What’s cheaper than a hotel, more private than a hostel, and offers just as many benefits as a vacation rental? Enter the capsule hotel. A modern take on the traditional hostel dorm room, capsule hotels offer more refined sleeping quarters than your average bunk bed.

Yokohama is pretty much a playground for foodies, culture vultures, and lovers of all things futuristic and edgy. And what better way to experience this far-fetched city than by staying in a space-age-inspired sleeping pod?

While there are plenty of capsule hotels across the neighboring city of Tokyo, there are not yet as many options when it comes to Yokohama. This is where I come in.

I’ve stayed at the top 5 capsule hotels in the city. I’ve also included some EPIC places to stay that offer a vibe and price point similar to the classic capsule hotel.

Prepare to enter your own version of a sci-fi-Japanese reality as we dive into the best capsule hotels in Yokohama!

Quick Answer: The Best Capsule Hotels in Yokohama

Yokohama Chinatown

What to Expect from Capsule Hotels in Yokohama

Stepping into a capsule hotel is a bit like entering a sci-fi movie. That said, you can forget about the clinical and cold atmosphere and blend it with a bit of the community vibe of hostels.

Suitable for one or even two guests, each “room” is a futuristic capsule stacked alongside, above, and below other capsules. A classic pod includes a comfortable bed fitted with cozy linens, mood lighting with a control panel, plug points, some nifty storage space, and maybe even a TV. 

Don’t worry – they’re not as claustrophobic as they sound. Instead, just think of your pod as your own tiny slice of privacy while you’re staying in Yokohama.

yokohama - Minato Mirai 21

Diving deeper into the world of tiny hotel rooms, capsule hotels are brilliantly designed to maximize space without skimping on comfort and coziness. When it comes to amenities, you can expect super clean communal bathrooms loaded with the essentials. Some even offer shared lounge spaces, kitchens, and even a sauna and bath to sweat out any and every stress.

Let’s not forget about tech – we are in Yokohama, after all. Most capsule hotels offer ultra-fast Wi-Fi and co-working spaces to get your grind on. 

There are various types of capsule hotels. Some are designed for socializing, others for long-term visits, and some for digital nomads. 

Some of the amenities found in capsule hotels include:

  • On-site bars
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchenettes
  • Spas and saunas 
  • Co-working spaces 

Depending on the quality of the hotel, the amenities it offers, and its location, a typical single-sleeper pod in a capsule hotel can cost between $25 and $50 per night. In general, Japan is one of the most expensive countries to travel. Capsule hotels offer solo and budget travelers the unique opportunity to explore this extravagant city without breaking the bank.

And the best part: location, location, location. From my experience, most of the best capsule hotels in Yokohama are located in or around the city’s Chinatown AKA the buzzing center of Yokohama. We’re talking walking access to the most vibrant neighborhoods, epic food markets, and cultural hotspots. 

Most of these capsule hotels can be found on Booking.com, with the odd property listed on Hostelworld too. If you can’t find a suitable capsule hotel, try searching Airbnb and Hostelworld for other options for affordable accommodation in the area.

The 5 Best Capsule Hotels in Yokohama

And with that, it’s time to take a look at the top capsule hotels, as well as some equally good options for accommodation on your Japanese adventure in the city of Yokohama:

Hare-Tabe Sauna & Inn Yokohama – Best Overall Capsule Hotel in Yokohama

Hare Tabe Sauna and Inn Yokohama

Considered one of the most highly rated and well-located capsule hotels in the city, Hare-Tabe Sauna and Inn Yokohama lives up to its reputation as the city’s best overall capsule hotel.

The hotel features traditional capsule accommodation. Although, instead of the clinical modern look, it has a cozier, more cabin-like aesthetic. Wooden capsules with comfortable bedding and warm lighting make each pod feel like a cabin in a boat.

Each pod is numbered and closed with curtains, which gives the feeling that you’re totally private from the other guests, even if you are just a thin wall away from them. Unlike other capsule rooms, these pods are particularly spacious, with ample floor space, a small table with a mirror, and shelving to store your stuff. 

While your pod might be dark and private, the room outside is sunny and spacious. There are large windows overlooking the street below and comfortable couches and seating along the windows where you can mingle with other guests at this Yokohama capsule hotel.

The capsule dorms are separated into mixed and female options, which gives an added level of safety. I felt really comfortable here as a solo female traveler. It’s a thumbs up from me!

