kaisu Hostel Best hostel Tokyo 2018

Kaisu Hostel is one of the best hostels in Tokyo for its great location and modern feel

– $$$

– Great location

– Free Breakfast

– Free Wi-Fi

– Luggage Storage

I use the term “party hostel” loosely because Tokyo doesn’t really have many party hostels. Kaisu Hostel, however, has an awesome bar onsite with quality beer, spirits, and cocktails. It’s also convenient walking distance to some of Tokyo’s party districts, like Roppongi.

Kaisu Hostel in Tokyo used to be a traditional Japanese restaurant with performing geishas. Now the former restaurant is a converted hostel with a café, so you know the food is good. Many locals hang out at the bar and cafe as well.

Kaisu hostel is one of Tokyo’s top rated hostels because of its location. It is in a beautiful neighborhood walking distance from Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi (good nightlife), Aoyama, and a 15 minute train ride to other neighborhoods. It has a modern decor and feel, and large, comfortable dorm beds with enough room to store your luggage.

The drawback is that there is no available kitchen for guest’s use, but they serve free breakfast from 8-10am (toast, hard-boiled eggs, bananas, and coffee drink).

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Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Tokyo – Citan Hostel

Citan Hostel is best hostel in Tokyo

Citan Hostel is a great Tokyo Backpackers Hostel with its lovely coffeeshop.

– $$

– Free Wi-Fi

– Laundry Facilities

– Restaurant, Bar, & Cafe on-site

Citan Hostel is a seven-story hostel, located in Nihon-bashi area. The hostel has its original coffeeshop, Berth Coffee, on the first floor, and the bar and dining restaurant on the basement floor. It’s a great hostel for digital nomads because of their fast, free wi-fi and superb cafe. They have great staff, and their rooms and washrooms are extremely clean.

Citan is not in most convenient neighborhood nor as close to the nightlife in Shinjuku, but they are close access to multiple lines. Metros run until 12:30AM.

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Best Hostel with a Private Room in Tokyo – Khaosan World Ryogoku Hostel

Khaosan World Ryogoku one of the best hostels in Tokyo

One of the best hostels with a private room in Tokyo is Khaosan World Ryoguku

– $$$

– Free WiFi

– Kitchen

– No Breakfast

Kahosan World Ryogoku Hostel newly opened in April 2017! They have easy access to the JR Ryogoku Station and Toei Oedo Line Ryogoku Station. The hostel is also walking-distance from Ryogoku Kokugikan and the Edo-Tokyo Museum.

They do not have backpack sized lockers to store your valuables. This is more like a hotel than hostel with plenty of private rooms as well, so it won’t have the same atmosphere as some smaller hostels on this list. They do have a great location with bars and restaurants nearby, and a nice common room space on the 7th floor. They also have a fully functioning kitchen for your use, but no free breakfast, which would be nice for the price.

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More Awesome Hostels in Tokyo

Read below to check out 14 more of the best hostels in Tokyo!


MyCUBE by MySTAYS Asakusa Kuramae

MyCUBE by MySTAYS Asakusa Kuramae best hostel in Tokyo

MyCUBE by MySTAYS Asakusa Kuramae is the best hostel for peace and quiet.

– $$$

– Free Pajamas

– Free Wi-Fi

– Highly Rated Breakfast

Great location with comfortable capsule dorms. They are large dorm rooms, however, that sleep 23 people. They do not have mixed dorms (just male and female dorms). This is a clean, spacious hostel with a great breakfast. There isn’t, however, a hugely social atmosphere being a capsule hostel. This is a great youth hostel in Tokyo if you are looking for some privacy, peace and quiet.

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Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki Best Hostel in Tokyo

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki is a recommended hostel in Tokyo for its homey atmosphere.

– $$$

– Free Wi-Fi

– Free Towels, Shampoo, Soap

– 1 min walk to Kaminarimon, Asakusa Temple and Asakusa Station

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki is conveniently located in Asakusa, which is nearby many traditional Japanese tourist destination, and an easy walk to many neighborhoods. This is one of the best hostels in Tokyo because of its extremely friendly staff, and they also have a kitchen facility for guests. In terms of decor and vibe, this hostel isn’t nearly as modern as the other top rated hostels on this list, but overall, Kahosan Tokyo is a good value for money considering its location.

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Wise Owl Hostel

Wise Owl Hostel best hostel in Tokyo in 2018

Wise Owl is a Top Hostel in Tokyo for its location.

– $$$

– Free Wi-Fi

– Fridge/Freezer

– Restaurant/Cafe/Bar

– Breakfast not included

This hostel is a short train ride from Tokyo Station, one of the top places to stay in Tokyo for its location. The hostel is clean, and has comfortable beds with private cubbies! There is a cafe and bar on-site ran by the owner. It isn’t known as the most social hostel, but there is a common room to meet people.

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Unplan Kagurazaka

Unplan Hostel one of the best hostels in Tokyo

Unplan Hostel is a top recommended hostel in Tokyo for its central location.

– $$$

– Free light breakfast

– Free WiFi

– Central location

Unplan Kagurazaka is conveniently located in the center of Tokyo, and one of the best hostels in Tokyo because of its convenient location. They are 8 minutes to Tokyo Station, 15 minutes to Shinjuku, 18 minutes to Roppongi, and 20 minutes to Shibuya or Harajuku.

They provide free breakfast for guests from 08:00 to 10:00, which includes bread, eggs and coffee, and have a nice local cafe. Dorm beds are extremely comfortable capsule style beds, and the rooms have outdoor terraces. The room is a 40 person room. Unplan also has a kitchenette to share. The staff are helpful as well.

