Mount Fuji is probably tied with Tokyo as the #1 must visit destination in Japan – and thankfully they are only 100 km away from each other!

But there aren’t many hostels in Mount Fuji, and they are often booked ahead of time.

This is exactly why I wrote this guide of the best hostels in Mount Fuji.

I want you to know which hostel best suits your travel-style, so you can book quickly and be sure you have a hostel booked to see this amazing and sacred destination.

I’ve organized the list into different categories, so you can book a hostel that fits your style.

Let’s dive into the best hostels in Mount Fuji.

Quick Answer: Best Hostels in Mount Fuji

Best Hostels in Mount Fuji
Japan can be expensive – our guide to the best hostels in Mount Fuji will help you save some money!

The 13 Best Hostels in Mount Fuji

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    Best Overall Hostel in Mount Fuji – Saruya Hostel & Salon

    Saruya Hostel & Salon best hostels in Mount Fuji
    Saruya Hostel is our pick for the best hostel in Mount Fuji
    • $$
    • Free Airport Transfer
    • Hot Tub
    • Self Catering Facilities

    Saryua is the best hostel in Mount Fuji in 2021, cute, cosy and featuring classic Japanese decor it’s a real home from home. Saryua is one of the most highly recommended hostels in Mount Fuji, in all of Japan in fact! The Saryua team keeps the place in immaculate order and the dorm rooms are in the typical-Japanese-minimalist style. This gives travellers an authentic taste of Japanese living while in Mount Fuji. Be sure to make the most of their free airport transfer service to save yourself some Yen to spend at the hundreds of gift shops in Fujiyoshida city.

    Nasubi Mt Fuji Backpackers

    Nasubi Mt Fuji Backpackers best hostels in Mt Fuji
    Our other top pick for best hostel in Mount Fuki – Nasubi Mt Fuji
    • $
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Free Shuttle to Bus/Train
    • Late Check-Out

    As a very close contender for best hostel in Mount Fuji in 2021, Nasubi Backpackers has it all. Nasubi has minimalist style dorms but with proper mattresses as well as curtains for privacy. As you would come to expect from Japanese hostels Nasubi is immaculately clean and the staff are incredibly welcoming. Nasubi is a top hostel in Mount Fuji partly because they offer free pick up and drop off to Fuji Station, where you can catch the bus or the train, and partly because they are one of the cheapest hostels in the city too. On clear days you can even see Mount Fuji from the dorm windows!

    Best Hostel for Solo Travellers in Mount Fuji – Guesthouse Murabito

    Guesthouse Murabito best hostels in Mt Fuji
    Guesthouse Murabito is one of the best hostels in Mount Fuji for solo travelers
    • $$$
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Late Check-Out

    For single nomads looking to find the best hostel for solo travellers in Mount Fuji, look no further than Guesthouse Murabito. Recently renovated, the Guesthouse Murabito is run by Kei and Marino who are working hard to make their home a top hostel in Mount Fuji. Kei and Marino are outstandingly welcoming and are more than happy to be a surrogate family for solo travellers. They often invite guests to join them at meal times and are always on hand to give travel advice and local tips. They are a very well travelled pair, no doubt you’ll spend an evening or two sharing stories.

    Guesthouse Tokiwa

    Guesthouse Tokiwa best hostels in Mt Fuji
    Guesthouse Tokiwa is a top hostel in Mount Fuji and highly recommended for solo travelers
    • $$
    • Free Drive to Mt Fuji
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Linen Included

    For solo travellers keen to explore Mt Fuji but don’t want to venture out alone, Guesthouse Tokiwa is the coolest hostel in Mount Fuji for sure. Daisuke is a bit of a legend and top hostel host, he runs free daily tours of Mt Fuji, Shiraito Waterfalls and, Tanuki Lake. He is a wonderful tour guide and welcomes guests as if they are family. Solo travellers keen to make local friends will be chuffed to bits to stay at Guesthouse Tokiwa. As a top youth hostel in Mount Fuji, Guesthouse Tokiwa also offers free WiFi, laundry facilities, and complimentary toiletries.

    Best Cheap Hostel in Mount Fuji – K’s House Mt Fuji

    K's House Mt Fuji best hostels in Mt Fuji
    K’s House is one of the coolest and best hostels in Mount Fuji
    • $
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Late Check-Out

    K’s House is one of the best budget hostels in Mount Fuji. The dorm rooms are spacious and each bed comes with its own luggage storage compartment too. K’s House is a great little hangout for backpackers in Mount Fuji, be sure to make some time to chill out in their traditional Japanese tatami lounge and share your travel stories with your hostel mates. K’s House is a great Mount Fuji backpackers hostel as they offer discounts tours of the five lakes. For full details, you can chat with the super friendly K House staff when you arrive.

    K’s House Fuji View

    K's House Fuji View best hostels in Mt Fuji
    • $
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Late Check-Out

    Keeping it in the family, K House Fuji View is another of the best budget hostels in Mount Fuji. As the sister hostel to K’s House Mt Fuji, Fuji View is calm, quiet and offers a spectacular view of the mountain. The dorm rooms are basic by the standard of European hostels but very much in keeping with Japan’s minimalist ethos. K’s House Fuji View is a highly recommended hostel in Mount Fuji as they have a rooftop lounge that offers panoramic views of the Fuji lakes. Instagram central!

