You’ll find Japan near the top of most travellers’ bucket lists. This incredible nation is like nowhere else on earth, blending the ultra-modern with the ancient and traditional. Electric city nightscapes, mind-blowing cuisine, and ancient temples are just some of the things that attract tourists to the Land of the Rising Sun.

It’s easy to get around too, with one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world.

While Japan might not immediately spring to mind as a beach destination, you might be surprised. Since this is an island nation, it makes sense that it boasts some of Asia’s best beaches.

Whether you want to find your own secluded spot, enjoy jaw-dropping views of Mount Fuji, or try a range of water sports, there’s a beach in Japan for you.

In this post, we’ll take a look at seven of the best beaches in Japan. It’ll help you plan your trip, and hopefully, you’ll find some off-the-beaten-track spots to rest and recover from the breakneck pace of life in Tokyo and Osaka. Let’s check them out!

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    When to go to beaches in Japan

    Japan Beaches
    Japan’s coastline is picture-perfect!

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    The great thing about travelling to Japan is that it’s a year-round destination. However, if you’re planning to visit its beaches, that’s not the case. Japan’s high season is during April, May, and August, when the weather is hot and humid (but not stifling). Many festivals take place during this time and in the spring months, the cherry blossoms are out – and they’re stunning. However, this is the most expensive time to travel to Japan.

    Visiting in June and July is generally okay for the beaches, but the temperatures can be unbearably hot and humid. If you can stand that, make sure to bring plenty of sun cream. Another potential risk during these months is that your beach day can be ruined by the heavy rain!

    One of Japan’s best beach destinations is Okinawa, southwest of the main islands.

    This small archipelago has several of Japan’s most adored beaches, and if you’re wondering about the best time to visit Japan, it varies from the mainland. Beaches are open from March to October; the earlier in the season you go, the more reliable the weather will be. You can also avoid the crowds if you’re there between March and April!

    Shirahama Beach, Japan
    Shirahama Beach is one of the best beaches in Japan.
    • Who It’s For: Travellers who want an easy change of scenery from the capital and don’t mind a busy beach.
    • Don’t Miss: Shimoda’s very own Mount Fuji. One of 58 mountains across Japan named Fuji, Shimoda’s is the lowest. At less than 200 metres, you can now say you’ve climbed Mount Fuji too!

    Confusingly, Japan has two Shirahama Beaches – one in Shizuoka Prefecture, and another in Wakayama. We’re talking about the first one. The beach town of Shimoda is home to several beaches, and Shirahama is the most popular. It’s just 2-3 hours from Tokyo by train, so it’s not impossible to make a day trip here from the capital. There are lots of places to eat and drink, and it can get quite crowded in the summer. The blue waters are great for a paddle and overall, it’s one of the best places to stay in Japan!

    Room in Kimono Guesthouse, JapanBest Airbnb – Room in Kimono Guesthouse

    Space for six in this Shimoda Beach hotel means you can keep your costs down and spend the extra cash on activities at the beach and tasty seafood. Great for a group of friends!


    A Million Roses, JapanBest Hostel – A Million Roses

    While you won’t find a hostel in Shimoda, A Million Roses is a budget beachfront accommodation option. There’s a shared lounge and garden if crowds on the beach get too much.

    Gardenvilla Shirahama, JapanBest Hotel – Gardenvilla Shirahama

    Mixing Western and Japanese interior design, this classy hotel by the ocean is worth splashing the cash on. Breakfast is included in the price.


    Best House – Japanese House with Cat and Plants

    For really big groups of friends or family, rent this house with space for up to 12 guests. Splitting the cost multiple ways means it’s not as pricey as it first seems.

    Shimodakaichu Aquarium

    See penguins, earless seals, and dolphins at this floating aquarium located in a shallow ocean cove. Awesome if you’re visiting with kids!

    Shimoda Harbor Boat Tour

    Take a round trip at the city’s harbour on the famous ‘Black Ship’. The 20-minute cruise is on a replica of the Susquehanna that Perry sailed into Japan in 1854.