Overall, a central location, and clean modern hostel, but a bit on the pricey side in comparison to the other hostels on this list.

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Oakhostel Fuji

Oakhostel best hostel in Tokyo

Oakhostel is one of the coolest hostels in Tokyo

– $

– Free Coffee

– Fridge/Freezer

– Bike Rental

Oakhostel Fuji has clean, quiet capsule style dorm rooms, yet a sociable, fun common room. They have lockers roomy enough to fit your 70L backpack. The downside is that there is no free breakfast nor kitchen to use.

They have a good location nearby Asakusa, and only a couple minutes from the nearest metro station. Oakhostel Fuji also has laundry facilities and an affordable bike hire!

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GuestHouse Fete

Fete Guesthouse best hostels in Tokyo

Fete Guesthouse is a great youth hostel in Tokyo

– $$

– Free WiFi

– Hot Tub

– Bar

You come to Guesthouse Fete for the incredible staff and people who work here. They have a bar, homemade food for affordable purchase, rood terrace, and a hot tub!

The location isn’t as great as other hostels on this list because the restaurant and bars close earlier, but it’s conveniently near the train station. This is the perfect hostel for backpackers wanting a chilled, social vibe.

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Almond Hostel Cafe Shibuya

Almond Hostel best hostel in Tokyo

The bathrooms at Almond Hostel

– $$

– Towels for hire

– Cafe onsite

Almond Hostel is in an awesome location near Shibuya, Tokyo. Within close distance you have the large Yoyogi park, the Meiji-jingu Shrine, Harajuku, the centre of Japanese fashion,and the famous Shibuya intersection crosswalk.

The hostel itself serves coffee, complimentary Wi-Fi, has laundry facilities. There is a cafe, but no free breakfast. The biggest critique is it can be noisy near the station, and the hostel tends to echo, so moving around at night can create a lot of noise. Otherwise, this is a clean, modern hostel in a great location.

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Oak Hostel Zen

Oak Hostel Zen best hostels in Tokyo

– $

– Free Coffee and Tea

– Free shampoo, shower gel, etc.

– Common kitchen and lounge

One of the best hostels in Japan, Oakhostel is in a convenient location near the JR and metro stations. It’s clean, modern, and they have dorms and private rooms with a mini fridge and TV. They provide fresh towels, and a common lounge and kitchen for use. However, this hostel operates more like a hotel than sociable hostel, so it may not be the best option for solo travellers.

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Anne Hostel Yokozuna

Anne Hostel Yokozuna best hostels in Tokyo

Anne Hostel Yokozuna is a top hostel in Tokyo

– $$

– Wide “yokozuna-sized” beds

– Fully equipped kitchen

– Free Coffee

Anne Hostel Yokozuna is conveniently located in Ryogoku, well known as ‘Sumo town’ near restaurants, grocery stores, Karaoke, and a couple bars, but it’s not near any touristy locations; however, JR and Toei Ryogoku station is only a 3 minutes walk. Individual curtain, reading light, power outlet and security lockers are available for every bed. They also have a fully equipped kitchen and lounge room with a large TV and video games.

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 NUI. Hostel & Bar Lounge

Nui. Hostel best hostels in Tokyo

Nui. Hostel is one of the coolest hostels in Tokyo

– $

– Social bar onsite

– Free WiFi

This hostel is located in the Asakusa Area surrounded by restaurants, and Japanese bars. It’s a 15 minute walk from the Asakusa Sensoji temple, and the hostel has easy access to the trains. The hostel has a great view of the Sumida river.

But what makes NUI. Hostel one of the best hostels in Tokyo is its social atmosphere and cafe & bar, where you can meet Japanese locals and travellers alike. They also have a more relaxed common room on the sixth floor.

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Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Sakura Hostel best hostels in Tokyo

Sakura Hostel is one of Tokyo’s top recommended hostels

– $$

– Guest Kitchen available

– Free WiFi

– 24 hour reception

Great staff that are knowledgable about the local area, and it’s a clean hostel with comfortable beds. It’s not as private as other Tokyo hostels, but the common area is known to be social with a lot of friendly backpackers and a great atmosphere. You are 5-10 minutes from a Asakusa subway station, and there are some nice places to eat and shop nearby. If you are looking for the main nightlife spots, however, they are about 40 minutes away.

The hostel offers activities every week, including a Geisha night show, sumo tournament event, walking tours, and private calligraphy and sushi roll cooking lessons.

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Retrometro Backpackers

Retrometro Backpackers Best Hostel in Tokyo

Retrometro Backpackers is one of the best cheap hostels in Tokyo

– $

– Free tea/coffee

– Free Wi-Fi

– Washing Machines available

Retrometro Backpackers in Tokyo is a cozy, relaxing hostel that actually used to be an old Japanese style house. Their relaxing living room makes it easy to meet other travellers. This hostel is rated high for its atmosphere and convenient location near supermarkets, transport, etc.

This is a small, quiet hostel for the traveller who wants to kick back and have good conservations with other travellers, not a party hostel! Overall, it’s one of the best cheap hostels in Tokyo!

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Why you should travel to Tokyo

Given it’s size, accommodation option in Tokyo are literally endless. Tokyo’s hostel game is quite strong, and while you can’t go wrong, due to it’s design and location, we highly recommend Wired Hotel Asakusa (but you truly can’t go wrong with any of the hostels on this list) .

Wired Hotel best hostel in tokyo

Tokyo is a city like nowhere else. Hopefully with the help of this post, you’ll know the best hostels in Tokyo for your next visit!


Travel Safety Tips for Tokyo

Tokyo’s quite a safe city, but we’ve written a separate article with some safety tips so you stay healthy and out of harm’s way during your trip.

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