Why You’ll Love This Capsule Hotel

  • Fast, free Wi-Fi throughout
  • Mood lighting and industrial interiors
  • Spacious capsules 

When it comes to the details and nitty gritty, this capsule hotel pulls out all the stops. Saunas aren’t commonplace in most of the world’s capsule hotels, but thank God, they are more common in Japan.

This capsule hotel has a sauna, cold bath, and a shared lounge where guests can unwind and relax after experiencing a sensory overload in the city. 

Its location is also as good as it gets. Located right in the center of Yokohama, it is within walking distance from shops and restaurants and not far from the iconic Nissan Stadium, Yokohama Marine Tower, and Motosumi-Bremen Shopping District.

You’ll be sharing a bathroom with other guests but they’re kept incredibly clean. The bathroom is filled with complimentary toiletries, including extras like cotton wool pads, and each guest gets a care package of slippers, soaps and sponges, toothbrushes, and razors. Seriously, every small detail has been considered here!

There is also a small food zone where you can warm up meals in the microwave and make coffee and loose-leaf local tea.

BnB+ Yokohama Motomachi – Most Affordable Capsule Hotel in Yokohama

BnBplus Yokohama Motomachi

Who want’s to spend their entire life savings letting loose in Yokohama? Not you? Makes sense.

Check out this budget-friendly capsule hotel. BnB+ Yokohama Motomachi is a hostel slash capsule hotel located just a few minutes walk from the buzzing heart of Chinatown. 

The rooms at this Yokohama capsule hotel are large, some with thirty beds in one room. That amount of guests in one room isn’t for everyone but it is ideal for budget travelers. Capsules are located alongside each other in double-decker rows, with basic wooden ladders used to get into the top row of beds. 

As you crawl into your capsule, you’ll be greeted with a comfortable mattress fitted with snuggly bedding, a warm light with a control switch next to the bed, a hook and a hangar, and a plug point to charge your device. Each capsule comes with its own locker to store your belongings safely.

Why You’ll Love This Capsule Hotel

  • Safe deposit boxes and lockers
  • Self-check-in
  • Walking distance to JR Ishikawacho Station

When you aren’t reveling in the privacy of your pod, hang out in the sunny shared lounge and dining space. With floor-to-ceiling glass walls and tons of natural light, this spot is ideal if you have a digital nomad job. The shared lounge also has a mini-fridge and microwave, and a flat-screen TV.

Soaps and hair dryers are provided but one thing this spot doesn’t offer is free towels. You’ll have to rent a towel from reception so I recommend you bring your own. 

Wi-Fi is complimentary and strong throughout the property, which is essential for planning your trip. When the heat of summer hits, you’ll be glad to know that each room is fitted with air conditioning – an essential, if you ask me!

Minutes from Chinatown, the capsule hotel is wonderfully located close to the Tokyo Bay Bridge and Yokohama Port, with plenty of parks, museums, and attractions to explore within walking distance. Public transport is also super convenient, considering JR Ishikawacho Station is just a few minutes walk from the property.

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Tabist Mayudama Cabin – Best Capsule Hotel for Solo Travelers in Yokohama

Tabist Mayudama Cabin

If you’re staying in a capsule hotel in the first place, chances are that you are traveling alone in Japan. Well, if you’re looking for the best capsule hotel in Yokohama for solo travelers, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Located just a block from the exit of one of Yokohama’s most central subway stations, Tabist Mayudama Cabin is located in and amongst the busy streets of the modern city. If you can’t walk to your favorite restaurant or park, you won’t have to mission too far on public transport.

The capsule hotel is modern and stylish with wooden interiors and warm lighting fixtures, enhanced with natural light flowing through large walls of windows. 

To say the facilities are modern and clean would be an understatement. All rooms are fitted with a balcony for a breath of fresh air and have safe boxes where you can store your valuables. The modern pods are spacious enough to make you think you’re in a bedroom, with floor space and even a small closet to hang your clothing.

Why You’ll Love This Capsule Hotel

  • Vending machines
  • Smokers box
  • 24-hour reception

There are plenty of bathrooms to use, meaning you won’t have to shot-gun your shower slot. Showers are modern and clean, with some complimentary soap and shampoo and space to hang your toiletries.

Each shower even has a small changing room to keep your towel and a fresh change of clothes dry. Vanity sinks are well-lit and even come with stools, making it possible to go about your normal skincare routine in comfort.

When it comes to communal spaces, Tabist Mayudama Cabin has an open-concept lounge space with room to relax, work on one of the countertops, or eat a meal. On the lower floor, there is also a full-service bar where guests can grab a cold beer and make some travel buddies.