    Shimoda Park Japan
    [source: Princess_Anmitsu (Shutterstock)]

    Shimoda Park

    Those who plan their visit to Shirahama Beach in Japan will be able to see the Hydrangea Festival in nearby Shimoda Park

    Shimoda Ropeway, JapanTake in the Scenery

    Admire the views of the Izu Islands and the Amagi Mountains from the Shimoda Ropeway.


    visit a 'bonito' factoryLearn About the Cuisine

    Head to Nishiizu on the Izu Peninsula to visit a ‘bonito’ factory. The essential ingredient in Japanese cuisine!

    Most Beautiful Beach in Japan | Yonaha Maehama Beach

    Yonahamaehama Beach
    • Who It’s For: Visitors to Okinawa (specifically the Yaeyama Islands) who want a stunning tropical beach all to themselves.
    • Don’t Miss: Sampling Okinawan Cuisine. Okinawans are among the longest-living people in the world, and the diet is a part of that!

    Part of the Yaeyama Islands, Miyakojima is the most easterly of this part of Okinawa. Yonaha Maehama Beach is said to be the most beautiful beach in all of Japan, and it’s hard to argue. These white sands are billed as the whitest in the Pacific, stretching for seven kilometres alongside perfect turquoise water. It’s well worth the effort to get here from mainland Japan as there are so many awesome things to do in Okinawa, but this one will need some pre-planning.

    Private room with Airport pick up, JapanBest Airbnb – Private room with Airport pick up

    Make the most of free airport pick up and stay in a local homestay. Get tips from your hosts on how to explore the island before renting a bike or car – that’s if you don’t spend all day at the beach.

    Ishigaki Guesthouse HIVE, JapanBest Hostel – Ishigaki Guesthouse HIVE

    Ishigaki Guesthouse HIVE is on nearby Ishigaki Island. Luckily, it’s less than five minutes from the ferry terminal so you can use it as a base to explore the Yaeyama Islands.


    Marine Lodge Marea, Japan

    Best Hotel – Marine Lodge Marea

    An inexpensive option among the luxury resorts of Miyakojima, Marine Lodge Marea is ideal for beginner scuba divers who’d prefer to learn in the safety of the hotel’s indoor pool than the open ocean.

    Traditional Japanese House, JapanBest house – Traditional Japanese House

    Less than a quarter of an hour from the beach, this traditional Japanese house is ideal for families with young children. Pre-schoolers go free, and there’s space for five guests.

    Explore the Gardens

    Find some shade in Miyako City’s botanical gardens, where you can see a range of plants and trees.

    Check out A Viewpoint

    Head to the Kuruma Ohashi Bridge, connecting Miyakojima to neighbouring Kurumajima. From here, you’ll get a scale of how big the beach is!

    Feast on the Local Food

    Sample traditional Okinawan cuisine. Any of the authentic Japanese nearby that serve Miyako Soba will do the job.

    hike with a localGo Hiking

    Take a hike with a local to get up close and personal with coconut crabs.

    after dark tourStar Gaze

    Count the stars in the clear night skies on this after dark tour of Miyakojima.


    fly boardingEnjoy the Water Activities

    Learn a new sport and get some serious air as you try fly boarding.

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    Best Beach in Japan for surfing | Irino Coast

    Irino Coast, Japan
    • Who It’s For: Adventurous surfers who want to get well off the beaten tourist trail in Japan.
    • Don’t Miss: The Sunabi Museum. The locals consider it to be a natural art gallery. It really is that beautiful!

    In the quiet fishing village of Kuroshio, you’ll find one of the most beautiful beaches in Japan. The prefectural national park is four kilometres long and is where you’ll find epic blue skies against the backdrop of thick pine forests. It’s part of the 88 temple pilgrimage in Shikoku, and you’ll often see pilgrims here. Photographers are bound to love the place!

    Not only is it an absolutely stunning beach, but this stretch of sand is great for surfers, too. What’s the catch? Well, it’s not easy to get to, and there are few places to stay right on the doorstep. Should that put you off? Absolutely not.

