Tokyo might have all the Michelin star restaurants, but if you’re travelling to Japan and you want to sample local (and more importantly) cheap food, Osaka is the place to be! ‘Kuiadore’ is the city’s motto and it means eat ’til you drop!

It’s not just food that will make your trip though – there’s a stunning castle in Osaka and the nightlife is pretty great too! It also has a huge up and coming art scene and if you’re travelling as a family, you’re little ones will love the theme parks in the city.

However, if you want to save your money and put it towards street food, you have a few options. Yes, you can stay in a hostel, but you probably won’t have your own private space. A better alternative, and a more memorable one, would be choosing an Osaka homestay!

Not only will it be easy on your wallet, but you’ll also get an authentic local experience too as you’ll be staying at a local’s home, with them (and maybe even their family).

In this guide, I’ve put together a list of the 10 best homestays in Osaka, catering to different travel styles, tastes, but most importantly budgets. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect Osaka homestay and you’ll really make the most of your holiday!

The Top 5 Homestays in Osaka

Tatami-Mat Rooms in Guest House

Tatami-Mat Rooms in Guest House

  • > $
  • > 4 Guests
  • > Great location
  • > Authentic experience
Sakai Osaka

Sakai Osaka

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Bicycle hire available
  • > Easy access to public transport
Good Place in Naniwacho

Good Place in Naniwacho

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Laptop-friendly workspace
  • > Monthly discounts
Terase House near the Station

Terase House near the Station

  • > $$
  • > 4 Guests
  • > Shared kitchen
  • > Welcome drinks and snacks
Homestay near Dotonbori

Homestay near Dotonbori

  • > $
  • > 2 Guests
  • > Great location
  • > Toiletries provided

What to Expect from an Osaka Homestay

So what exactly does it mean to stay in a homestay? Well, a homestay can be described as a holiday or other period abroad spent staying in the home of a local family. Or, it can simply mean a private house that offers accommodation to paying guests.

These days, some homestays are more “home” than others. In fact, some are so slick and professional that they are closer to guesthouses. It should normally be easy to identify what kind of homestay you are looking at from the listing and from reading the guest reviews. It is important to choose the right one for you and to decide exactly how much interaction you want with your hosts.

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    Why Book a Homestay?

    Homestays are usually much better value than Osaka hotels or hostels in Osaka. There is usually a trade-off though as it may mean you have to share a bathroom and you might not get your bed made every day!

    Homestays are usually a lot quieter than hostels and offer some quiet & privacy. They are more like guest houses, but the host is more involved in making sure you have a memorable stay. They also offer the chance to break out from the “backpacker bubble” and mingle with the locals.

    Finally, homestays can be great for cultural immersion as you are surrounded by a local family living a pretty typical life. It is for this reason that homestays are especially popular amongst language students.

    Gujo Hachiman Osaka

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    Remember The House Rules

    When you book a homestay, remember to respect the house rules. Whilst homestay hosts will always try their best to be flexible to your needs and are nearly always happy to help you plan your itinerary, there may occasionally be some ground rules such as no pets, outside guests, no drugs, or even no alcohol.

    There may sometimes even be a curfew. It is important to read the listings and check these things before you book your homestay.

    Are Homestays Safe?

    If you are booking through a reputable platform, such as through Airbnb in Osaka, they will have vetted and verified the homestay host very carefully. Guest feedback is also very important and any complaints are carefully investigated. Therefore, homestays are every bit as safe and secure as hostels or hotels.

    Osaka Castle is one of the must-see attractions!

    Join For More Great Homestays

    In this post, we’ve listed 10 awesome properties hand picked from the 4 corners of the internet! However, in case you don’t find what you’re looking for here, we recommend signing up for and having a search yourself. They have 1000’s of homestay listings in over 100 countries!


    The Top 10 Homestays in Osaka

    Now that you have an idea of what to expect from an Osaka homestay, let’s dive into my top 10 homestays. These homestays have been chosen for their affordability, location, and amenities, so you can be sure to find where to stay in Osaka.


    Best Overall Homestay in Osaka – Tatami-Mat Rooms in Guest House

    Tatami-Mat Rooms in Guest House

    Let’s begin my list of the best homestays in Osaka with an awesome guest house near Shin Osaka Station. Here you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from Osaka Castle and all the top things to do in Osaka.

    Whether you’re travelling with a small group or you’re a digital nomad making your way through Japan by yourself, this is a great place to stay to see all the sites. To get a better understanding of traditional Japanese culture, you get to sleep in tatami-style rooms, providing a truly authentic experience of a Japanese home!

    Budget Tip: Dorms in Osaka start from $16USD per bed. They’re the cheapest accommodation in the city. Search for hostels in the area!

    Best Value Homestay in Osaka – Sakai Osaka

    Sakai Osaka

    Japan is an expensive place to travel, and accommodation is one of the things that can eat into your budget most. However, if you’re backpacking Japan, pick the right place and you won’t have those worries! Sakai is one of the best budget homestays in Osaka, but you don’t have to compromise on quality.

    You’ve got a western-style bed, and there’s a laptop-friendly workspace with a comfy chair. Ideal if you’re a digital nomad on a shoestring! Explore the city with free bicycle hire, or if you’re feeling lazy, hop on public transport. You’ve not got far to go to find it!