As the best capsule hotel in Yokohama for solo travelers, secure lockers are provided for each capsule, closed with a pin and large enough to fit a small suitcase or large backpack. While smoking is not allowed on the balconies, there is a smoking box for those who need it. Admittedly, I also made some friends here.

Capsule Plus Yokohama Sauna & Capsule – Capsule Hotel with a Sauna in Yokohama

Capsule Plus Yokohama Sauna and Capsule

Check into your very own slice of privacy within the bustling metropolis of Yokohama. Decked out with amenities you might only expect to find in a luxurious hotel, there is no better capsule hotel to unwind in than Capsule Plus Yokohama.

Recently built using modern design elements, moody lighting, and bespoke furniture and interiors, the entire space oozes elegance and style. Aesthetics-wise, it’s the ultimate futuristic place to stay in Japan

The basic capsule rooms are spacious and dimly lit, with private capsules closed with privacy blinds. Within your capsule, you will find a comfortable bed and pillow, a control panel for the lights and blinds, a reading light, plug points to charge your phone and camera, and even a TV on a rotating spinner.

Premium cabin rooms are separated into male and female dorms and offer a bit of added space and privacy. Each cabin has tatami mat flooring for a touch of Japanese culture, a small floor space to sit in or store your bags, and a fold-out bed for bedtime.

The bathrooms are sleek and modern, with well-lit vanity mirrors and enough sinks, toilets, and showers to make sure you never have to stand in line to use the bathroom.

Why You’ll Love This Capsule Hotel

  • Co-working space for digital nomads
  • 24-hour reception
  • Daily housekeeping

Aside from the winning feature – the sauna – this capsule hotel in Yokohama has a number of cool amenities and facilities worth knowing about. Take a look at the maps on the walls to figure out where you are and what amenities are around you.

Most floors feature a locker room, shower and bathroom, and capsule section. There are also a few co-working spaces with communal desks and plugpoints where you can go about your daily work day.

The hostel provides everything you need for an overnight stay, from a delicious breakfast served daily to high-end skincare products and toiletries to pajamas and flip-flops.

As if that wasn’t enough, this capsule hotel has a sauna and bath where you can slow down your travels and rejuvenate. Don’t worry – the pools are kept super-duper clean.

Location-wise, the capsule hotel is located in the heart of downtown Yokohama, close to the Anpanman Children’s Museum, Landmark Tower, Cosmo World, and Chinatown. It’s also just a short walk to the Zou-no-Hana Park on the water’s edge: that’s great for some fresh air from the high-rise city.

Gran Customa Isezakicho – Capsule Hotel for Digital Nomads in Yokohama

Gran Customa Isezakicho

If you’re lugging your laptop around with you and living the digital nomad life, I salute you. I know it’s no easy task. The only thing that makes work tasks seem less intimidating in Japan is a great space to work in. 

Well, Gran Customa Isezakicho has you covered with an amazing co-working space that offers private desks divided from one another. At each desk, guests can make use of a desktop computer and headphones – no distractions. 

The Yokohama capsule hotel has two main rooms: one for females and another for males. Each has a number of capsule pods placed alongside and on top of one another, with a ladder to access the higher pods. In each pod, guests can use complimentary Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a flat-screen TV.

When you aren’t resting in your private capsule or grafting in the co-working space, take some time to relax in the shared lounge space, with comfortable seating and mood lighting.

Why You’ll Love This Capsule Hotel

  • Sauna and hot bath
  • Spacious bathrooms 
  • Complimentary toiletries 

When you aren’t ticking away in the co-working space, pay the public bath a visit. While this might sound like a big no-no, public bathing is commonplace in Japanese culture so get your kit off and check it out.

Perfect for the munchie-loving digital nomad, the capsule hotel has a minimart on site as well as a snack bar and restaurant. Wi-Fi is, of course, available throughout the property and is faster than the bullet train itself. 

Spacious and secure lockers make it possible for you to adventure through the city without worrying about your personal belongings. Other convenient extras include daily housekeeping and 24-hour reception, who are the best at answering questions or helping you to get around the city. For an additional charge, you can even get your clothing dry-cleaned.

If there’s anything we should prioritize in a big city, it is location. Close to Yokohama Park, the Port Museum, Yokohama Landmark Tower, and Omoshiro Aquarium, this capsule hotel in Yokohama could not be more centrally located.