    Grandmother’s House among sea and mountains, JapanBest Airbnb – Grandmother’s House among sea and mountains

    Stay in a nearby village with a Japanese family to get a real authentic slice of Kochi life. You can sample a traditional “hamayaki” BBQ with your hosts.

    Hotel Crown Hills Nakamura, JapanBest Hostel – Hotel Crown Hills Nakamura

    There are a few hostels in the nearby town of Shimanto, but this budget hotel is a great alternative. There’s also a TV to keep you entertained after a long day of surfing!

    If you’re backpacking Japan, check out our guide to the best hostels in Japan where you’re bound to meet other travellers!

    Shimanto no Yado, JapanBest Hotel – Shimanto no Yado

    Always wanted to stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan? Shimanto no Yado has breakfast and dinner included, as well as the use of a private onsen.

    Villa in Kawaguchi Virgin Forest, JapanBest Villa – Villa in Kawaguchi Virgin Forest

    Right by the Shimanto River, one of the cleanest in Japan, surrounding yourself with nature is the ideal accommodation to disconnect and switch off from the world.

    88 Temple Pilgrimage
    [source: Benedikt Bogner (Shutterstock)]

    88 Temple Pilgrimage

    One for long term travellers. Taking the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage will see you stop on this beach. Sixteen temples are in Kochi Prefecture.


    Sunabi Museum

    The art exhibition on the Irino Coast is packed full of awesome exhibits. One of the best-known is the t-shirts blowing in the wind; however, you’ll also see sculptures and plants poking out of the sand.


    Watch for turtles

    Across Japan, sea turtles lay their eggs between May and August. See this magical event on the Irino Coast to take home unforgettable memories!

    sakeLearn About Sake

    Kochi prefecture, where you’ll find the Irino Coast, is famous for its sake. It’d be a shame not

    Quietest Beach in Japan | Jodogahama Beach

    Jodogahama Beach, Japan
    • Who It’s For: If you like picturesque scenery, Jodogahama Beach is for you. It’s great for swimmers too.
    • Don’t Miss: The Hiking trails which lead to picturesque viewpoints

    Jodogahama means “pure land beach”. The most northerly beach on this list, it’s located in the Iwate prefecture. It can get a bit cooler up here, so summer is definitely the best time to visit. You’re sure to be bowled over by how stunning this place is: white rock formations are separated from the sand by cool blue water just begging you to take a dip. It’s one of the best swimming beaches in Japan, too! There are also some incredible hiking trails in the area and it’s a bucket list destination in Japan.

    Private room in Kamaishi, JapanBest Airbnb – Private room in Kamaishi

    This private room in nearby Otsuchi is near bus stops and local conveniences, so it’s a good place to base yourself on a budget. The property can sleep up to five guests.


    Hotel Omiya, JapanBest Hostel – Hotel Omiya

    Cheap accommodation in and around Miyako is uncommon. One of the most affordable hotels you’ll find is Omiya, and breakfast is included in the price.


    Jodogahama Park Hotel, JapanBest Hotel – Jodogahama Park Hotel

    The closest hotel to Jodogahama Beach, this place is excellent for families. It’s a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), so breakfast and dinner are included, as is use of the onsen.

    Japanese Room with Private Deck, JapanBest Ryokan – Japanese Room with Private Deck

    Another incredible ryokan near Jodagahama Beach, this place is pretty pricey. However, the room comes with a private onsen bath, and some look out over the coast.

    Jodogahama Visitor Centre

    The Jodogahama Visitor Centre is where you’ll find a free museum about the rock formations at the beach. You can pick up maps for the hiking trails too.

    Janome Main Shop

    Try seafood dishes at the best seafood restaurant in Minako.

    Sanriku Tetsudo Railway

    Take this stunning railway line along the Pacific coast of Iwate Prefecture. There are Japanese-style carriages on winter weekends and public holidays.

    making mochiTake Part in Local Traditions

    Exploring Iwate Prefecture? Experience making mochi and local life in the town of Ichinoseki.