    Best Traditional Homestay in Osaka – Tatami Mat Room with Verandah

    Tatami Mat Room with Verandah

    Are you looking for a traditional experience in Japan? Then check out this tatami mat room in a guest house – it’s one of the coolest places to stay in Osaka! You’ll be staying on comfy futon beds which guarantee a good night’s sleep.

    Although you won’t get a traditional Japanese breakfast, your friendly homestay host will prepare you with an American-style brunch breakfast. Perfect for fuelling up before a day of sightseeing. It’s not hard to get around Osaka, as you’ve got the subway and JR stations, such as Shin Osaka Station, right on your doorstep!

    Perfect Homestay for Digital Nomads – Good Place in Naniwacho

    Good Place in Naniwacho

    If you’re looking for a cheap homestay in Osaka where you can work away to your heart’s content, check out this place in Naniwacho. As well as a comfy sofa bed for you and another guest, you’ll have a laptop-friendly workspace where you can send off some emails or finish your latest article!

    When you’ve finished working for the day, you’re just a stone’s throw from Osaka’s shopping street – where there are lots of food options too! You’ll be sharing your bath and kitchen with other guests in this cute Osaka homestay.

    Perfect Homestay for Solo Travellers – Private Room Near Kyobashi Station

    Private Room near Kyobashi Station

    If you’re looking for somewhere with a friendly host family in Osaka, then this private room near Kyobashi Station will be right up your street! There’s a small kitchen which is perfect for whipping up some coffee in the morning before you go out and explore the city. Not that you’ll have far to go through, lots of the Osaka’s coolest attractions are on your doorstep!

    Don’t worry about getting lost on your way, as your host will come and greet you. Also, there’s a luggage drop-off, so you don’t need to carry your heavy bags around town all day!

    Best Homestay in Osaka for Couples – Cat Lovers Home in Osaka

    Cat Lovers Home in Osaka

    This Osaka homestay has a western-style double bed so it’s perfect if you’re travelling with your other half! Your friendly homestay host will go out of their way to make sure that you are comfortable and welcome in their home – they’ll even set out complimentary coffee and herbal tea for you! You’ll probably have noticed from the listing too, but there are cats at the apartment. So, if you’re missing your own puss from home, you’ll be able to make up for that with some cuddles here!

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    Best Homestay in Osaka for Nightlife – Homestay near Dotonbori

    Homestay near Dotonbori

    Dotonbori is the party capital of Osaka, so if you’re visiting for nightlife it makes sense to stay in a good location near to the best bars! Not only is it near all of the best clubs and restaurants, but it is also close to Metro Nihonbashi station, which is ideal to get to all the best places to visit in the city or if you’re planning day trips to Kyoto or Nara.

    If you come back from partying tired, hot, and sweaty then take advantage of the toiletries provided in your bathroom. There’s also bicycle rentals nearby and a laundry service downstairs, at an extra cost of course.

    Best Student Homestay in Osaka – Hostel-style Homestay

    Hostel-style Homestay

    If you’re a student visiting Osaka, then affordability will be on your mind. This budget accommodation is in a good location near the metro and is at a super affordable price. Rather than a traditional Japanese tatami room, this homestay is like a modern hostel with many rooms available and four shared bathrooms. Each room has a dedicated workspace, which would be ideal for a student or digital nomad.

    If you’ve had a long day at uni, you can come back to prepare a meal in the kitchen and then work late into the night at your desk or in the common area. When you need a break, your guest house is close to many of the top sites in the city and fabulous places to eat.

    Homestay with All Star-Host Family – Cat House near Namba Station

    Cat House near Namba Station

    Want to stay with a kind and welcoming host family in Osaka? Then check out this cool homestay – which has a fair few cats on-site too! And they have contrasting personalities – one is open-minded while the other is like a ninja! I’m sure you’ll find out what that actually means when you stay… There are other reasons to stay than pets though – laundry facilities are available at no extra cost and you have access to all the communal areas including the living room and the kitchen!

    Best Homestay for Families – Terase House near Namba Station

    Terase House near the Station

    Let’s end my list of the best homestays in Osaka with this awesome spacious and comfy room near Namba station. There’s space for up to 4 guests, and it’s equipped for families of all ages. And you’re sure to feel welcomed when your hosts greet you with drinks and snacks!

    If you still don’t feel full after those, you can always whip something up afterwards in the shared kitchen. Make use of flexible check-in too – there’s a lockbox so you can come and go whenever you like. Perfect if you’re arriving on a late train to Namba Station!

    FAQ about Homestays in Osaka

    Here’s what people usually ask us when they look for homestays in Osaka.

    Don’t Forget Your Osaka Travel Insurance

    ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

    They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

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    Final Thoughts on Osaka Homestays

    So, that concludes my list of the best homestays in Osaka. I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s a lot to choose from! Whether you want a traditional tatami mat room, a friendly family welcome, or to cuddle up with some cute cats, there’s a homestay in Osaka for you!

    I just hope you’re not overwhelmed by how many choices we’ve given you… sorry, not sorry!

    If that’s the case, just scroll back up to the top of the page and pick my overall favourite homestay in Osaka. That’s Tatami-Mat Rooms in Guest House! It’s the best combination of value for money, an awesome location, and a sweet and friendly homestay host!

    Now that I’ve helped you plan your trip to Osaka, let me wish you a fun and safe trip to Japan. Did you have a favourite on my list? Let me know in the comments.

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