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    Best Hostel for Couples in Mount Fuji – Den’s Inn

    Den's Inn best hostels in Mt Fuji
    • $$
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Free Bicycle Hire

    As the best hostel for couples in Mount Fuji Den’s Inn has a range of private twin rooms with big, comfy beds. Den’s Inn is super easy to find as it’s right by the #17 bus stop. The Den’s Inn team are super friendly and very welcoming. If you’re seeking a romantic day of exploration in Mount Fuji be sure to secure yourselves the free bicycles and get out there! In the summer months, the Den’s Inn garden is a cute little spot to spend an afternoon in, perhaps with a book or get snapping the iconic Japanese cherry blossom flowers.

    Kawaguchi-ko Station Inn

    Kawaguchi-ko Station Inn best hostels in Mt Fuji
    • $$
    • Cafe & Restaurant Onsite
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Hot Tub

    As a top hostel in Mount Fuji for couples Kawaguchi-Ko Station Inn offers reasonably priced private rooms. Although they only offer ‘twin’ rooms they’ve adopted the traditional Japanese minimalist style and guests sleep on mats and blankets on the floor; so you and your lover can cosy up, no worries there. They even have a hot tub, making Kawaguchi-Ko Station one of the coolest hostels in Mount Fuji. Located in the heart of the Lake Kawaguchiko area they have everything the modern backpacker could wish for within a short walking distance; restaurants, bus stops…you name it!

    Best Party Hostel in Mount Fuji – Mt Fuji Hostel Micheal’s

    Mt Fuji Hostel Micheal's best hostels in Mt Fuji
    • $
    • Bar & Cafe Onsite
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Bicycle Hire

    The best party hostel in Mount Fuji is Micheal’s; but I use the word ‘party’ loosely. Don’t go getting your hopes up, this is not rave central! The Mount Fuji area of Japan is pretty chill, but this is why Micheal’s is so great; they have an on-point hostel vibe, super chilled out staff and their own bar. The Michael’s American Cafe & Pub is the place to go if you want to grab a few beers, mix with locals and hang out with your travel buddies. Having opened in 2010 Micheal’s is now a long established top hostel in Mount Fuji.

    Best Hostel for Digital Nomads in Mount Fuji – Kagelow Mt Fuji Hostel

    Kagelow Mt Fuji Hostel best hostels in Mt Fuji
    • $
    • Bar & Cafe Onsite
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Laundry Facilities

    The best hostel for digital nomads in Mount Fuji is Kagelow Hostel. With their own hipster coffee shop and bar on the ground floor, digital nomads have the perfect space to focus on their work. Kagelow has incorporated classic Japanese wooden beams and minimalist style with modern, neutral colour schemes to create one of the best youth hostels in Mount Fuji, no questions there! They even have their own front garden which is the ideal spot for a bit of morning yoga or afternoon reading.

    Hostel Fujisan YOU

    Hostel Fujisan YOU best hostels in Mt Fuji
    • $
    • Self Catering Facilities
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Late Check-Out

    For digital nomads seeking a home from home on a shoestring budget be sure to book a bed at Hostel Fujisan YOU while in Mount Fuji. As a top budget hostel in Mount Fuji, Fujisan YOU offers digital nomads a bright and friendly environment to work in. Everywhere you turn you’ll be greeted by traditional Japanese artwork, adding to the authentic feel of the hostel. The staff are very welcoming and accommodating; they’ll be more than happy to supply digital nomads with copious amounts of free tea throughout the day!

    More Best Hostels in Mount Fuji

    Some neighborhoods are more fun than others – discover which are the best areas to stay in Mount Fuji and then book the right hostel!

    Cabin & Lounge Highland Station Inn

    Cabin & Lounge Highland Station Inn best hostels in Mt Fuji
    • $$$
    • Laundry Facilities
    • Vending Machines
    • Common Room

    Cabin & Lounge Highland Station Inn is one of the newest hostels in the area and is set to become a highly recommended hostel in Mount Fuji. Cabin & Lounge offers backpackers their own capsule to sleep in and separate luggage store. Many people think that the capsule style hostels are anti-social, not at all. The Cabin & Lounge common room is super chilled and perfect for meeting and mingling. Each capsule comes complete with bed linen and charging ports; WiFi also reaches each capsule too.

    Minshuku Fugakuso

    Minshuku Fugakuso best hostels in Mt Fuji
    • $$$
    • Linen Included
    • Free WiFi
    • Meals Available

    Minshuku Fugakuso is a classic Japanese guesthouse in Mount Fuji offering hostel style dorms. What makes Minshuku Fugakuso a top Mount Fuji backpackers hostel is their proximity to the hot spring bathhouse, just a 10-minute walk away. The staff at Minshuku Fugakuso are super helpful and go above and beyond to make sure their guests have an easy and enjoyable stay. You’ll find Minshuku Fugakuso by Lake Kawakuchiko, the biggest of Fuji’s five lakes.

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      Why you should travel to Mount Fuji

      For some, Mount Fuji is the highlight of Japan, and a memory of a lifetime. The mountain is sacred to the culture of Japan, and it’s hard not to feel that impact.

      Hopefully with the guide of the best hostels in Mount Fuji, you are able to quickly book the hostel that best fits your travel style, so you can travel Mount Fuji like a boss.

      FAQ about Hostels in Mount Fuji

      Here are some questions backpackers ask about hostels in Mount Fuji.

      Travel Safety Tips for Mount Fuji

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      Over to you

      By now I hope our epic guide to the best hostels in Mount Fuji has helped you choose the perfect hostel for your adventure!

      If you think we’ve missed anything or have any further thoughts, hit us up in the comments!

      Thanks for reading – that was fun! 😀

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