    Family-Friendly Beach in Japan | Tottori Sand Dunes

    Tottori Sand Dunes, Japan
    • Who It’s For: Families who want to have a wide range of activities on offer. Adrenaline junkies might be swayed by sandboarding!
    • Don’t Miss: Is that really a camel on the beach? You bet it is. Even if you don’t want to ride it, it’s quite the sight!

    Not strictly a beach, Tottori has the largest dunes in Japan. They create a barrier around 16 kilometres long between the Sea of Japan and the mainland. The reason it’s so great for families is the sheer amount of activities on offer here. Take camel or horse rides along the beach or enjoy views from a chairlift and observation deck. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, try sandboarding or paragliding!

    Guest room in traditional house, JapanBest Airbnb – Guest room in traditional house

    Don’t fancy staying in Tottori itself? Morosoye is further east, and it’s a great chance to stay in a Japanese home. There are some onsen nearby for resting those muscles after a day on the dunes.

    Drop Inn TOTTORI, JapanBest Hostel  – Drop Inn TOTTORI

    In the centre of Tottori Town, find out more about the great activities on offer. Beds are capsules, so you still get your own privacy – even in a dorm!


    Super Hotel Tottori Ekimae, JapanBest Hotel – Super Hotel Tottori Ekimae

    It might be five miles away from Tottori Sand Dunes, but free bicycle rental means you’ll arrive there in style. A great base for enjoying the town’s restaurants and bars in the evening!

    Luxury House by Beach, JapanBest Entire House – Luxury House by Beach

    This luxurious house might be expensive, but can you put a price on being able to run straight out onto the beach in the morning?!

    Tottori Dunes Sand MuseumTottori Dunes Sand Museum

    The only open-air museum in Japan that exhibits sculptures made of sand. The sculptures must be seen to be believed!


    Sakyu Observation Deck

    Get incredible views across the dunes without the tiring climb.


    Rakudaya Camel Rides

    Take a camel ride across the dune. Most common between December and February.

    Tottori CastleLearn about the history of this lesser-visited Japanese region with a trip to the remains of Tottori Castle.



    first surfing lessonGo Surfing

    Take your first surfing lesson. It’s not at Tottori Dunes themselves, but nearby in the same prefecture.


    Tottori Flower ParkExplore the Stunning Attractions

    Head west to discover the magic of Tottori Flower Park Botanical Garden.

    Best Black Sand Beach in Japan | Miho no Matsubara Beach

    Miho no Matsubara Beach, Japan
    • Who It’s For: Anyone who wants one of the most iconic views in Japan – Fuji rising over a black sand beach.
    • Don’t Miss: Walking and cycling on the Miho Peninsula – the beach is lined by pine trees.

    You’ve all seen it – that view of Mount Fuji rising out of the clouds behind a blue sea. That view? It’s from Miho no Matsubara Beach, one of the best beaches in Japan. It’s not only the views of Fuji that make this place so special though; it’s also the black volcanic sand. Located on the Miho Peninsula near Shizuoka City, the beach is lined by pine trees. There’s plenty to see and do in Shizuoka Prefecture too!

    Cats and Japanese traditional room, JapanBest Airbnb – Cats and Japanese traditional room

    Sample traditional Japanese food at this traditional home. If you’re missing your pet, this is a great place to stay, as there’s a room next to yours just for the cats!



    Right by the west exit of JR Shimizu Station, this budget hotel is a great base for visiting Miho no Matsubara Beach.


    Hotel Hagoromo, JapanBest Hotel – Hotel Hagoromo

    Another ryokan with tatami mat floors. This one has breakfast included – and just look at that private onsen bath.


    Flat near Shizuoka Station, JapanBest Entire Flat – Flat near Shizuoka Station

    Right in the centre of the city and just 2 minutes from the JR Station, this is a great base for your Shizuoka adventures.

    Tokai University Marine Science Museum

    Relax your mind and body with a couple of hours exploring this aquarium – part of Tokai University.