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Other Budget Accommodations in Yokohama

Guest House FUTARENO – Best Female-Only Dorm Room in Yokohama

Bed in 6 Bed Female Dorm at Guest House Futareno

One of the reasons I love Yokohama is that it’s super safe to travel as a solo female. If you’re looking for the perfect girls-only room, Guest House Futareno offers female-only dorm rooms for a super affordable cost.

With cozy bunk beds with privacy curtains, this is one of the best capsule hotels in Yokohama. It’s especially inviting considering its traditional vibe, set in an authentic Japanese house with a zen atmosphere.

The female dorm is spacious and comfortable, with 3 bunk beds (6 beds) well-spaced from one another. Each bed has a small reading light, a bedside power socket, and a place to hang your coat. Whether you’re a digital nomad or have an intense skincare routine, there is a desk or dressing table available in the room.

The room is air-conditioned and includes access to a shared bathroom. Towels, hairdryers, and basic toiletries are included in the nightly rate.

My favorite thing about this accommodation is its authentic Japanese charm. As you enter the hostel, you’ll be asked to leave your shoes at the entrance and wear a pair of comfy slippers. There is a shared living room where guests can read and chat with each other over a cup of steaming tea – on the house.

Hotel Resol Yokohama Sakuragicho – Most Centrally Located Budget Accommodation in Yokohama

Single Room at Hotel Resol Yokohama Sakuragicho

City-slickers, this one is for you. Location is essential, and you could not find an affordable hotel room closer to the heart of Yokohama if you tried. It’s no capsule hotel, but the single rooms are affordable enough to make you think they are. 

The rooms are air-conditioned and designed with a modern Western style. The single room, for example, features a single bed and a bathroom with a bath or shower, complimentary toiletries, a hairdryer, and slippers. 

Within the room, guests can make use of traditional hotel facilities like the flat-screen TV, mini-fridge, and kettle, as well as extra conveniences like air purifiers and bedside power sockets.

Wake up in the morning and head to the dining room for a delicious breakfast on the house before venturing out to explore Yokohama or heading back to stay in Tokyo. And as I mentioned, this capsule hotel in Yokohama is super conveniently located along the marina, with easy metro access.

It’s in such a great location; you can walk to the Yokohama Port Museum, Landmark Tower, Cupnoodles Museum, and Yokohama Park.

Self-Catering Apartment with Garden – Great Budget Accommodation for Long-Term Stays in Yokohama

Self Catering Apartment with Garden

Located in the heart of Yokohama’s Chinatown, this fully self-catering apartment is the perfect place for a long-term visit. While it certainly isn’t a Yokohama capsule hotel or a hostel or hotel, for that matter, it sits at a similar price point and shares a few common features.

For starters, it is centrally located, close to restaurants, grocery stores, pharmacies, and tourist attractions.

Fit for between one and three guests, this tiny loft has a private bathroom equipped with toiletries as well as a shared kitchenette with all the necessities to cook a basic meal. In fact, with all the cooking basics, including an induction stove, microwave, and coffee machine, it’s perfectly equipped for a long-term visitor who doesn’t want to eat out 3 times a day.

There is also a roof terrace and laundry facilities, which are shared by other hotel guests. This is a wonderful place to enjoy a meal and socialize with others – if that’s your vibe.

If you’re staying for a while and have a car, there is a paid parking lot near the hotel.

Yokohama Capsule Hotels FAQs

Travel Safety Tips for Yokohama

ALWAYS sort out your backpacker insurance before your trip. There’s plenty to choose from in that department, but a good place to start is Safety Wing.

They offer month-to-month payments, no lock-in contracts, and require absolutely no itineraries: that’s the exact kind of insurance long-term travellers and digital nomads need.

SafetyWing is cheap, easy, and admin-free: just sign up lickety-split so you can get back to it!

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Final Thoughts on Capsule Hotels in Yokohama

If I haven’t convinced you to stay in one of the best capsule hotels in Yokohama, maybe you should check out the hostels in Japan. For me, capsule hotels hit the perfect balance between affordability, convenience, and comfort and are no doubt one of the best options for solo and budget travelers in Japan.

It’s worth keeping an open mind when you’re looking for the right place for you – but it’s also worth giving it a try! If you go to Yokohama and you DON’T stay in a capsule hotel, you might regret that. And no one wants to live with regret leaving Yokohama.

For a taste of luxury and digital nomad convenience, check out the pods at Capsule Plus Yokohama Sauna & Capsule – my personal favorite property in the city. You get to live your sci-fi dreams in a city that is already as futuristic as they get!

A photo of a classic Japanese meal, sake, beer and sashimi.
Pit stop of dreams.
Photo: @audyscala
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