    S-Pulse Dream Plaza

    Try a spot of shopping before seeing the port from above on the Ferris wheel. There’s a sushi museum in there too!

    Verkehr Museum

    Meaning transport or interchange in German, this museum deals in the history of Shimizu Port.

    Go Fishing

    In nearby Yaizu Port, improve your fishing skills and hopefully get the first catch of the day.


    See the city by hybrid bike

    Cycle Tour

    See the city by hybrid bike and get more views of Mount Fuji without tiring your legs out too much.


    Chibi Maruko Chan Land, JapanExplore the Quirky Side to Japan

    See a classic Japanese animé come alive at Chibi Maruko-Chan Land.

    Best Sandbar in Japan | Amanohashidate

    Amanohashidate, Japan
    Amanohashidate is one of the best beaches to visit in Japan.
    • Who It’s For: Day-trippers from Kyoto looking to see a stunning and unique Japanese site
    • Don’t Miss: The views from Amanohashidate View Land and Kasamatsu Park.

    Said to be one of Japan’s three scenic views (one of the others is Fuji from the beach above), Amanohashidate is not quite a beach. Meaning bridge to heaven, it’s actually a sandbar across Miyazu Bay rather than a beach. It’s an easy day trip from Osaka and Kyoto, and you should be able to make the most of the sandbar and surrounding attractions in half a day, with some extra time to relax. Cycle across the sandbar or view if from above!

    Entire House near Amanohashidate, JapanBest Airbnb – Entire House near Amanohashidate

    With room for up to seven guests, groups of friends and family will be delighted with this traditional Japanese house. Your host lives next door and can help you with anything you need.

    Amanohashidate Youth Hostel, JapanBest Hostel – Amanohashidate Youth Hostel

    Just ten minutes from Amanohashidate, this youth hostel has bike rental for exploring the local area.


    Shinpuro, JapanBest Hotel – Shinpuro

    This ryokan overlooks the land bridge and Wakasa Bay. It has hot spring baths on-site and traditional Japanese seafood meals.


    Small Cabin in Owl Forest, JapanBest Cabin – Small Cabin in Owl Forest

    A little further out into Miyako District, this will allow you to explore the countryside of Northern Kyoto Prefecture as well as the sandbar.

    Chionji Temple Japan
    [source: mTaira (Shutterstock)]

    Chionji Temple

    One of the three most important temples in Japan dedicated to the Buddhist god of wisdom and intellect, this peaceful temple has fan-shaped fortunes hanging from pine trees.

    Kasamatsu Park Japan
    [source: Windyboy (Shutterstock)]

    Kasamatsu Park

    On the opposite side of the Amanohashidate Bridge, this peaceful spot offers more views of the sandbar. Get there with a chairlift or cable car.


    Amanohashidate View Land

    Look upside down through your legs to see the sandbar appear as if it’s floating in heaven. There’s a theme park too!

    Cycle across the Amanohashidate sandbar

    Go Cycling

    Cycle across the Amanohashidate sandbar before heading to a craftsman’s house, where you’ll learn to wrap furoshiki.


    day trip from KyotoTake a Day Trip

    Visit Amanohashidate and other Northern Kyoto attractions on a day trip from Kyoto.

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    Final Thoughts on the Best Beaches in Japan

    Now that you know more about the best beaches in Japan, it’s time to start planning your trip. Remember that even if a beach seems far away on the map, there’s likely to be a bullet train that goes nearby, where you can switch to local transport – unless you’re in Okinawa, of course! This transport can be expensive so check out this guide to work out your budget for Japan.

    Japan has some of the most varied beach landscapes in the world. One day, you could be scaling the dunes of Tottori, the next, cycling across the Amanohashidate Sandbar, before rounding off your beach adventures with a view of Mount Fuji from the black sands of Miho no Matsubara. All of that broken up by combining the ancient and modern in cities like Nara and Kyoto, or hiking in the Japanese Alps.

    When it comes to a vacation, there’s nowhere quite like Japan. That’s reflected in the choice and quality of its beaches. We hope you have a great trip to one of the most fascinating and exciting countries in the world!